Earn Krisflyer Miles Credit Card

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Why I prefer miles over cash back cards every day, every day When choosing a credit card, you need to decide whether you prefer to earn cash back over miles. Find out why this travel blogger believes in miles.

6 Best Airline Miles Credit Cards in Singapore 2020 Choosing the right airline miles credit card can help you earn frequent flyer miles cheaper and faster. Here are six of the best in Singapore.

Earn Krisflyer Miles Credit Card

Earn Krisflyer Miles Credit Card

Is it worth using your KrisFlyer miles to upgrade to business class? We did the math and found that it costs less to upgrade from Economy to a Business ticket using KrisFlyer miles.

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Singapore Airlines Increases KrisFlyer Mileage Redemption Rates Effective January 24, 2019, KrisFlyer’s mileage redemption rates for select Singapore Airlines and SilkAir awards will increase to 12%.

Annual credit card fees can range from S$160 to S$700, with the standard being S$192.60. Premium credit cards tend to charge higher annual fees ranging from $400 to $700. There are a few exceptions with annual fees in the thousands, such as the DBS Insignia Visa Infinite and the Citi ULTIMA card.

Most credit cards offer fee waivers for the first year, and some go even further and offer two to three years of fee waivers. There are a few select credit cards that waive annual fees for life, such as the CIMB Visa Signature and CIMB Platinum Mastercard. However, note that these are cash back cards.

In addition to the standard fee waiver offered by the bank, some credit cards require you to spend a minimum amount in one year to earn the annual fee waiver for the following year. This spending amount can range from $10,000 to $60,000. Alternatively, you can also call customer service and try to be forgiven.

Singapore Airlines Krisflyer 12 15% Bonus For Credit Card Points Transfers Through November 22, 2022

Air miles, also known as miles or frequent flyer miles, serve as a customer loyalty program for airline travelers. Airlines reward you with points every time you fly with them; eventually you can accumulate enough points to redeem them for incentives such as free or discounted tickets or seat upgrades.

Some credit cards also offer miles as a reward for spending on the card, allowing you to get more out of your credit card by collecting miles.

A credit card with miles turns your credit card spending into miles or points that can be exchanged for miles. Every dollar you charge on an airline miles credit card earns you a certain number of miles, or points. It works like a reward points system and in this case the reward is airline miles. You can then use these miles to redeem a free flight or help partially cover the cost of the ticket.

Earn Krisflyer Miles Credit Card

You may want to consider getting a miles card if you travel a lot, whether for business or pleasure, because miles credit cards are specifically designed to reward frequent travelers. Miles credit cards make it easy to earn miles or points for spending abroad and, in some cases, for spending at travel-related merchants and with certain airlines.

American Express Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Review (2022)

If you like to travel, earning miles from everyday spending can be a way to earn your next ticket, especially if you have enough miles to redeem for a luxury first class flight.

If you like to travel or travel often, especially medium and long-haul flights, a credit card with miles is a great idea. Of course, your cumulative spend should allow you to convert your airline miles into flights.

If not, you might be better off with a cash back card where the savings can be used to offset the cost of your flight. Keep in mind that cash back cards often require a minimum monthly spend to earn higher cash back rates.

If the miles you earn from your credit card are credited directly to a frequent flyer program, you can log in directly to the airline’s website to view the miles. For example, if you earn KrisFlyer miles, you can log into your KrisFlyer account to see the miles you’ve earned and then redeem them when you purchase a ticket on the site.

American Express Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Credit Card

In the case of loyalty points, when you accumulate enough loyalty points on your card, you can exchange them for airline miles by redeeming them online, by phone or in other ways determined by your credit card issuer. Credit card providers often allow the conversion of points to miles in blocks of conversion, such as blocks of 10,000 miles. This will require you to accumulate enough points before converting.

One way to compare mileage credit cards is to compare the miles earned rate (A.K.A. miles per dollar or mpd). It refers to the number of miles you can earn for every dollar spent. To put this into perspective, you can expect an earnings rate of 1.2 mpd to be average for local consumption, while an earnings rate of 4 mpd is considered high.

