Norton Antivirus For Android Review

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Get yourself a Norton if you want to protect yourself from rock hard damage with a truly amazing programmer. But Bitdefender’s payment software is half the price of Norton.

Norton Antivirus For Android Review

Norton Antivirus For Android Review

Norton Mobile Security for Android, listed in the Google Play Store as Norton Security and Antivirus, has always been released, with the best protection against malware and a unique feature set that offers its users an extra price.

Android App Review: Norton Security Antivirus

Although the annual price of Norton Mobile Security has risen since the last time I looked at the app, it does not cost much more than some of the best Android antivirus applications.

Norton Mobile Security’s main acquisition is the application wizard, which scans apps on Google Play before downloading them. There are no Android virus protection programs we have tested on this.

However, Norton Mobile Security is still twice as expensive as Bitdefender Mobile Security, which offers malicious protection and some unique features in itself.

Norton Mobile Security was used to rely on the free freemium model. There is a decent collection of free features and the option to upgrade to an annual paid subscription to unlock all activities.

Norton Life Lock Norton™ 360 Deluxe 25gb Ge 1 User 3 Device 12mo 1 Year, 3 Licences Windows, Mac Os, Android Antivirus

Unfortunately, it all ended in December 2019, when Norton quietly got to the free stage (opens in a new tab), with the app’s great anti-theft features and two other features (opens in a new tab).

The subscription fee for Norton Mobile Security for Android is $ 29.99 (at the time it was $ 24.99), but it usually works in the first year for new subscribers when the initial fee is close to $ 15 to $ 20 to add a 14-day free trial subscription.

As Norton is one of the largest software protection companies, it is also an option for those who want to protect their computer systems and mobile devices.

Norton Antivirus For Android Review

The Norton 360 Deluxe Library at $ 99.99 per year ($ 49.99 for the first year) supports five devices running Windows, macOS, iOS or, of course, Android. Norton 360 Premium runs on up to 10 devices for, well, $ 99.99 a year.

Norton Mobile Security: What Is It And What’s Included On Android And Ios?

You need to get a Norton 360 Premium from a third-party retailer like Amazon or Fry’s, but there are high fees. You will also have access to some of the best anti-virus software and the best Mac anti-virus software available.

If you are interested in identity protection, you can buy Norton 360 Deluxe with three different levels of LifeLock service, but these packages can cost you up to $ 350 per year.

Like most Android anti-virus programs, Norton Mobile Security for Android no longer provides malicious scans. One switch for “Smart Scan” will be issued which performs the scan “at the most convenient time and frequency.” You can choose whether you want to scan your system application or your SD card, or do both.

The whole scan took 18 to 24 seconds to complete on my Google Pixel 3 when I wanted to include everything and half the time if I did not.

Norton Security Review

Norton Web Protection warns you of harmful information when using the most popular browsers, including browsers built into Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat, to name a few.

When I went to a known dangerous place, web browsing really encouraged me to warn the six browsers I had with me, but I had a chance to go if I wanted to.

Norton has been testing well with German AV-TEST Android anti-virus software for more than two years. No other measure has achieved this.

Norton Antivirus For Android Review

Bitdefender Mobile Security has recently discovered that only three times since January 2017, it has detected 100% of “real-time” malware on the Internet. Like Norton, Bitdefender found 100% of the “broad” damage that AV-TEST accumulated in the four weeks before the test.

Norton 360 Deluxe Review

Of the six Android anti-virus programs I reviewed in 2019, Avast Mobile Security, Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus and McAfee Mobile Security were behind Bitdefender with about 100% excellent ratings, but much more evidence ranging from 99.7-99.9%, especially for real-time malware.

Google Play Protect, the Android anti-virus software introduced by AV-TEST that launched a review in September 2018, is very active. Some of its detection rate is below 50% but on average it is between 60% and 70%.

The other two Android anti-virus programs I looked at, Lookout Security & Antivirus and Qihoo 360 Security, have not submitted their AV-TEST audit apps.

