Free Antivirus For Android Tablet

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AV-Test Institute tested 18 Android security solutions designed for personal devices. 13 tested security apps received full marks, and Google Play Protect continues to improve its performance.

In May, the Magdeburg AV-Test Institute tested 17 security solutions for Android devices that manufacturers submitted for certification. In comparison, AV-Test tested Google Play Protect again, which may confirm the trend of better performance than in recent tests, but still qualifies as poor performance. Compared to the previous test in March, Antiy AVL and Line Antivirus are included again. The rest of the testbed remained unchanged, except for the version changes. Since the beginning of 2020, AV-Test has been offering differentiated protection solutions for applications for personal use and companies.

Free Antivirus For Android Tablet

Free Antivirus For Android Tablet

The tests are divided into three categories: protection, performance and usability. On the one hand, anti-malware is tested against more than 3,100 malware in less than four weeks. On the other hand, during so-called real-time tests, all applications are simultaneously exposed to more than 3,000 copies of the latest malware on similar smartphones. All changes related to battery life, impact on system throttling, and data traffic generated by security programs are included in the performance rating. Detect false positives generated by protection solutions for the use of over 3,100 harmless applications.

Test: Die Besten Antivirus Programme 2022 Für Android

Conservation programs that score ten out of a possible 18 points and at least one point in each category receive a certificate. Tests are always performed on real hardware (no emulator) running Android 11. Candidates can access the latest updates and cloud services at any time.

All tested apps met the minimum requirements for certification, even Google Play Protect. 13 candidates scored a full 18 points, which is more than two-thirds of the scoring field. Google has also improved automatic app scanning. Even so, Play Protect lags behind the rest, detecting 89 to 95 percent of malware.

With the exception of Google Play Protect (89.3/95.3 percent), as well as Ikarus (96/98 percent) and Line Antivirus (98.4/98.9 percent), all programs managed to detect at least 99 percent of malware in both subtests. , many even achieved 100 percent. or just under In real-time testing, the average malware detection rate is 99.0 percent, without Google Play Protect it is 99.6 percent. In a test section with up to four weeks of malware, the average score was 99.6 percent, and even without Google Play Protect, it was 99.8 percent. Despite the improved performance, you should not rely on Google Play Protect alone – the protective effect is only “better than nothing”.

In the performance category, all candidates passed the tests flawlessly and received an excellent six. The data traffic generated by security programs, their battery drain, and their braking effect during normal device use are not equally noticeable for all of them.

The Best Antivirus For Android In 2022: Free & Paid For Apps

It is encouraging that there were no false diagnoses. Only Ikarus failed twice and AhnLab V3 failed once. All other security programs passed all tests and did not generate false alarms.

In the context of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) warns about the security programs of the Russian “Kaspersky Laboratory”. If you are looking for alternatives to Kaspersky products, you will find many protection applications in this review. Kaspersky test results are still included for comparison.

There is significant variation in the performance of security programs, but this is no longer appreciated. The range of hardware with additional features varies from Spartan SECURION OnAV to Avast and AVG, which have almost everything you could want except a backup function. Many apps have anti-theft features so they can locate the device, lock it, and/or delete all data if lost. A web filter that blocks or at least warns of suspicious or dangerous websites is common.

Free Antivirus For Android Tablet

Some of the free installers you’ll find on Google Play are stripped-down versions of paid solutions and promote them. If you want to use an extra feature forever, you can usually upgrade to the premium version via an in-app purchase. Full test results, including feature set information, can be found on the AV-Test Institute website. There you can also see the results of previous tests.

Virenscanner Für Android: Schutz Wirklich Nötig?

As with the Windows tests, we weighted the scores differently in certain categories in the results table. The protective effect accounts for 50 percent of the total score, with each of the other two categories accounting for 25 percent (2:1:1). These scores can be found in the last column, where the table is also sorted. The last column contains these unweighted (1:1:1) scores calculated by AV-Test. The changed balance makes Google’s gap even more apparent. Mobile phones, like computers, are always connected to the Internet. This is why you think antivirus protection makes sense, but why does it?

