Post Graduate Certificate Program

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Amity University was established by the National Assembly and is approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Amity Education Group is India’s first independent group, ranked among the top 200 universities in Asia and QS, with a list of UK and only Indian universities with WASQ and USA degrees.

I take this opportunity to thank all the teaching staff and non-academic staff for providing enough support to complete my studies. In addition to online learning materials, they have a video presentation program.

Post Graduate Certificate Program

Post Graduate Certificate Program

Amity sets global standards of education and a system that is in line with the best practices, principles, resources and standards in the world.

Pg Diploma In Management Online Course By D.y.patil

PhD Administration- Bharathiar University | Acting as a Personal Trainer and Coach- CIEL & FLAB India | 27 Years of Elite Business Schools Leadership and Knowledge, Awarded 14 Best Teachers | Visiting the Department at Amity University Online.

He holds a Master’s Degree Working as an Assistant Professor at Amity University Be passionate about teaching Financial Services, Management, Risk Management and Banking | Member of the Accounting Association of India.

MSc – Boston University | Working as an online facilitator – Boston University, Assistant Professor – Nicholas College | Vice President of Strategic Cooperation at MGCG | Visiting the Department at Amity University Online.

PhD Administration – Capella University | Acting as a Professor – MBA Degree Program, Health Care at Jack Welsh School of Management | 27 years of hospital and medical experience in procurement, procurement, finance and operational management | Visiting the Department at Amity University Online.

Postgraduate Certificate In Management Accounting And Finance

PhD- M D Rohtak University Business | Acting as an Associate Professor at Amity University | 19 plus years of experience and teaching experience | The author of 04 books is one of the study aids.

MBA Finance- IMS, Kurukshetra University | Acting as an assistant professor at Amity University | Trained in event management, demonstration skills, behavior finance and stock market.

A bachelor’s degree in public accounting is a two-year (4 semester) course that provides in-depth research into the concepts of vision and practical practice of public accounting. Provides a better understanding of the accounting environment in accordance with US GAAP standards.

Post Graduate Certificate Program

This is an expert in a one-year program (two semesters) that provides in-depth research on a wide range of topics related to ideas and practical accounting practices. We are the first university in the world to have received UGC certificates for this.

Postgraduate Certificate In Applied Statistics (2022)

This program is compatible with the CPA program and allows the student to take the exam as well as obtain a CPA license. We partnered with Miles and Miles to provide curriculum and video. The student has won a total of 40 loans. It is designed especially for students who want to pursue a career in accounting, auditing and taxation. It opens up a lot of opportunities in accounting or related departments or in senior management and senior management.

This profession will help you improve your basic human knowledge and gain the knowledge and skills needed to better understand accounting in accordance with US GAAP principles.

Yes, we are the first online university in India approved by the Board of Higher Education, the office of the University Support Commission. See the forum for more information –

Yes, we do offer assistance with integrating Amity University into the Employment Line. This is a digital Career Platform that will help you expand your business by allowing you to meet more job seekers who are looking for professionals and staff at all levels. In our Virtual Job Fair, screening, interviewing and job placement take place simultaneously and at no cost to attend. We are the only UGC-accredited university that offers post-term assistance. Collaborates With Iu University, Germany To Offer Post Graduate In Program Management

Not only is Amity University Online a nationally recognized diploma, but we also have a WASC -USA AND QAA-UK degree. Our diplomas are valid and accepted worldwide and you will have no problem if you want to study abroad / immigration.

Exams are conducted according to new guidelines through the use of online technology. Test procedures include front and back examination. Weight is as follows: Inside (homework) 30% and Outside (completing the term test) 70%. Part A – Purpose, Part B – Study of Category C – MCQs.

The PG degree in General Accounting is equivalent to the CA of India. After successful completion of the course students can progress quickly in their careers as finance officers, advisors, administrators, senior finance officials, authorized public accountant, company secretary to say the least.

Post Graduate Certificate Program

The requirements for this program have increased significantly in recent years in MNCs and Big4s in India. If you are looking for a job or opportunity (requires expertise in those areas) in the Big 4 and USA based on international Indian companies, this program can also take you to India CA / CS / CMA.

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Similar to the Indian CA, the program has been around the world since its introduction by the CPA, and its model is not limited to India or the United States but has the opportunity to conduct research worldwide.

Studying at Amity University Online is tailored to your daily professional life, enabling you to learn valuable skills in your work today, tomorrow and beyond.

With Amity Online you get professional degrees in fast-growing industries. It gives you the opportunity to improve your training and show it to future employers knowing that it has professional and academic value.

You can apply through our online agency and register now: https: // amity / Home / Basic or call Free Call 1800-102-3434 for help. Or you can write to We aim to provide practical explanations in key areas of Accounting, Management and Finance used by professionals in the workplace.

Postgraduate Diploma In Hospitality Management At B.h.m.s

Undergraduate degrees in accounting and finance management include analysis and interpretation of current business reports, pricing, investment reviews and budgets that affect the conduct of family.

No formal admission is required for this course, but a good written and spoken English level is required to be imitated by us, but a certified language course (such as IELTS) is not required. In general, your English only needs to be sufficient for:

With Athena Global Education, your education officer! You choose the time of study and the pace of your education – you can complete each module on the 21st day of enrollment until the 90th day. This means that you can get an MBA in 12 months or 36 months depending on your speed.

Post Graduate Certificate Program

The ‘Module Payment’ payment method gives you financial freedom, unlike most MBAs. Now, you can start your MBA by paying only for Module 1. Get this degree you want at the low cost of most MBA programs online.

Certificate Course On Postgraduate Research

These courses provide in-depth insight into the financial statements of the company and the stock market to make informed decisions in a timely manner based on factual figures. It distinguishes key points, identifies flaws, and provides ways to set up long-term business measurement strategies.

To plan for the future of your company, you need to know the current state of affairs and follow the financial procedures. These lessons will teach you how to plan a long-term business plan based on real information.

These courses help you to set goals in doing math in a transparent manner. Managers can measure and monitor performance when they set goals and make changes to motivate employees with the main goal of money transfer.

3. Once paid, you will be sent a ‘Receipt Letter’ with a receipt for the payment. You will also get homework requirements in the ‘Project Details’ section.

Postgraduate Certificate In Business Studies

If you are unable to pay the tax within 60 days from the date of registration, you can request an extension within 30 days and pay USD 100.00 ($ 100).

If you do not return your tax return within 21 days from the date of issue, you may request an extension within 30 days of payment of USD 100.00 ($ 100).

If you still fail to submit a RE, you can request a Readmission for USD 150 ($ 150). You will have another 60 days to get the equipment and you have to give homework within those 60 days from the date of re-approval. The process then begins as described above.

Post Graduate Certificate Program

Students wishing to be eligible for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and Accounting will be able to enroll in the program, as there is no requirement to obtain a certificate in advance. However, if they choose to continue their MBA program, they must meet the minimum qualification requirements in the MBA program.

Duhs 4 Months Post Graduate Certificate Course

How much time can I spend in vain and what can I get in the face of temptation? What happens after the trial?

By enrolling in the course, you will find a three-part learning method in the first part. Access to your study materials will be completed after 7 days of enrollment and you will need to register for the tuition fee program.

The main resources of the program are video lessons and reading materials. In addition to video lessons and reading materials, you will be given access to online courses where you can

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