You can also compare based on other factors such as annual fee, loyalty program partners or whether it can be used for public transport with SimplyGo. Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer has launched a new campaign that gives a bonus of 12-15% on incoming transfers from credit cards to various banks until November 22, 2021.

Earn Krisflyer Miles Credit Card

Earn 12% bonus miles when you transfer 10,000 to 49,999 KrisFlyer miles in one qualifying transaction or 15% bonus miles when you transfer 50,000 KrisFlyer miles or more.

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The promotion requires a minimum of 10,000 miles to be transferred to KrisFlyer by 22 November 2021 for the bonus amount to be credited to customers who transfer 50,000+ and earn an additional 3% for a total bonus of 15%.

It’s pretty rare to see KrisFlyer conversion promotions, and if you’re interested in this and have a decent balance on various credit cards, this could be a decent option.

KrisFlyer Bonus Miles Conversion Campaign 2021 For a limited time only until November 22, 2021, increase your miles balance and earn up to 15%* more miles when you convert your bank points to KrisFlyer miles! Redeem your KrisFlyer miles for year-end gifts, stays, adventures, meals, exclusive KrisFlyer experiences, or fulfill your long-awaited holiday trip on Singapore Airlines or Scoot with family and friends. *Earn up to 20% more miles when you transfer loyalty points from selected banking partners in Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Singapore Airlines and their KrisFlyer program don’t have much work at the moment and selling miles to banks as well as incoming transfers from hotel programs is their only way to get cash.

The Fastest Ways To Earn Krisflyer Miles In Australia

Moving a relatively flexible credit card into a frequent flyer program where miles are mostly tied up is not without its perils. Frequent flyer programs can always adjust their pricing tables, limit availability or, in the worst case scenario, shut down.

Do I expect KrisFlyer to go away? Not really. However, they could adjust their prices and also limit which flights can be booked with miles on the account.

Combined, this creates a pretty attractive prospect that could entice more customers to transfer their points to KrisFlyer. For every 5 Krisflyer miles transferred, you would earn 1 Elite mile.

Earn Krisflyer Miles Credit Card

I would only move the points if the bonus is enough to mitigate possible price adjustments coming in the near future. Programs that have been very generous until now may tend to increase prices.

Best Air Miles Credit Cards Singapore: June 2022

Singapore has reopened via its Vaccinated Travel Path (VTL), and Singapore Airlines has also restarted many routes and announced a new one to Vancouver. It’s definitely a good idea to at least consider using Krisflyer miles to book such flights, but check availability first and also keep in mind that points usually take some time to reach your account.

These terms and conditions (“TOS”) govern the campaign (“Campaign”) run by Singapore Airlines Limited (“SIA”), allowing KrisFlyer members to earn up to 20% of KrisFlyer bonus miles (“Bonus Miles on KrisFlyer”) and Kris+ users can earn 15% of KrisPay bonus miles (“KrisPay Bonus Miles”) when they convert their bank loyalty points (“Bank Reward Vouchers”) at any participating bank into KrisFlyer miles (“KrisFlyer base miles”) or KrisPay miles (“KrisPay base”) miles”) as prescribed by SIA from time to time in its sole and absolute discretion. This campaign starts on October 26, 2021 0000 hours (GMT+8) and ends on November 22, 2021 2359 hours (GMT+8) (“Campaign Period”). KrisFlyer Bonus Miles This campaign is open to all KrisFlyer members who are customers of participating banks in the prescribed participating countries and have bank reward points. A KrisFlyer Member will earn bonus KrisFlyer Miles if they convert their Bank Loyalty Points from a participating bank into at least 10,000 Basic KrisFlyer Miles in a single transaction (“Qualifying Transaction”). The list of participating banks and the respective percentages of Bonus KrisFlyer miles are given in the annex to these GTC. There is no maximum number of KrisFlyer bonus miles that a KrisFlyer member can earn by participating in this campaign. KrisFlyer bonus miles will be calculated based on the qualifying transaction and not the cumulative total

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