Download Google Chrome Latest Version 2020

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As part of a wider update to the Chrome web browser, Google today announced several new features coming to the latest version of Chrome for iOS. One of the most important additions, the Chrome app gains access to Google’s Enhanced Safe Browsing feature, which proactively warns of dangerous websites. Other updates include user interface changes, the ability to set Google Password Manager as an autofill provider, an updated speech recognition model, and more.

Some of these changes have been available in Chrome for Android and desktop for months or even years, but now they’re coming to iOS.

Download Google Chrome Latest Version 2020

Download Google Chrome Latest Version 2020

For example, Enhanced Browsing Protection, which was available for the Android and desktop version of Chrome, is finally available for iPhone and iPad. This feature can predict and warn users about dangerous websites by sending real-time data to Google Browsing Protection for malware, fraud and other threats. Chrome also sends alerts to iOS users about compromised credentials so they can change their usernames and passwords accordingly.

Google Chrome’s Latest Update On Ios Brings Improved Security, The Discover Feed And More

When the app is updated, users can enable Enhanced Browsing Protection on iPhone or iPad via Chrome > More > Settings > Enhanced Browsing Protection.

Another iOS feature is called Chrome Actions, which makes it easier to perform certain tasks without having to go through the app’s settings. For example, you can type actions like “Delete browsing data”, “Open incognito tab” or “Set Chrome as default browser” in the browser’s address bar. Then the program will direct you to the right page immediately. Chrome’s address bar can also predict when a user can benefit from Chrome’s functionality based on the words they type, so you don’t need to know the right command. It will be available for desktop from 2020 and for Android from 2022. in April

The update also allows users to set up Google Password Manager as an autofill provider, competing with other password apps like 1Password or Dashlane and offering an alternative to a built-in password management system. If enabled, Chrome can help users manage and enter passwords for any website or mobile app on an iOS device. This feature was already available on the desktop Chrome and Android browsers.

As for the browser interface, Chrome’s home screen has been redesigned to now include more than just the latest tabs. You’ll notice that the app now provides access to the same Discover personal content feed that normally resides on the home page of the Google mobile app. Google notes that this will be available in Chrome on Android in the future.

More Intuitive Privacy And Security Controls In Chrome

Google is also improving Chrome’s website translation feature, which uses device machine learning to make websites available in your preferred language. iOS launches an updated language detection model that accurately determines the language of the page you’re visiting and whether it needs to be translated or not.

Finally, other minor changes have been identified according to the Chrome 103 release notes on the App Store. This includes the new ability to control camera and microphone access on specific websites using the camera and microphone icons in the address bar, as well as the ability to download and add iCalendar files to your calendar and remove duplicate tabs from the new tab page background. Some have noticed that Chrome’s three-dot (overflow) menu has also been tweaked a bit so that the Bookmarks tab and Reading List are now higher up in the list. Today, Google updated Chrome for macOS to version 87.0.4280.66. Introducing an icon change that better adapts Chrome to the new macOS Big Sur design.

The Chrome browser icon now has a white background behind it, which is the only change made by Google. In the previous version of Chrome, it didn’t have a white background and was just a plain colorful Chrome logo.

Download Google Chrome Latest Version 2020

The change to the Chrome icon is the most noticeable change Chrome users will see in the new update, but there are several other new features and bug fixes.

How To Update Google Chrome

The new Chrome update also improves performance by reducing CPU usage through tab minimization, which better manages resources. Background tabs no longer wake up the processor as often, which saves battery life, so Chrome uses up to 5x less CPU and battery life up to 1.25 hours.

Chrome also has new features that let you, for example, clear your browser history in the address bar (just type something like delete my history), and there’s a new feature for searching in open tabs. In the near future, Google plans to add cards to Chrome to help you return to recently visited and related content.

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Download Google Chrome Latest Version 2020

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