Elementary Schools In Detroit Michigan

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Grefield Union School is a school located at 420 West 7 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan. In 2011, the school building, which is part of Detroit Public Schools (DPS), was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Elementary Schools In Detroit Michigan

Elementary Schools In Detroit Michigan

The school was designed by Van Ley & Schilling and construction began in 1914. The school was completed in 1916 at a cost of $40,000 and the school opened its doors to elementary through high school students. In the same year, the city of Grefield was annexed by the city of Detroit.

Weatherby Elementary School, Detroit, Mi

As more residents moved into the area, the school became too busy. High school students were transferred to other buildings, and in 1931 an extension was built with several classrooms, an auditorium and a gymnasium. This supplement was also developed by Van Ley & Schilling.

As of 2011, the school is used by Detroit Public Schools for elementary and high school students. The school serves the city of Chaldea.

The main block of Grefield Union School, built between 1914 and 1916, is a tall rectangular wall of Georgian Revival red brick on a high plinth. The front of the building has a full-height tetrastyle portico, stylized in the Corinthian order and surmounted by a triangular pediment. A carved cornice surrounds the orchestra building. You can climb a few steps to the door near the porch. The windows in this building consist of three large single openings on each floor of the central bay and a group of four multi-light windows on each floor in the flanking bays.

Two Georgian Revival wings, built in 1931, flank the school’s main block, giving it an overall H-shaped plan. These outbuildings are identical, brick, with a flat roof. The side facades of each wing have two-tier round arched windows. A one-story extension from 1971 was added to the rear of the house.

Duane Doty School

The interior of the school has an arched vestibule outside the main door leading to a corridor housing the administrative offices. On opposite sides of the corridor, stairs lead to classrooms, as well as a two-story gymnasium wing (to the west) and a two-story auditorium (to the east). The gym has tall Palladian windows with wood trim and exposed brick walls. In the hall there is a stage with decorative plaster decoration, relief framing of the windows facing the back of the hall. The original nursery is now a library, and features a projecting bay window with wooden seating beneath, a fireplace with decorative Pewabic tiles, and a fountain niche with Pewabic drinking tiles on all three sides.

In 1994, about 65% of the tribes were of Arab origin, 30% were black and 5% were non-Arab white. The school launched a 20-day summer program to improve test scores and test-taking skills under the Michigan Education Assessment Program (MEAP), which serves communities in the Middle East. Joint basketball team, Book Club and reading competition “Battle of the Books”.

Mrs. Rosa Adams is a product of Detroit Public Schools. She began her career as a classroom teacher, later working as an assistant principal and now principal at Barton Elementary School. Ms. Adams prides herself on making sure parents and students feel welcome, valued, and prepared to learn when they enter the school. She is a hands-on manager who has built strong relationships with businesses, churches and community groups that benefit the families living in the neighborhood.

Elementary Schools In Detroit Michigan

Available for students who attend a neighborhood school and live more than 3/4 mile from the school. For more information, visit detroitk12.org/transportation or call the school. Transportation is provided for exceptional education students in accordance with their IEP. For more information, contact the Exceptional Student Parent Office in the Frederick Douglass Academy South Wing at 2001 W. Warren Suite 166, Detroit, MI 48208-2216 or call (313) 748-6499.

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In Kindergarten through 8th grade, the educational experiences of district students challenge them to think critically and have meaningful experiences with content or order to build knowledge for success in the classroom and across grade levels. Schools use the EL Education curriculum for English and Literacy, Eureka Math for math, hands-on project-based learning and labs for science, and a variety of primary sources of social studies texts and resources that best match the content and subjects being taught. in every class.

DPSCD schools offer a variety of initiatives to support parents and increase parent involvement. This includes home visits to parents and teacher associations that ensure teachers and parents are working together to keep our schools and children safe. The DPSCD Parent Academy also provides FREE classes for parents living in the district and beyond that have the tools and skills to build the skills and confidence to support students academically, socially and emotionally.

The Detroit Public Schools District is the only school district in the state with a fully functioning police department. Additionally, after external patrols and security measures, the District implemented a very child-friendly approach to student safety with a student code of conduct, including restorative practices, a dean of culture, an attendance agent and a school culture facilitator in each school, and a weekly approach to character development through our Expect Respect initiative. The police department’s focus is on a four-tiered strategy of crime prevention, intervention, student reintegration into the learning environment, and enforcement as a last resort. Child attachment is generally supported by trauma-informed practice methodologies.

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Lingemann Elementary School On Montclair

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Duane Doty School is a school building at 10225 3rd Street in Detroit, Michigan. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2011.

It is the oldest arts and crafts school building in Detroit, and probably one of the oldest arts and crafts schools in Michigan.

Elementary Schools In Detroit Michigan

When it opened, the school contained 20 classrooms and was designed for 640 students from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Hampton Elementary School Photo Detroit, Michigan

Which increased the capacity of the school by 320 students. In 1928, a gymnasium was added. In 1959, the building was completely rebuilt, six new classrooms were added to the base and the first floor. By 1960, the school had 1,193 students.

Subsequently, the building was used as the Boykin Center for Continuing Education. Following major renovations completed in 2012, the building reopened as Gray Ford Academy: Elementary School. In 2019, he was admitted to the elementary school of art and design at the university.

Duane Doty School is a two-story L-shaped building of red brick with a hipped roof, set on a high foundation with windows. The facade has five halls, and the central bay extends significantly outwards. The two main transoms lie in single-story vestibules that skirt the main bay. In the central and central parts of the school are rows of wooden six-paned windows with stone steps. The roof cornice is supported by double or triple sets of large decorative hooks. A square tower behind one of the transoms intersects the roofline. Behind the building is an extension with a thatched roof from 1921, and beyond is a gymnasium with a flat roof from 1928.

Inside the building, the main lobbies have terrazzo, and stairs lead to the first floor. The original L-shaped building has two intersecting corridors leading to the classrooms. The children’s rooms are located between the two main trances at the front of the building. Additions include a single-story auditorium on the first floor with a gym below in the basement.

Greenfield Union School

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