United States Navy Seals

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, a member of the special forces trained for direct attacks or targeted attacks against enemy targets, conduct reconnaissance missions to report on enemy movements (especially in offshore areas) and engage in operations against terrorist groups.

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United States Navy Seals

United States Navy Seals

(UDTs), which are “frogmen” trained to destroy enemy coastal obstacles before amphibious landings in Europe and the Pacific.

No Sleep? No Problem, Say Us Navy Seals

The UDTs performed their usual reconnaissance and minesweeping duties, but also expanded their operations offshore by disrupting the enemy’s inland transport lines.

SEAL units trained naval commands in South Vietnam, SEAL and UDT teams also conducted numerous counter-insurgency operations along riverbanks, beaches, and backcountry.

SEAL units have participated in several US military operations overseas, including the protection of merchant ships in the Persian Gulf over the years.

Members of the United States Navy can apply for SEAL training between the ages of 17 and 28, although certain exceptions apply up to age 33. (In 2015, the Navy announced it would open the SEAL program to women, though no timeline has been set.) Graduates pass two months of preparatory training, which includes a series of physical and mental health screenings. , started a very difficult six. educational months

United States Navy Seals

“Hell Week”, over five days, where the participant experiences intense exercise almost 24 hours a day and only gets about four hours of sleep during the entire period.

After BUD/S, candidates are put through weeks of moderate SEAL certification training, including small unit tactics, parachute and cold weather operations. They are then assigned a Trident (the official Navy SEAL symbol) and assigned to a SEAL unit or SDV team, where they report to months of advanced training in unit-level specialties and skills. There are about 2,500 SEALs in active service.

The basic unit of the SEAL operation is the unit, numbering up to 16 men, which can be divided into small groups and fire brigades as needed. Several units plus facilities and other elements make up the SEAL team; Each group is assigned to a specific area of ​​the world and may have a specific skill. The active SEAL teams are part of the Naval Special Warfare Group, based in West Coronado Beach, o The US Republican primary is in full swing. Over the weekend, seven announced and potential candidates made the pilgrimage to the farm state of Iowa, which always hosts the first primary. Her senator Joni Ernst has invited “Roast and Ride”, a motorcycle rally full of barbecue and political hot sauce, i.e. conservative fire spokesmen.

United States Navy Seals

Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, behaved very well. He released a Harley Davidson with two US Navy SEALs: Michael Thornton, who made a name for himself in the Vietnam War, and Marcus Luttrell, whose Afghanistan ​​​​​​​​​odyssey was successfully filmed (” Lone Survivor”).

Navy Seals: Die Schattenarmee Des Terrorkriegs

Perry hailed both as “heroes” who “represent everything about America.” The timing was, of course, more than surprising: On the same day, the true nature of the special operations force was revealed elsewhere – and that is far from their myth.

The Navy Seals – especially their top unit, Team 6, which tracked al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden – has been transformed into a “global hunting machine,” the New York Times said in an exhaustive investigative report. Today, the military has formed an uncontrollable shadow army of the United States, whose operations far exceed their narrowly defined missions – with dire consequences, including “many deaths and civilian casualties. “

According to “NEWS”, this development of group 6 is the inevitable result of the new war in the United States “where the conflict is no longer a sign of victories or defeats on the battlefield, but the constant killing of suspected militants”. The fact that more and more innocent people are dying is accepted.

This accusation is reminiscent of the debate about the use of drones in the United States: they have also been out of control for a long time and have often harmed civilians. The belief and the resulting anxiety are the same: As the demons called Goethe’s magic, the participants in the American war on terror are given their lives.

United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group

The Navy Seals are legendary – they work in secret and are as respected as any other unit of the US military. American sniper Chris Kyle, whose life and death were immortalized in the movie “American Sniper”, was also a SEAL. After the terrorist attacks of 2001, Group 6, the core unit of the SEALs, was greatly strengthened, according to “NEWS”, about 300 highly trained combat fighters and about 1,500 support troops.