Another laboratory, AV-Comparatives in Austria, Norton added to its list of 250 Android anti-virus programs in January 2019, which Norton controlled 100%.

Norton 360 Deluxe 2022

Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and McAfee all received 100%. Lookout and 360 Security finished slightly behind, 99.6% and 99%, with Google Play Protect behind the basket at 68.8%.

Norton was not part of a smaller and more thorough review of Android 11 anti-virus programs in July 2019. In these tests, Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and McAfee found 99.9% of the malware over time. Google Play Protect found 83.2. %.

Anti-theft (discontinued) Norton Mobile Security is a powerful set of anti-theft features and you can lock, detect, turn on “pain”, take photos and wipe the device. All of this came from the Norton portal at, a straightforward interface.

Norton Antivirus For Android Review

SIM card lock The SIM card lock was a new feature when I last viewed the app and is still available. The feature locks your device automatically if the SIM card is removed.

Norton Security 2022 Von Unseren Experten Getestet / Bewertet

Call barring This feature was disabled the last time we tested Norton Mobile Security due to the Google Play Store policy. It seems to have been restored and we will test and update this review soon.

App Advisor I’m still surprised that this useful feature has not been released by any of Norton’s competitors, as App Advisor has a lot to tell you about the apps that can be found inside and outside the Play Store.

A regular application wizard divides your installed applications into areas that could cause concern such as “Miscellaneous behavior”, “Computer usage,” “Data usage.”

Clicking on the app gives you a detailed breakdown of that application, with levels 1 to 5 in the fields of use and specific information about where the app will send your data. Adobe Acrobat, for example, has been called a great powerhouse.

Norton 360 Antivirus Detailed Review & Experience. Get Coupons (2022)

The Google Play API sends similar application data as you browse the Play Store to help you make informed decisions. Every time you browse the app’s page, Norton tells you what it knows about the app.

New and vague applications will appear with “No information”, but the depth of the catalog is quite impressive. Other Android virus protection programs will have to wait to download a new application that they can scan and detect; with Norton you get a diagnosis before you select the application to uninstall.

Space Phone Detection This feature was disabled when we tested Norton Mobile Security, but it appears to have been restored. We will test and update this review soon.

Norton Antivirus For Android Review

System Advisor This section provides a quick overview of your device’s security based on the number of settings and possible vulnerabilities. The program will ask you to correct these problems if they are found.

Norton Antivirus Review: Everything You Need To Know

Wi-Fi security This feature notifies you if the Wi-Fi network you are connecting to has a specific security issue, such as a lack of password protection. If you subscribe to Secure VPN with Norton, you will get a button to turn on VPN when you connect to an open network. (Note that Avast, McAfee, and 360 Security offer this feature to users for free.)

Privacy Reports This information is also available in App Advisor, which identifies the apps that send your information to data centers and, whenever possible, identifies where those data centers are. Everything is fine, but it would be nice if Norton provided other definitions, such as battery usage and data usage.

To evaluate the impact of running Norton Mobile Security on my device, I did some testing using the Android Geekbench 4 certification tool on my Google Pixel 3 phone running Android 9.0 Pie.

I first decided on a master plan for the tool before installing Norton, then ran other tests after installation and while researching the malicious code.

Norton Life Lock Norton™ 360 Premium 75gb Ge 1 User 10 Device 12mo 1 Year, 10 Licences Windows, Mac Os, Android Antiviru

Following the introduction of Norton Mobile Security, 4.32% of my phones fell below the base average of Geekbench 4. Surprisingly, the overall scan effect was less than 3.9% higher on the list.

The post-installation success rate put Norton in sixth place out of eight apps I tested, although there were few clues that separated Norton from fourth place. All-inclusive scanning results are even better, at number 2, right after Google Play Protect from Android.

Setting up Norton Mobile Security is quick and easy, with very few permissions required to go and sign up for a Norton account. It’s pretty obvious if a plan is not planned yet, but you may be missing something on yourself

Norton Antivirus For Android Review

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