Accredited Cyber Security Training

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Indian companies – be it large corporations or small businesses – are always looking for cyber security experts to enhance their digital infrastructure and protect their data from unwanted attacks. Although there are many jobs in the country, employers still face a big problem in finding resources for these positions.

According to the report, increasing cyber attacks and data protection laws are expected to create 1 million jobs and $35 billion opportunities in India by 2025. So, this can be an opportunity for people interested in cyber security as a career.

Accredited Cyber Security Training

Accredited Cyber Security Training

As the world creates greater opportunities, companies are eager to hire people at a profitable rate; however, advanced skills are required. Here is our first ever ranking of cyber security courses in India.

Ncsc Certified Training

A special survey conducted a few months ago focused on understanding the interests of the candidates, based on their experiences. This analysis helped narrow down the data and provide a basis for analysis, whenever needed. Student feedback and expert recommendations are also factored into the overall ranking system. Courses not listed in the rating did not participate or did not reach the top 10.

Jigsaw Academy is an international award-winning educational institution headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Founded by Gaurav Vohra and Sarita Digumarti, Jigsaw Academy has helped shape the careers of over 50,000 students in 30+ countries by helping them build successful careers in emerging technologies. Jigsaw Academy are field experts and teachers who offer well-structured courses with industry-relevant courses. Jigsaw Academy trains professionals in the fields of analytics, data science, big data, machine learning, business analytics, and more recently, cyber security and cloud computing.

Duration of the program: 600 hours (20 hours online instructor-led, and 40 hours in the classroom – foundation and foundation program + 4 months – Main Program)

Course Content and USP of the Program: Jigsaw Academy’s Master’s Degree in Cyber ​​​​​​Security (Red Group), is the only program in offensive technology in India. The program is very strong in terms of delivery and level of technology and is offered in collaboration with HackerU, the cybersecurity training institute in Israel. HackerU has more than 20 years of experience in providing cyber security solutions and training in the US, Singapore, Russia, Australia, and other geographies in the US and European markets. The course covers more than 14 modules in three different sections focusing on network fundamentals, Windows, Linux Administration, application hacking and penetration testing for emerging technologies such as IoT.

Cybersecurity Training And Certification In Germany

Better Education is a technology-enabled and blended online learning organization that offers high-quality, impactful and industry-relevant training programs to working professionals. These programs help students learn ‘hard’ skills such as business analytics, data science, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cyber security, digital marketing and digital business. Great Learning’s analytics programs have been ranked #1 in India for five consecutive years, and its professional learning programs have delivered more than 6 million hours of practical learning to more than 10,000 people.

Course Content and USP of the Program: The Advanced Computer Security Program was developed by Stanford University and is taught by expert faculty from Stanford’s Computer Science and Engineering. This program covers all important areas of cyber security from a professional perspective. Some of the main features of the program are:

This program is designed for aspiring security and system developers and provides a comprehensive understanding of the various areas of cyber security activity. Various topics covered in this program include web application security, network security, mobile devices, privacy, writing secure code, and other emerging threats and defenses.

Accredited Cyber Security Training

Praxis Business School is committed to playing a key role in creating strong financial resources that understand the intersection of data, technology and business. Praxis offers two years AICTE approved PGDM; and a nine-month full-time program in data science and cyber security. Praxis is also launching a nine-month PGP program for data engineers. At Praxis, faculty members with high academic standards and extensive industry experience deliver practical programs. Praxis programs are well received by the industry and the data science program is consistently ranked as one of the top three programs in the country.

Infographic: The 6 Steps To A Successful Cyber Security User Awareness Programme

Course Content and USP of the Program: The program is designed to create industry-ready cyber warriors by addressing the three elements of the cyber security ecosystem – people, processes and technology, by strengthening governance and compliance. . Praxis has developed extensive industry partnerships with CISCO, Fortinet, ISACA (Kolkata Chapter), British Standards Institution and the Infosec Foundation to make the program effective and efficient. The curriculum consists of 525 hours of lectures, labs, case studies and projects distributed over three months with specialization in SOC analysis, digital forensics, security event management and cyber information analysis. Top doctors deliver the program, and participants get hands-on experience in a modern cyber security lab. At the end, participants can get a further certificate from BSI and CISCO. Praxis’ popular Placement Program facilitates the participant’s transition to a promising career.

Simplilearn enables professionals and entrepreneurs to thrive in this changing digital economy. The company offers results-based online training in digital technologies and applications such as big data, machine learning, AI, cloud computing, cyber security, digital marketing and other emerging technologies. Based in San Francisco, CA, Raleigh, NC and Bengaluru, India, Simplilearn has helped more than 1 million professionals and 1,000 companies in 150 countries train, get certified, and achieve their business and career goals. The training industry recognized Simplilearn as the top 20 IT training companies 2017-2019.

Course Content and USP of the Program: The EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker course ensures your high security skills to succeed in the global information security sector. Many IT sectors have made CEH certification a mandatory certification for security-related positions, making it the go-to certification for security professionals. This degree provides students with the tools and techniques used by criminals and the knowledge of information security alike to break into any computer system. The course immerses the student in the “hacker mindset” to teach them how to think like a hacker, and better defend against future attacks. It also provides hands-on training to the community that works through the ethical hacking process. This course includes five sections on hacking ethics, divestment, discovery, accounting, security of access, and covering your tracks. Simplilearn’s CISSP certification training meets the latest (ISC)² CBK requirements. This course will train you in the latest industry trends that will help you pass the exam in the first attempt. The certificate helps you develop skills in defining the structure and designing, building, and maintaining a secure business environment for your organization using international Information Security standards.

REVA Academy of Corporate Excellence (RACE), is an initiative of REVA University, which offers a variety of professional, technological programs in emerging technology areas, designed to meet the needs of working professionals to enhance their careers. These programs introduce the latest tools, techniques and technical tools that are relevant to the future needs of the industry. All our programs have a blended learning model with flexible meeting classes and a robust online learning management system with 24/7 support.

Cyber Security Centre, Diu

Course content and USP of the program: PG Diploma/M. Cyber ​​​​security technology is a 12/24 month cyber security program for active employees that provides in-depth knowledge and skills in cyber security to monitor, prepare, predict, detect and respond to cyber attacks and conduct them. This program is designed and delivered by industry experts. It focuses on providing in-depth knowledge and expertise in information security, application security, cloud security, identity and access, vulnerability and penetration testing, incident management, and SOC operations. This program works very well in the modern environment provided by Cyber​​​​​​Range and includes real simulations, including those that generate traffic. To promote real-time learning, a modern, futuristic Security Operations Center was established at REVA University with Security Analysis and Security Organization, Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities. The SOC is a 12-seater with four video monitors and features LogRhythm as a SIEM which is a Python and Spark-based natively developed, security analytics platform.

Amity University is India’s leading research and innovation university. It is recognized by the UGC – the official body for higher education in India and accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with an “A+” Grade. Tomorrow’s Education is an initiative developed by Amity Education Group which is known around the world to provide high quality programs to develop students and future professionals and the skills to work with the emerging industry in the field of Technology.

Course Content and USP of the Program: Companies around the world are increasingly realizing the importance of cyber security. Amity’s Graduate Diploma in Cyber ​​​​Security will equip you with the skills you need to become an expert in this rapidly growing field. You will learn a comprehensive approach to securing IT Infrastructure, building threat intelligence, implementing cyber security operations, understanding ICS Security, creating cloud based security and achieving compliance. Not only will you learn the importance of Blockchain, Machine Learning and IoT in cyber security, but you will also gain real world experience.

Accredited Cyber Security Training

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