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It’s hard to get your degree, you decide where to get it. But for those of you who can’t even figure out what to do for dinner, it can be as memorable as taking your first statistics class to find out which university is right for you.

“55 percent of the questions we receive are about time and money,” says Chris Glor, the university’s vice president of enrollment (UOPX).

University Of Phoenix Online

University Of Phoenix Online

If you are thinking of enrolling in UOPX, you may want to be clear about what your investment will be. But there are other concerns that are in your head as well. Or worry because you don’t understand how to pronounce it.

University Of Phoenix

The university is an organization designed to meet the special needs of adult students. Although it may seem like a clear idea today, it was hardly heard when the university opened in 1976.

At the time, the founder of UOPX saw how adult students could spend six to 10 years earning a degree, and recognized an opportunity to do things differently.

The idea was simple: it would still take self-discipline and hard work to get a degree, but the process behind it could and should be (and should be) more accessible.

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned virtual learning into a home word. But online college isn’t the same thing as your child’s temporary virtual classroom.

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The online university is designed for students who are motivated, self-disciplined, and working independently. However, that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. UOPX students can expect opportunities to collaborate with their peers and one-on-one relationships with experienced teachers, all at a time when they are fulfilling their other responsibilities. They also have access to a support group 20 hours a day, five days a week, and academic advisors who are so committed to student success achieved a 5-star rating out of 90% of the students surveyed.

Lessons are published at scheduled times, and deadlines are given in advance. Students may enter the lessons whenever they are required to meet their assignment deadlines.

In fact, this method is so effective that 92% of alumni surveyed who graduated in the last year said that UOPX gave them the flexibility to balance family, work, school and life.

University Of Phoenix Online

Faculty members have an average of 26 years of professional experience, many of whom have C-suite credentials, which means students learn from industry leaders. In addition, this faculty provides a practical approach that can be immediately applied to students ’careers. Not surprisingly, 85% of the students surveyed recommended their teachers.

University Of Phoenix Brings Free Offerings To Schools, Educators, Parents, Public

UOPX’s curriculum is based on real-life results, with many degrees offering a certain level of personalization through certification. Advisory boards made up of leaders in areas such as IT, health and business regularly take stock of industry trends and provide the following perspectives to keep the UOPX curriculum up to date and relevant. In fact, 83% of the students surveyed believe that UOPX has given them the skills and knowledge to apply immediately in their career.

With seven specialized universities based on the profession, the University offers more than 100 degrees and certification options, of which 80% are in high-growth areas. In addition to undergraduate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, UOPX offers 40+ certifications in business, education, healthcare, etc., and offers continuing education and professional development courses for educators seeking to improve training in areas such as digital marketing and healthcare.

In response to a changing staff, UOPX continues to innovate. The university is testing badges for certain offerings (select MBA and nursing courses) as a way to quickly convey the skills demonstrated by a student. The initiative is expected to be officially launched in September 2021.

UOPX also managed the development of skill-mapped courses using data from Emsi, an organization led by labor market knowledge and labor market analysis. Skill-mapped courses are aligned with job-specific skills based on job vacancies. Best of all, you’ll add these skills to your resume every five to six weeks after you graduate.

Everything You Need To Know About Attending University Of Phoenix

UOPX students have many advantages that go hand in hand with the school’s online education approach. One of them is 24/7/365 access to course materials for students. Other courses have a sequential structure: students take one course at a time, with classes starting every five to six weeks. This allows you to start a bachelor’s degree in 20 years and start a master’s degree in 18 years.

Although the pandemic drew attention to the distortions of virtual learning, it was well ahead of the learning curve faced by many UOPX schools. This means that UOPX is ready to continue with what it is doing well (online education) and to spread the pandemic to areas where growth has demanded it. One of them was professional development courses, which enabled migrant workers to be trained quickly and effectively. This agility speaks to UOPX’s commitment to its students and industry connections.

The university offers reduced tuition rates and, in some cases, offers exemption from resource fees to active and veteran military officials. University credit is also available for military (and life) experience.

University Of Phoenix Online

But service members don’t just make their sacrifices, as Brian Ismail says. Ismail is Vice President of Veterans Affairs and Strategic Governance Cooperation at UOPX and is a former member of the service. He speaks of experience when UOPX expresses the valuable policy that military tariffs offer to active family members and military veterans. This isn’t necessarily common in universities, but it’s worth doing, says Ismail.

University Of Phoenix Online

The university is committed to student success even after graduation. This is why active students and graduates have lifelong access to professional counseling at UOPX.

What exactly does it look like? This means that you have a team of consultants to help you create a personalized career plan that you can follow, from curriculum reviews to interview preparation and individual career training.

This is not a trivial matter. An outdoor career workout can cost upwards of $ 200 per hour. In UOPX, it’s included in your degree at no extra cost, for life.

Accreditation is a guide to determining whether an educational institution meets high quality education standards. Since 1978, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC),, in addition to ongoing accreditation, has been accredited by UOPX for a number of programs.

Top Online Courses At The University Of Phoenix

No! Glor explains that the application process is basically a process of gathering information to access a particular program. If you apply, you don’t have to go to UOPX, but if you do, it allows the enrollment team to start identifying ways to save you — yes, you guessed it — time and money. In addition, the application process is free.

Your school credit is as personal as you are. Every student transcript, in other words, is different. Therefore, UOPX provides a pre-assessment for future students, where academic advisors review your unofficial transcript to see what will be transferred, saving you time and money (again).

In appropriate cases, yes. The Preliminary Learning Assessment (PLA) is a way for future students to earn college credits. Upon application at the university, a student may submit a portfolio of work or essays on approved subjects to receive credits.

University Of Phoenix Online

For every three credits earned through the PLA, students save about $ 1,200 in tuition and are deducted five weeks from the undergraduate program. (Hello, time and money.) The best part? On average, 65% of UOPX undergraduate students are eligible for PLA credit.

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Another option is a competency-based education (CBE) degree. Ideal for students with professional experience and expertise, these offerings give credit to proven skills. The more you know, the faster you can move forward in new skills and subjects, making your degree not only a quick experience, but one that has real-world benefits: you focus on learning what you need to know for your career.

No. UOPX understands that adult students may not have access to older scores and may not be required to take these tests.

Again not However, there are some basic requirements for some programs. For example, you must have an RN to enter the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. And to enroll in a graduate program, you must have a bachelor’s degree.

As with determining your transfer credits, evaluating the value of your program is a very individualized process. And at UOPX, enrollment representatives will help prospective students find ways to save as much as possible. (UOPX alone offers 10 different ways to save time and / or money!)

University Of Phoenix Student Login

UOPX is competitively priced compared to other universities. Here are some other ideas to reduce your overall costs. Learn more at the University of Education Comparison Chart: /tuition_and_financial_options/tuition_and_fees.html

Glor says there is a misunderstanding about who is eligible for the grant. Some loans are not based on income, for example. Scholarships are available at UOPX and elsewhere. And for students with a clear financial need, the Pell Scholarship is a federal option.

At UOPX, scholarship opportunities are expanding. Starting with the student’s first year, the scholarship will be awarded to each first-year student, regardless of financial status or GPA. First-year students and transfer students, in fact, can apply for scholarships of up to $ 3,000 each.

University Of Phoenix Online

UOPX is committed to providing affordable education for its students

University Of Phoenix Is 100% Online: Evolving Online Education Long Before The Pandemic

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