Best Period Tracker App

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Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is our choice for the best period tracking app because it offers all the tools and features you need to track and monitor your cycles, fertility, pregnancy, and general well-being. However, if Flo does not offer the features you are looking for, we have found nine other apps that are worth trying. Here are the 10 best period tracking apps for iOS and Android.

To find the 10 best period tracking apps, we focused on a selection of key features that help users personalize their experience and effectively manage their health and well-being. The best period tracking apps include fertility trackers, health and sex trackers, pill reminder notifications, and community features that help users find support.

Best Period Tracker App

Best Period Tracker App

Most of the apps on our list offer free versions, which allow users to test different apps to find the one that offers the features and tools they are looking for. Some apps like Ovia and Natural Cycles are great for users trying to conceive, while apps like Clue are great for those looking for more health information and advice.

Track Your Period With Cycle Tracking

While these apps are primarily focused on helping users track their cycles, many also offer a wide range of helpful resources to help users maintain their health and well-being. These resources can be especially helpful for women and couples who are trying to conceive or are currently pregnant, as they provide valuable insights and information on the various stages of pregnancy.

Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker is the best period tracking app available on iOS and Android. The app can be used to record important information like cycle start date, duration, course and symptoms. You can also set notifications to remind you when your next cycle starts or when you should take your pills. Flo also has many features that help the users to manage their pregnancy. The app helps you predict your fertility window, track your baby’s development, and get pregnancy and health advice. One of Flo’s unique features is Q&A, which allows users to ask and receive answers to health questions.

Ovia stands out as the only period tracker on our list that offers all its features completely free. Ovia is a feature-rich fertility monitoring app that helps you track your period and fertile windows. The app is especially great for users trying to meet because it offers unique features that other apps do not have, including the ability to track basal body temperature, cervical fluid, cervical status, medications, and other fertility data. The app will then give you advice based on feedback, health data and fertility data to help you get pregnant. You can also personalize what data you are tracking, read articles for advice and find clinical-based answers to common questions.

Eve is an all-in-one app for monitoring your sexual health. Like the other apps on our list, users can use Eva to track their periods, view their cycle history, predict ovulation, and use the built-in calendar to see when their next cycle begins. Eva mainly features sex and health tracking features that allow users to log sexual activity, record mood, see health trends, and more. allows. Eve is also integrated with Apple Health to track your steps, sleep, water consumption and other activities. Eva’s community features help users answer their health questions, and Premium offers private messaging, user profiles and more. opens up such possibilities.

Best Android Period Tracker Apps For Women

Clue is a period tracking app that helps you understand how your menstrual cycle affects your mind and body. In addition to tracking your period days, flow intensity, menstrual products, and birth control methods, you can track your skin, stress, energy levels, and more. You will find insights into how your cycle changes. You can also log more than 30 different symptoms, set personalized reminders, track your pregnancy and see your cycle patterns. Clue is also involved in providing information resources and articles to teach users more about their bodies and health, and the Ask and Scientist feature helps users get answers to their health questions from qualified professionals.

Period Tracker – Cycle Tracking, Symptom Tracking, and more. Feature-rich period and pregnancy tracking app. Users can take daily notes to record their symptoms, view charts to see health trends, add personalized symptoms, track their weight, and track their mood. The unique feature of the app is the pregnancy mode, which activates a countdown on the expiration date of the baby and provides relevant weekly articles according to the current stage of the pregnancy. Period Tracker lets you easily export your health data and statistics so you can share them with your doctor.

Life – Period Tracker Calendar is great for users with irregular cycles because – unlike other apps on our list – it automatically detects and marks cycles shorter than 21 days or more than 36 days. This helps users identify potential concerns about which they can talk to their doctors. Like other apps, you can track your cycle, record your symptoms, track your mood, and view your cycle history on your calendar. Premium users have access to even more useful features, including a journal to record their thoughts and experiences, birth control pill memories, and a fertility and pregnancy tracker.

Best Period Tracker App

Period Tracker Period Calendar is a period, ovulation and pregnancy tracking app that stands out from the rest of the apps on the list through its helpful self-care tips and advice articles. Users can create the perfect self-care routine by reading articles that cover everything from skin care tips to ways to relieve cramps. You can also track your period, set medication reminders and record your symptoms, mood, weight and temperature. The app will inform you in advance when your period starts and it will tell you when you are most likely to get pregnant, which makes it a great choice for couples trying to get pregnant.

Best Period Tracker App

Cycles is a unique period tracking app that allows users to share health information with their partners to provide emotional support. The app allows you to share all cycle details, including menstruation and ovulation date, making it easier for couples to get pregnant and plan a pregnancy. You can log your symptoms and mood, put personal memories and notes that are not shared with your partner, and find information on how your cycle affects your body and your day. You can track changes in your body, discover health trends and get specific predictions about future changes in your body with Premium.

Natural Cycles is the best fertility monitor app on our list and the only app that is FDA and CE marked as a medical device. The app uses adaptive tracker technology that uses your unique cycle and basal body temperature to determine your fertility and provides daily insights into your fertility and individual ovulation patterns. You can also record your moods, symptoms and habits. Natural Cycles is free to download and includes a free demo, but you have to subscribe for $ 9.99 per month to get unlimited use of the app and a thermometer to record your basal body temperature.

MagicGirl is the best period tracking app for teens as it is the only app on our list that offers training, advice and support to users who are just starting their period. These educational resources include videos, FAQs, and private chats to ask users questions and get advice from other users. The app allows users to track their periods, record their symptoms, predict future periods and see the history of their past cycles. MagicGirl also lets you set medication reminders, and you can customize the app’s look with icons and themes. Users can also use the built-in diary to record their thoughts, concerns and activities. If you are a woman who suffers from irregular periods, then you may be struggling with controlling your cycle. The best way to get an accurate picture of your menstrual cycle is to track your period. There are several advanced period tracking apps available to track your cycle.

Historically, menstruation was taboo. It’s something most women would rather not have if they were given the choice. Cramps, bloating, mood swings, constipation, diarrhea, chest pain, headache, nausea, back pain, drowsiness, loss of appetite or vice versa; Desire, Insomnia, Bloat, Abdominal pain, Perineal pain, yes, Acne!

The Best Period Tracker Apps Of 2022

Taking care of these symptoms is already difficult enough, now add to track your period so you can better prepare for your next period, understand your cycle or if you need to avoid missing it, it’s a great job. Fortunately, technology has arrived to make things much easier and better, so you spend less time tracking your period and more time for yourself.

We have selected some of the best apps we know for you. Without further ado, below are period tracking apps that will help you track your period. No, well, you can

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