Best Hotel Reward Programs

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If you need to book a hotel room for an upcoming wedding or family trip, you’re probably focusing on cost. But also consider the rewards. You may be able to earn points that you can pay for free nights during your next vacation.

However, the hotel loyalty program, like all customer loyalty programs, is a two-pronged contract. They can offer fringe benefits and promises for future free trips and also encourage you to spend more than you plan to earn more points. has researched the most rewarding plans for infrequent, low-budget travelers.

Best Hotel Reward Programs

Best Hotel Reward Programs

The first lesson we learned is that hotel loyalty programs are always worth attending, even if you are not a regular traveler. Membership is free and many can immediately enjoy the benefits. Often, these are just a few benefits such as late payments and special phone lines, but Carlson, Choice, and InterContinental provide members with status-free Internet access. Carlson offers members a 5% discount on food and beverages at some hotels.

The Best Hotel Loyalty Programs For 2022

Loyalty programs always work across hotel company facilities. In other words, points earned from cheap brands can be redeemed for free nights in high-end locations. That said, points may be earned at lower rates at budget hotels. For example, 5 points per dollar instead of 10 points. The number of points required for a free night varies from hotel to hotel, but luxury hotels require even more points.

Most programs also maintain arrangements with partner airlines, and members can choose to earn miles instead of hotel points. (A guide to details on Cheapism’s recent and most profitable scheduled flight programs.) Even after choosing to earn hotel points, in many programs members will use those points for other travel arrangements and merchandise. Can be used for tickets, products and services.

We compared the large hotel loyalty program with some smaller programs and found a reason to make it easier to earn enough points for a free room. We looked at the number of points per dollar, which sometimes changes depending on the hotel brand, and the cheapest redemption options. Surprisingly, the Hilton HHonor Program, which grants members up to 15 points per dollar and offers redemption options from 5,000 points, is the best deal for modest travelers. (Chains are ranked from lowest to highest depending on the amount of money needed to earn free nights.) By simplifying free nights with a fixed redemption rate of 15,000 points and changing the loyalty situation again. The head of the program, which revolutionized hotel perks in 2015. Today, the “elite” program and special membership experiences are no longer just for wealthy and accustomed people.

Through a layered loyalty program (Blue, Gold, Platinum, Diamond), Wyndham Rewards members will have access to many new perks that increase with level, including free Wi-Fi and night switching to annual point bonuses. became.

Wyndham Strives For Best Hotel Rewards Program

A layered loyalty program convinces customers to change their spending habits. They make fun of buyers with the opportunity to be part of a chosen consumer group. In addition, members of top-level loyalty are often brand advocates. Their exclusive position in your program makes them feel “special” and “worthy” and they will want to tell the world about it.

In a research study, 50% of respondents said they increased spending or changed other buying behaviors to achieve higher levels of status in their reward programs.

Wyndham Rewards members will now automatically receive additional upgrades to Award Nights without additional points when they use their points to stay at one of the top 25 destinations in the program. This allows you to enjoy an exciting local experience from indoors, near your destination. From skydiving in Orlando to a full-fledged cooking class in Shanghai.

Best Hotel Reward Programs

“Devaluation is a trend too common in today’s loyalty games, which reflects everything wrong with the industry’s rewards program and is behind why Wyndham Rewards is reshaping. It’s the driving force, “said Josh Resnick, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Officer of Wyndham Hotel Group. “Other loyalty programs are finding new ways to limit when the most loyal guests leave, but we do the exact opposite and offer the best to our members. It’s in the best place. The best hotel offers the best local experience. 15,000 points. “

Hotel Rewards Programs: The Best And The Rest

Each time a member spends points at one of the top 25 destinations in the Wyndham Rewards world, the program offers special discounts and discounts on a fun and engaging local experience organized by Wyndham Rewards’Adventure Agents’. Enhance your relay experience by providing it. From famous attractions and tours to museums and theme parks, there is something special for all types of travelers.

Awards and PLUS Awards have no blackout dates or restrictions. The value of these PLUS awards ranges from $ 5 per award night when used by members of the Blue Level to a free trial worth up to $ 150 per award night when used by members who have earned the Diamond Level.

PLUS offers countless other member benefits such as free Wi-Fi, late check-out, early check-in, room upgrades and welcome amenities. The mechanism is as follows.

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Head To Head: The Best Hotel Loyalty Programs In 2022

Like regular flight programs, hotel loyalty schemes are a key element of the world of travel awards, offering everything from free accommodation to major upgrades to the smartest travelers. But which main program offers the best value?

In the 2017 Best Hotel Loyalty Program category, 10 candidates were selected for this year’s Editor’s Choice Awards, representing the 10 largest hotel chains. Loyalty programs considered were Marriott Rewards, World of Hyatt, Wyndham Rewards, Choice Privileges, Best Western Rewards, IHG Rewards Club, Club Carlson, Hilton Honors, Accorekb, and My 6 (Motel 6 Program).

Scores are based on both the number of locations and the number of rooms, summarizing the six key elements of the loyalty program of the world’s 10 largest hotel chains.

Best Hotel Reward Programs

The evaluation considered the following: The monetary value of a free night grant (“refund”) as a percentage of the amount of money you need to spend to win the grant. The number of paid nights you need to spend to earn useful elite benefits beyond the simple point earning bonus (“First Useful Elite Level”). How wide is the opportunity for travelers to earn and use Award Points (“Total Chain Room”)? The range in which individual hotel brands within the chain cover the entire price range from luxury to budget (“price range”). The number of airline partners (“airline partners”) that offer mutual benefits and award benefits. The point-in-time length remains valid without any form of update (“holding point values”). Repayment of points per dollar charged to affiliated credit cards (“credit card refund”).

Best Hotel Rewards Program [infographic 2022]

Hotel loyalty programs are viewed through the lens of “ordinary” travelers, leisure or business travelers. These travelers are good enough to benefit from the loyalty program, but not enough to be considered a road fighter. The number of our credit cards was strictly based on the points charged per dollar, without considering the sign-up bonus.

Among these excellent hotel loyalty programs, Marriott Rewards has the highest score for a compilation of measures that are considered to be the most important for the average traveler. Here’s how to reach the winner:

Marriott Rewards perform well in almost all major categories and outperform other categories in overall scores. The most important factor in designating Marriott Rewards as the best hotel loyalty program of 2017 is the fact that you can earn and use Marriott points in most developed countries. The 35 different brands cover a wide range of prices, from luxury to medium-sized luxury, with no entry at the bottom.

To enjoy space-enabled room upgrades, premium Wi-Fi, and late check-out, all you need to do is reach the first elite level, Silver. This level also includes guaranteed transfer promises. If the Marriott Chain Hotel is unable to accommodate your reservation, the hotel promises to find another equally good hotel room, and will get there and pay for the room.

Best Hotel Rewards Programs + Q&a

There are also many airline partners that offer revenue and benefits, and credit cards offer the second highest point value.

Hotels are far more common than airlines and often meet the requirements of different travelers. For example, a typical family of four on a road trip wouldn’t mind refunding a stay at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Conversely, high-level business managers are probably not very interested in what Motel 6 offers. Therefore, for other programs, we suggest the status of prestigious references.

Refund: Measured

Best Hotel Reward Programs

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