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Qualified applicants can be exempted from GMAT based on their undergraduate work experience, internship experience or good academic performance. To confirm your GMAT exemption, you must submit your online application and all other admission requirements to the Admissions Committee for review.

We appreciate the extraordinary talent, experience, and diversity that veterans bring to college. In order to recognize your service, the College of Business accepts an application fee waiver. Contact us to receive your unique discount code.

University Of Houston Apply Web

University Of Houston Apply Web

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree from an institution recognized by one of the six regional recognition societies. The scanned version of official records can be uploaded to your online program as a PDF file. However, if you are accepted, you will not be able to register without a formal profile indicating your undergraduate degree.

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In the United States, e-mails are electronic. Ask for this option from the previous option. E-mails can be sent to by email.

Upload a copy of the latest CV that highlights your professional and academic experience and outstanding results in your online program.

On one or two pages (about 400 words), discuss your interest in entrepreneurship and talk about your passion, business ideas, or current business plans to work with the program.

Two letters of recommendation are required. These recommendations are collected electronically through an online application system. You will be prompted to enter your email address, which will be automatically sent to your webmaster.

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Scanned official versions or self-reported results must include your online application. The GMAT and GRE exam results are valid for five years after the exam date. Must be valid at the time of application. Unofficial numbers can be used for admissions. A formal copy is required before admission.

The University of Houston Graduate School is pleased to announce that UH Primary School offers a GRE / GMAT exemption program for undergraduate students. To qualify, students must have completed a major campus at Houston University 3 years before the application deadline. Students must meet the minimum undergraduate GPA of the degree program they apply for.

Ordinary tests at home until test centers are opened. The GRE test will begin on March 27. You can find more information on security measures and answers to other questions on the GRE website.

University Of Houston Apply Web

GMAT may be waived based on undergraduate work experience, internship experience, or good academic performance. Email for more information: lgonzalez @.

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The applicant is an international citizen if he or she is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, or if your latest degree is obtained outside the United States. You may be required to complete additional records, proficiency in English, and visa requirements. Follow the links below for more information.

Transcription Information Guidelines – Note: All graduate students must submit proof of completion of a degree before entering Houston University. At Graduate School, a reliable assessment is conducted at home, and external assessment is not accepted.

English Requirements – All postgraduates, regardless of their citizenship status, must demonstrate their English proficiency in order to be admitted to the university. To meet this requirement, candidates must meet one of the following criteria:

Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) is recognized by a regional body in the United States or an English language teaching institution in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Bahamas, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Jamaica, Liberia, Trinidad, Virgin Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Grenada, the Turks, and the Canadian province spoken in the Caucasus and Canada.

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TOEFL – The minimum TOEFL score to be tested on the Internet is 100. The minimum TOEFL score for the newly revised paper test is: 20 Read, 20 Listen and Write 20. You must receive your TOEFL score directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS). University of Houston ETS Institutional Code 6870.

Test at home until the test centers are open. The TOEFL® test will begin on March 26. More details on security measures and answers to other questions can be found on the TOEFL website.

IELTS – The minimum required IELTS score in Business School is a total score of 6.5. The IELTS number must be emailed to the University of Houston.

University Of Houston Apply Web

* Please note that graduates of Business Schools and vocational programs do not give up their English language requirements based on the completion of Level 6 of the UH Language and Culture Center.

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For international postgraduate applicants, the University of Houston Graduate School has approved the use of the Duolingo English language test instead of the English language proficiency test for TOEFL and IELTS. The Dulingo English language test is valid for two years from the date of participation in the test.

The exam is priced at $ 49 (USD) and can be purchased on any computer with camera, sound and reliable internet. The exam section of the Dulingo English Language Exam contains a series of exercises for speaking, reading, writing and listening. After the exam, there will be an interview section, in which you will have to respond to various suggestions within 30 to 90 seconds. The exam lasts about 45 minutes and requires a passport, driver’s license or ID to view the camera. Scores are usually delivered within a few days of completing the exam.

Exam Preparation Information | Take the exam or take the actual exam A few days after taking the exam, a confirmation email will be sent by link to send your results to UH.

Note: International students must have a four-year university degree to be eligible to apply for an MBA or MS degree. A three-year degree is not considered equal. UH does not have a bridge program. Students who have a three-year degree must combine it with a master’s degree completed in their home country before applying.

University Of Houston

Contact us – Have you received any promotions recently, received new test results, or are there other important updates to consider in your application? Let us know by contacting our admissions team. Since 1941, the University of Houston School of Technology has pledged to develop the workforce, enrich the society, and promote trade. We integrate real-time innovation into scientific research to prepare students with their expertise and expertise in the field of technology. [More about what’s new here]

The absurdity applied. The College of Technology is one of the fastest growing universities at the University of Houston, and it encourages future leaders with a variety of academic programs to use technology and innovation to address real-world challenges.

Learning experience and deep-rooted professional communication will prepare our students with knowledge and skills to help them embark on a rich career. Opening a world of opportunity to earn a technical university degree. Join us on the path to success.

University Of Houston Apply Web

Solving real competition through the power of technology and innovation will advance the College of Technology. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in computer science and multimedia engineering, health sciences, organizational science and technology management.

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The College of Technology has launched a high school biotechnology research program at the University of Houston’s Department of Biotechnology (), which welcomes 29 high school students to the university’s path to progress …

The Commonwealth of Independent States is hosting an AWS competition in collaboration with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy for the Computer Information Systems (CIS) program at the Faculty of Technology …

HRD Executive Masters Announce Podcast, Celebrating 10 Years of Human Resource Development (HRD) Administrator Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the New Podcast Series.

Supply Chain Program STEM Determination From the fall of 2022, the University of Houston Supply Chain and Logistics Technology degree program will participate in the Advanced Supply Chain Program …

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The increase in the number of women in the construction week is the same as the number of women in the construction week (March 7 to 11), and the women in the construction cohort of the Technical College have partnered with Nationa …

Dr. Malki Speaks at the Invention Conference AWS re: At last week’s Invention Conference, the Assistant Professor of Science at the University of Houston Department of Technology, Dr. Heydar …

Dr. Carol Goodson retired from the Faculty of Technology at Houston University of Technology () 50 years later. When Carol E. Goodson retired as a professor more than 50 years ago …

University Of Houston Apply Web

Global Retail Student IEEE – ICDH Conference at the Institute of Electronics and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) won the honorary award at the 2021 International Conference on Digital Health (ICDH).

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I would like to congratulate Heather Benoit Campa, a Distinguished Professor at the University of Houston () on the Professional Future Association Student Award, and JT Mudge for receiving the 1st prize …

HRD students have created podcasts to promote micro-learning in institutions, and the University of Houston Faculty of Human Resources (HRD) has integrated technology to continue leisure.

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