First, they had to eliminate senior al-Qaeda members from Afghanistan. But then, according to the NYT, the orders became invalid – in Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, where they are fighting the “Islamic State” (IS).

“They’ve become kind of emergency numbers if somebody does something at some point,” former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey, who himself served as a SEAL in Vietnam, told the NYT. It is, of course, inevitable when the United States is caught between “bad opportunity and bad opportunity.”

United States Navy Seals

As a result, the brutality of the SEALs continues to increase leading to the death of innocent civilians “indiscriminately and indiscriminately”, often during operations in Afghan villages​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Such cases rarely lead to consequences. “Do I think there were more killings than necessary?”, the newspaper quoted a former official as saying. “Clear.”

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Team 6’s incredible hostage rescue has always been highly praised. It all began in 2003 with the rescue of soldier Jessica Lynch from a hospital in Iraq – a case that the George W. Bush administration hyped as war propaganda. So in 2009, the 6th team freed the hand of the Somali pirates from the American captain Richard Phillips, which was also a successful movie drama.

A few notable ones are the failed missions. Around 2010, when British development worker Linda Norgrove died on a Seals operation in Afghanistan. As “New” describes in detail, a new member of Team 6 was to blame: The man threw a grenade at Norgrove, which he mistook for an enemy.

“NEW” wrote that their role as the international terrorist police has had negative consequences for the SEALs: about three dozen Group 6 men have died since 9/11, more than before in the entire history of the unit, which was founded. In 1980. Extended deployments take a toll on soldiers “physically and mentally.” “Your body is broken,” a group of 6 veterans told the NYT, “your mind is broken.”

But as symbols of America’s belief in separatism and a world easily divided into “good” and “bad” in terms of black and white, the Seals are indestructible. “I can’t express how proud I am to be on stage with you,” Rick Perry of Iowa said before inviting the lauded veterans to the barbecue.

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Summary: The Navy, especially its top unit, Group 6, has turned into a “global hunting machine,” the New York Times reported. According to this paper’s research, the military has formed an uncontrollable American shadow army whose operations far exceed their narrowly defined missions. The brutality of the SEALs is increasingly causing the deaths of innocent civilians. Fleet. They are under the United States Naval Air Command (NAVSPECWARCOM), which is headquartered in Coronado, California and is part of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

The word “SEAL” is an acronym for Sea, Air, Land (Sea, Air, Bon), which indicates where you go from your special forces. It is also equivalent to the English expression for sea dog/seal and is also pronounced as.

Originally called the U.S. Pat. Navy SEALs are located in the Navy Combat Molition Units (NCDU), which was actually the Navy’s explosive ordnance disposal service, whose mission was to explore cables and possible obstacles or to clear locks. The members of the NCDU consisted mostly of engineer battalions (SEABEES) from the United States Navy. There were two different teams – the NCDUs, which worked primarily in Europe, and the UDTs (Unwater Molition Teams), which worked in the Pacific War Zone. UDTs differed from n NCDUs in most of their lighter equipment, so UDTs often wore bows and wings during lighter operations. In Japan, the UDTs were involved in almost all operations in Lan, their strength in War One was about 3,000 men. During the Korean War, however, they mostly operated on land.

United States Navy Seals

The failure of the Swine Bay landings and the looming Cuban Missile Crisis revealed the inability of the then leading CIA to carry out the special operations they had originally intended. To end this critical operational divide, US President John F. Kennedy ordered the creation of new special forces. The Navy began assembling their own SEAL team. The term SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) referred to the environment they would later operate in. Finally, on January 1, 1962, SEAL Team 1 was deployed to Coronado, California on the Pacific coast, and Team 2- of Little Creek, Virginia. east coast. Many members of the UDT were directly transferred, but the UDT remained in place. The initial membership was ten officers and fifty SEALs. Immediately after installation, a lot of equipment was purchased, and old and new techniques were developed.

U.s. Navy Seals Workout

From 1963, originally under the command of local CIA officers as a trainer of South Vietnamese forces, especially “Vietnamese SEALs” Lien Doc Nguoi Nhia (LDNN) and

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