Saas Based Application Development

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The increased acceptance and use of SaaS applications has broadened the growth scope of the SaaS business over the past decade. With SaaS application development in the spotlight, more and more companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs are opting for the SaaS development framework to develop their products and grow their businesses. According to recent statistics, 70% of enterprise software / systems / tools / applications used worldwide are SaaS applications. And that’s why SaaS application development has emerged as one of the most lucrative and easiest business ideas to start in the last few years.

To give you an even clearer picture, 85% of the software used by various organizations will be SaaS by 2025. There is no doubt that the choice of a SaaS development framework for the development of SaaS applications now may be a good idea to exploit the full market. potential of the SaaS sector – B2B or B2C. It is not mandatory to have a technical background. All you need to do is know the right steps for developing SaaS applications. And in this blog we will guide you through the SaaS application development process, how to hire SaaS developers or choose a SaaS product development company, set up the right SaaS development framework, a SaaS budget, and much more . So let’s get started!

Saas Based Application Development

Saas Based Application Development

SaaS products take over. Whether it’s automating billing cycles or recommending products on an e-commerce store, SaaS products simplify complex tasks while ensuring minimal errors. For this reason, the SaaS application market is growing rapidly and offers countless opportunities to the market players.

How To Create A Cloud Based Saas Application In 6 Steps

As stated in a recent market report, the global SaaS market is set to reach $ 208 billion by 2023 from its $ 152 billion benchmark in 2021. This explains well why new companies tend to develop SaaS applications at an increasing rate . Regardless of the type of market you want to target, B2B or B2C, or what segment your niche, marketing or finances are, the growth volume is profitable for SaaS application development. And then, later, we’ll guide you through the steps, costs, and more of SaaS application development.

The SaaS application development process can be divided into several stages, each with its own purpose and objectives. Let’s see.

The global SaaS application market is not only profitable, it is highly competitive and fragmented. The first step in SaaS business planning is to decide what the market sector will be: B2B or B2C. You therefore need to be more detailed to come up with a comprehensive business planning for SaaS application development. The main indicators that need to be addressed at this stage are listed below:

The SaaS market is huge, and based on your business planning, you first need to target the specific regions of your interest. You can select search tools or perform only manual searches that should be sufficient for SaaS application development.

Was Ist Saas (software As A Service)?

Note, even if your target market is a regional market, always have a clear idea of ​​the global market or at least what part of the global market your target market holds. This will help you to define your business vision and goals correctly.

Thorough market research includes your target audience and competitor analysis. Some of the must-have tips to include in your research –

This information will help you to have an in-depth market idea and thus a better market positioning once the development of the SaaS application is complete. You can also conduct opinion polls and audience polls to get a clearer picture.

Saas Based Application Development

Application prototyping is the software design process, including core functionality and architectural parts that need to be developed. Starting from processing relevant integrations to choosing the right database or cloud provider, you need to plan it all and design accordingly for successful SaaS application development.

A Look Into: Saas Life Cycle Application And Development

In addition to deciding key features and solutions based on your SaaS application, such as invoice automation, financial information storage, workflow management, implementation of AI / ML-based recommendation algorithms, and others, you also need to decide the type of application for development of your SaaS application. There are mainly two types of architecture for developing SaaS applications: single instance and multi-tenant.

A single case in SaaS application development refers to the fact that such software serves a single client. And a multi-tenant architecture means that the software or related infrastructure serves more customers. You can choose any one according to your needs and preferences.

The development phase of the SaaS application is the central part of the process where it is necessary to select the model or type of development, the technology stack and the general method. You can hire SaaS developers (in-house) or you can opt for third-party services or SaaS development companies.

As the SaaS market is highly competitive and a good SaaS product too, it is not an option to build it on your own from scratch unless you have very in-depth knowledge and are confident that you can make mistakes. manage, repair, maintain and update as and when required. Unless you have full clarity about SaaS product development, it is recommended that you do not invest time and resources in trial and error methods. If you have a limited budget, you can also hire experienced freelancers. In all of these cases, however, always review their portfolios, proven track record and relevant experience to work on specific technology stacks or infrastructure.

A Complete Guide To Saas Application Development

In addition to development, you also need to take care of the migration aspect when developing your SaaS application. You need to ensure smooth and seamless migrations in different scenarios like physical to cloud, physical to virtual, virtual to cloud and virtual to virtual, just to name a few.

In addition, you need to have a basic idea of ​​your preferred technology stacks to ensure that the SaaS application development process is moving in the right direction. Some of the best technology stacks to gather for SaaS application development are JavaScript (NodeJS, MeteorJS, ExpressJS), Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Python (Django, Flask), PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter) and Scala (Play). You can pick it up according to experience and discuss it with professionals if necessary.

Once the deployment phase is complete, you should test the product to find and correct any bugs. If you choose to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) first, this process will be further simplified. Since you are testing and debugging at the same MVP stage, your final product needs less reworking.

Saas Based Application Development

Some of the must-have tests to cover after SaaS application development are business logic, user interface, platform compatibility, scalability, data integration, security and privacy. It is also recommended to focus more on core features / solutions to not only make it error free, but also more competitive.

Saas Application Development: How To Create A Saas Platform Fast

In addition, marketing costs, research and implementation costs, and others, if any, must be calculated. Based on regions, technology stacks, product type, time spent, test results and others, costs may vary. The table below will give you more clarity on this.

SaaS products are in ever-increasing demand, and to fit the requirements of your target audience, you need to invent your own unique SaaS product. Although the above guide will help you with SaaS application development or hire SaaS developers, you will need constant research and maintenance even after your product launch to secure its market position and optimize solutions.

To build your competitive SaaS product and ensure the growth of your SaaS business, you will need expert services and solutions. And here, at Third Rock Techkno, we have it all for you. Our team of professional developers and testers with enterprise-grade experience provides a complete solution to launch your product and achieve your business goals. Check out our portfolio and contact us to get started today.

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Saas Based Application Development

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