According to Google, there is no need to scan Android for viruses, as Google Play Protect has a built-in antivirus scanner that checks apps in the PlayStore for a while. At first glance, the situation is similar to the situation in Windows, where Windows Defender is also a pre-installed virus scanner and you don’t need an alternative.

But there’s a big difference: Windows Defender offers good protection, Google Play Protect doesn’t, and at least Google’s virus scanner failed miserably in our latest test. That the situation has not improved is confirmed by the current test of AV-Test, where Play Protect received only 2 points for its protective effect. Google Play Protect also ranks last on our partner AV-Comparatives, with the weakest protection and worst alarms.

Therefore, antivirus software manufacturers are completely wrong when they replace their programs. Because the Google Play Store has been battling malware again and again. That said: In our opinion, if you’re only looking for the best apps on the Play Store, you don’t need an Android antivirus scanner.

Best Antivirus For Android 2022: Protect Your Phone Or Tablet

In other cases, you should take antivirus measures, especially if you want to try apps from alternative sources and feel free to explore every corner of the Internet with your smartphone.

Interestingly, you can also check Android Virus Scanner for other features that are not primarily related to virus protection. Virus scanners combine various security features in one central location. Android can do this to some extent, but the settings are distributed across the system.

A clear list of questionable program permissions, security features such as anti-theft, child safety, surfing protection, control of links in messengers or WLAN security are clearly summarized in the protection program. This is definitely an added value.

Free Antivirus For Android Tablet

Many security programs come with additional modules, such as the option to block calls and SMS messages, or have a full system check that checks once and for all that the most important security settings are correctly set. Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus received the highest score in the test.

Antivirus Apps Für Android Im Test: Die Besten Handy Anti Malware Tools Und Virenscanner

Most of the concerns about Android virus scanners focus on resource consumption. After all, a virus scanner is always running in the background and offers real-time protection. If you don’t want to do this, you can install an assistant like VirusTotal Mobile.

The program does not run constantly in the background, but instead scans installed programs for malware. Over 50 virus scanners check applications and report back to you quickly. Unknown apps can still be downloaded from the security checker.

Important: VirusTotal Mobile does not protect your system, it just makes scanning easier. If malware is detected, you must remove it yourself.

What not to do: Run an antivirus scanner and then ignore all the security questions because the security program will protect you. Don’t fall into this trap and think you’re invulnerable. A virus scanner is only one piece of the security strategy puzzle. The following points are also important:

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus Apk Für Android

Not every Android user needs an antivirus scanner. But, in our opinion, antivirus protection is not completely useless even on a smartphone. Those who like to frequently test new apps, use alternative sources, or want more protection features in the central app will need an Android antivirus scanner. However, just because your cell phone has an antivirus scanner, don’t ever give up on other protection measures. Mobile Security and Antivirus protects Android mobile phones from network threats. The app includes a malware scanner, anti-theft and many other privacy features.

The antivirus scanner analyzes the applications on the smartphone and checks for new applications as they are downloaded in real time. The program also checks the contents of the SD card.

Internet Protection provides real-time browser protection against threats from infected websites or potential phishing attempts. The program also monitors the security of the WLAN in use.

Free Antivirus For Android Tablet

The Privacy Advisor lists installed applications and provides information about which applications require which permissions. In this way, you can find out which applications track the location of the mobile phone and pose a privacy threat.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free 4.166.1052

Mobile Security & Antivirus also comes with a filter for SMS messages and calls. This filter removes the blacklist of unwanted numbers from the contact.

With the anti-theft module, the user can create a white list of trusted SIM cards to control the phone. in addition

Privacy protection mode in case of theft or loss. With Mobile Security & Antivirus, you can remotely wipe data, lock your smartphone and set an alarm

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