Healthcare Administration Degree Programs

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In today’s economy, more and more students are returning to school to pursue an online master’s degree in health management. because? First, healthcare is a booming area, accounting for a significant number of jobs added in the United States last year. This trend shows no signs of stability, and students currently holding a health care degree can expect employment stability for many years to come. Second, all industries require the leadership of competent managers, and healthcare is no exception. Hospitals, clinics, clinics, outpatient centers and other facilities must all lead experienced leaders. Therefore, it is not surprising that the demand for health care managers is expected to increase by 20% between 2016 and 2026, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics considers “far above average”.

Current medical and graduate professionals will be pleased to know that they don’t need to break a bank to get an advanced degree in this area. Going to school online is the perfect solution for many adults who enjoy working full-time, fulfilling their family duties and taking remote lessons. Of course, even the most “traditional” students are looking for online classes, benefiting from the greater flexibility offered by virtual education.

Healthcare Administration Degree Programs

Healthcare Administration Degree Programs

Here at Top Healthcare Masters, we aim to make your life easier and save you time and money. Here’s where this ranking comes in handy.

Online Master’s In Health Administration

We have compiled a list of the 30 most affordable online MHA degree programs in health management and related areas, including hospital and facility management, health services management, and health information management. But don’t be fooled by the low prices of these schools. Cost was the primary motivation for making our choice, but you might be surprised that the list also includes some of the best online masters in home health management. Please note that for public institutions we have allocated approximate tuition fees based on the average of internal and extra-state fees. Also, be aware that some universities may offer discounted rates to students online or offer their own funding options that the survey did not fully explain.

Note: The costs per credit were taken from the integrated data system of post-secondary education (October 2017). Please note that actual costs may vary from program to program. We recommend that you contact your institution for the latest information available.

WKU’s Online MHA for Executives provides an affordable program for attendees who visit campus three times a year. 30. Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, Kentucky Online Health Care Master Master (EMHA)

For busy professionals, the Western Kentucky University Health Care Executive Master is one of the most accredited MHA degrees online. This is because the program addresses the unique needs of adult students who already have extensive work experience. Take the resume as an example. The main classes in the program do not begin with basic subjects, but quickly progress to advanced subjects such as “Biostatistics for Public Health”, “Medical Law” and “Epidemiology”. There are also unique electives covering specialized topics such as computer science, healthcare system design, and decision making to help you build on your professional experience. And instead of writing a final treatise, WKU allows EMHA students to further hone their skills by completing six credits in an approved area of ​​interest.

Top 20 Health Administration And Healthcare Management Degree Programs Based On Overall Quality Measures

The online Masters of this Health Management graduate program is part of Sage College’s IACBE Graduate School of Business. 29. Sage Colleges Troy, Master of Science in NY Online Health Service Management

At Sage College, education in medical administration is an interdisciplinary matter. Recognizing the ever-increasing importance of healthcare executives, Sage’s faculty strives to provide students with diverse roles within the industry. As such, the main course covers the full range of health management topics, from finance, marketing and information systems to analytical policies, strategies and methods. One of the best online masters in health management for early career professionals, this program also requires students to complete an internship to gain practical experience in the field. And as an added bonus, this MSHSA offers a specialty diet options!

Nine classes are all between you and Franklin University’s online Master in Healthcare Management. 28. Master of Online Health Management, University of Franklin, Columbus, Ohio

Healthcare Administration Degree Programs

Apply online for Franklin’s Master of Health Care for executive-centered education. Franklin’s curriculum focuses more on traditional business topics such as finance and management accounting, strategic operations and management, and information governance than other MHA programs. The 36 credit course sequence also allows you to select electives in areas of interest such as “health informatics” and “medical quality control”. Among the most unique choice options are Lean Six Sigma strategy skills and courses, and an integrated field experience that helps program members connect from the classroom to the real challenges they face on the job. ..

Pima Medical Institute Expands Its Online Health Care Administration Program

Industry experts regularly review Rosemont’s online MHA resume to ensure you’re always on the lookout for the latest trends. 27. Rosemont College Rosemont, Pennsylvania Online Health Management MS

When it comes to affordability, nothing beats a master’s degree in medical management programs from Rosemont University. The 100% online curriculum features a 7-week crash course that students take one at a time, making it easy to focus on learning without neglecting other obligations. With this timeline, you can earn and graduate online in a top-tier MHA degree in just 18-24 months. In the process, you will take unique lessons such as “Psychological and Social Aspects of Health”, “Medical Models in the World” and “Patient Risk Management and Problems”. Finally, the 33-credit program concludes with a final capstone / treaty course for knowledge integration.

Pfeiffer has one of the online masters of an affordable health management degree program, including an optional study abroad component. 26. Pfeiffer University Misenheimer, North Carolina Online Masters of Health Care (MHA)

At Pfeiffer University, ambitious students will find plenty of ways to go even further in pursuing one of the best online health care masters. In addition to the standard 36-credit MHA curriculum, Pfeiffer’s Department of Applied Health Sciences also offers joint degree programs MHA + Leadership Concentration, MHA / MBA, and MHA / MSL (Master of Leadership Science). But that is not all. To meet global learning requirements, graduates can choose between two “Comparative International Health” courses. One primarily provides lecture-based instruction and culminates in comparative research treatises. The other includes study trips abroad to learn about medical treatment abroad.

Top 30 Affordable Online Master’s Degree In Healthcare Administration Programs 2022

Before we graduate from RFU’s Certified Online Master in Health Management Program, we will complete the final portfolio and showcase all the knowledge gained. 25. Rosalind Franklin University of Medical Sciences North Chicago, Illinois Online Master of Health Sciences

One of the drawbacks of a master’s degree in an online health care program is that students have few opportunities to interact with classmates in other disciplines. Fortunately, Rosalind Franklin University addresses this gap by providing an interprofessional curriculum that allows undergraduate degrees in medicine, pharmacies and other medical fields to “learn from each other.” As a university focused solely on medicine and science, RFU also stands out for the breadth and depth of its MHA courses. In addition to all standard subjects, MHA graduates take classes on niche topics such as “Insurance Aspects”, “Health Literacy” and “Health Care on the Big Screen: Problems, Pictures, Messages, Imagery”.

At SNHU, dedicated academic and professional advisors can help you turn an affordable online MHA degree into a rewarding and rewarding career opportunity. 24. New Hampshire Southern University Manchester, NH Online Healthcare Management Master

Healthcare Administration Degree Programs

As one of the first universities to offer a certified master’s degree in health care online, SNHU has long been a pioneer in health education. Currently, Southern New Hampshire University supports both MSHA and MS in Management: Healthcare Administration programs, serving students with varying interests and career goals. These programs, two of the school’s most popular undergraduate degrees, provide hands-on education on topics such as biostatistics, global health, economics, health policy, marketing, and communication strategies. Plus, SNHU’s flexible schedule allows you to graduate in just 15 months, despite taking two courses each semester.

School Of Health Administration

If you are worried about taking the exam, don’t be afraid. You can apply for an economic MHA degree from Regis University online without having to obtain a GRE or GMAT. 23. Regis University Denver, Colorado Online Masters of Health Care

Regis University’s flexible and versatile healthcare degree is designed to meet the needs of different groups of students. For example, a student with more than two years of relevant work experience may be exempted from the practical experience requirements of the curriculum. Potential candidates looking for an affordable and affordable online master’s degree in health management will be delighted to know that this program is 100% online and will only take two years to complete. Additionally, program members learn the value of community involvement through courses that reflect Regis’ uniqueness.

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