Steps To Apply Bare Minerals Makeup

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I’m so excited to be featured in “The Mane Details” with Jada Beauty today, and I wanted to share the interview with you! “The Mane Details” is part of the Jada Beauty blog, where fashion and beauty bloggers share a little about what inspires them. It was fun to have the opportunity to discuss my favorite spots in San Francisco and the beauty and hair products I loved the most.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is definitely a picture of me without makeup. zero. Nada. Completely bare face. This was my natural state last Sunday morning when it was very possible to be in bed all day. But when my lazy day was thankfully interrupted by a last minute brunch invitation from a friend, I had to be ready, and I had to get ready fast. French toast stays with no woman.

Steps To Apply Bare Minerals Makeup

Steps To Apply Bare Minerals Makeup

To be honest, I’d say I’m pretty low maintenance as far as city girls go. I can wear false eyelashes and a sequin dress with the best of them, but every day I’m pretty casual. I don’t spend a lot of time wearing makeup, but I admit that looking polished and confident is important to me. I still want to look like myself, but as if I have a smart lighting team with me all the time. Me boy, my boy!

Makeup Tutorial Using All Bareminerals

I recently heard about the bareMinerals range (I know, I live under a rock) and was amazed at how easily a mineral foundation fits into my makeup routine. It allowed me to cut three solid minutes from my liquid foundation routine and still feel completely natural. Just less stain!

This is how I create my everyday natural look. Next week, I’ll show you how I go from day makeup to something more dramatic at night, all in less time than it takes to mix a good lemon drop. hey

Hello, barefaced! To get a good base and make sure my makeup stays on, I start with a good moisturizer. Seriously, don’t skip this step. I let it sit for a few minutes and then cover it with a primer with SPF.

To apply the mineral foundation, I shake the cap a bit and spin the brush in a happy way. Put the excess back into the pan and then spread it out in a circular, circular motion. I’ll start on my cheeks because that’s where I need the most coverage, but for you ladies who don’t have rosacea, you can start in the center of your face and work your way up. Make sure you blend very well along the jawline – you don’t need to worry about a complex foundation with a mineral composition, but it’s still good to play it safe.

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BareMinerals make a few different brushes for different levels of coverage – I use the Flawless Face brush for light/medium coverage, but they also have a Full Flawless Face brush for fuller coverage. I like fuller coverage at night and lighter coverage during the day.

Then, add the concealer to any visible imperfections through the makeup and blend with a light tap. I like to use a hydrating, creamy concealer under my eyes, like Tarte Maracuja, and a thicker stick concealer for blemishes. Once you have used the concealer to your satisfaction, tap the concealer lightly with a foundation brush. No need to re-dip the foundation – just use the excess on the brush for natural coverage.

Then comes the blush. Actually, guys, this is the first time in my whole life that I have worn blush. I spent so much time trying to cover up the redness on my cheeks that the thought of adding more was absurd. But I love this Aphrodisiac shade because of its warm peach undertones – the golden tone works well on my skin and actually helps fight redness. Love.

Steps To Apply Bare Minerals Makeup

Blush always looks beautiful on the apples of my cheeks, but I like to apply it just under my cheeks for a lightly contoured look. I like the Precision Face Brush for blush, but the fluffy brush works well for a more diffused look. Again, make sure you mix well!

How To Cover Acne Prone Skin With Concealer

I love eyeshadow palettes like this Ready set – they are so simple to use and can be worn day or night. If you want a light look that still defines your eyes, try using all four shades as I did above, with 1 being the lightest color and 4 being the darkest. I smudged the darkest color 2/3 of the way down the lash line instead of liner – it’s more subtle during the day but still gives definition. I also take my pinky finger and smudge a bit of the second light color on the lower lash line.

Fluffy eyeshadow brushes work well, but I like to use my ring finger to apply and blend the shadows. My favorite is to tap the pad of my pinky finger in the lightest shade and gently dab it on the inner corner of my eye near your tear duct. Instant brightness!

And now for the favorite part. I love the look of bold brows and have recently been obsessed with Benefit’s new Gimme Brow Gel. It spreads like a mascara through the eyebrows, covering and darkening every hair and the skin underneath. The stuff lasts too – I used it for 80 minutes on the elliptical and it didn’t budge.

I’m blessed with long lashes (thanks, Mom and Dad!), but they look bolder with a few coats of mascara. No matter where I go, I always apply three coats to make my lashes stand out. I’d love to try the new Lash Domination mascara from bareMinerals and I’m also a fan of the Covergirl Clump Crusher. Both brand names make me feel better! presser! WOW! bam!

How To Apply Loose Powder Foundation

Finally, for the lips, I want to do a nude color with a little shine during the day and change it to fuchsia at night. The new Moxie Bare Minerals polish is really the only polish I’ve ever tried that doesn’t have that gross sticky candy. Hurrah!

And there it is – 4 minutes and 47 seconds from my watch! I like how I still feel like myself, but much more polished and confident. Even out my evening skin tone and lightly lining my eyes/eyes/lips makes a huge difference and is the perfect starting point for a more dramatic evening look. Is this similar to your makeup routine, or is it different? What did I forget?

​​​​​​I received all bareMinerals products as a gift to try, but I was not compensated in any way for writing this post. I like the stuff a lot!

Steps To Apply Bare Minerals Makeup

I’ve loved fashion since high school, but I’ve been a beauty lover for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager, many skin problems made me layer on foundation and powder like a bad cliché. The result was unnatural and heavy, and I really didn’t let anyone down. I’m much happier with my skin and makeup routine now, but those infertile years left me with a serious powder makeup obsession.

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However, when BareMinerals invited me to try make-up (yes, about it!) it sounded up my alley. From San Francisco (woot woot!), BareMinerals is part of the bare Escentulas family and continues its mission that makeup and skin care should enhance natural beauty and boost confidence. They describe their mineral composition as a skin care product and “as clean as you can sleep in”, which I was impressed with. The liquid foundation served me well, but I couldn’t wait to take it off at the end of the day.

So I found myself at the Go Bare event, sponsored by bareMinerals, held right outside the beautiful ferry building on the Embarcardero. It’s one of my favorite places in the city—that land between the bustling Financial District and the green-green water of the bay. The fading light of the day was the perfect backdrop for the pop-up booth, where Makeup Artists transformed women into a more radiant version of themselves.

Liliana, my amazing makeup artist, gave me a fresh, natural look with serious staying power. The secret is to moisturize and apply your primer first and make sure you choose the right brush for the coverage you want. Liliana applied a light layer of foundation followed by concealer and I warmed up my face with bronzer and blush. For the lips, I couldn’t go bolder with a lipstick called “Risk It All” (I love fun names!) for a bold pop of pink that happened to match the decor. Coincidence?

I was lucky enough to bring home some goodies to try for myself, and I can say that I am officially hooked. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a little 5 minute makeup tutorial I came up with and I’m so excited about it I’m even posting a no-makeup face photo for comparison.

Bare Minerals Ready Foundation Brush

My friend Mathilda accompanied me to her own cleaning – doesn’t she look amazing? I love how they showed her adorable freckles! It has been our flagship product for years. He won every award.

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