Data Backup And Recovery Services

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On Wednesday, Salesforce introduced Backup and Restore, a new low-code data protection and recovery service. The CRM giant launched the service after hearing from customers that they wanted a data backup option native to the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce still offers a different data recovery service, but that service has its share of problems. Salesforce tried to end this last year, citing the small number of customers actively using the service and the availability of multiple third -party solutions. But with customers asking for an in-house backup service, Salesforce revamped the Data Recovery Service in March with a promise to launch a new in-house backup and recovery service later in the year.

Data Backup And Recovery Services

Data Backup And Recovery Services

“Salesforce customers benefit from a rich partner ecosystem,” Marla Hay, vice president of product management at Salesforce, said in a company blog post on Wednesday. “But we spent a lot of time listening to our customers, and it became clear that many of them were specifically looking for in-house backup and recovery solutions that deliver performance, speed and scale — not to mention convenience. To use — they’re Expected from the Salesforce platform. Backup and recovery is a direct response to this need, which will continue to provide additional ways to innovate and expand the solutions found in our ecosystem.

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In a blog post, Hay suggested that Backup and Restore could be made more easily available with this data recovery service. Comparing the two, he noted that the new service “is designed so that administrators or business users can restore large backups in just a few clicks, all within Salesforce, instead of waiting for weeks for a .csv file that takes days to reload. ” “

Backup and Restore enables customers to automate daily backups of standard items, custom items, and Salesforce files and attachments at launch. Customers can also restore backed up data to organizations and automatically delete old backups after set time intervals. They can also perform high-level audits of who is starting, updating, or performing backups. All data backups will be encrypted at rest and on the go. You can complete the Securities in Azure are most large online databases available, so a higher network bandwidth than in the following Securities is required only for incremental changes. Places called Anspruch in Anspruch. At this time, the securities continue to be used by the similar network, which has been set up for applications, which will be done in the local government center.

Azure Backup supports “Offlinesicherung”, which does not include offline access, without any network bandwidth and requests. There is already a mechanism for copying security data on physical storage devices. The devices will then be installed nearby and installed in a Recovery Services Treasury. By this precaution, a stable transfer of security data without the use of network bandwidth is secured.

This mode is used for the Microsoft Azure Recovery Services (MARS) agent in the Vorschautztützt version. If the Azure Data Box Option is used, the manipulation and manipulation is used by Microsoft-Geräte for Datenübertragung via USB-Connectors and Ihr Rechenzentrum or Remotebüro zu sen. The security data will be written directly on this device. Therefore, you also need to use no Azure-compatible databases and connectors or provide temporary storage as storage storage. Microsoft also takes over end-to-end transport logistics, which you can track through the Azure portal.

Data Backup And Recovery

This option is supported by Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS), System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) DPM-A and dem MARS-Agent. They use the Azure Import/Export service. You can transfer the initial backup data using your own Azure-compatible data carriers and Azure connectors. Diese Vorgehensweise requires the provision of a temporary memory, which is referred to as the storage area, as well as the use of existing service programs to format and copy the security data to the customer’s data center.

If you want to use offline mode with MABS or DPM-A, see Offline Workflow for DPM and Azure Backup Server for better information.

* Living in Ihrem Land/Ihrer Region with Azure-Rechenzentrum gibt, müssen Sie Ihre Datenträger ug Azure-Rechenzentrum sa einem anderen Land/einer anderen Region schicken. Backup and recovery have been an integral part of the world of IT and storage for decades. During this time, their importance gradually diminished and disappeared. Until recently, some people considered backup to be a small priority action that needed to be taken. Companies know they need backups, but want to focus on other areas such as application development, software as a service (SaaS), cloud, virtualization, and actions that drive real business value.

Data Backup And Recovery Services

This has changed over the past few years with the rise of ransomware and an alarming rise in data breaches. Often, companies held to ransom look at their backups to get them out of the financial hole, only to be disappointed. Backups are incomplete, completely lost, damaged, or backups are also infected with malware.

Cloud Backup Solutions For Small Business

It doesn’t take a lot of practice to insert a new tape cartridge every week, open the backup application to start the backup, let it run all night, then take the cartridge and put it in the closet or send it to a place out of place. . However, this is no longer the purpose of the backup.

This backup method is a) outdated and b) the reason many restores fail. Modern backup is more sophisticated. Those who master the requirements and complexity of it can do well in the company.

“Backing up and protecting data is under increasing scrutiny and becoming increasingly complex,” said Chris Cummings, vice president of marketing at FalconStor.

“IT professionals need to be protected 24/7 and ready to be returned to a safe point of recovery with minimal data loss at one time notice. It requires skills in computing, networking, storage and clouds, as well as market -leading backup software.

Salesforce Launches New Native Backup And Restore Option

In addition, Cummings added, there is a need to maintain fast systems and cloud operations at the right price. Those who manage backups should have knowledge of how to access snapshots consistently in the application, shut down the server, flush its RAM to disk before taking a snapshot, and monitor the amount of data in the cloud. . For some geographies and verticals, ribbon export and optimization is still an important skill.

“For a while we thought backup was easier, but it actually became more complicated because custom SLAs became commonplace,” Cummings said.

Greg Schulz, an analyst at StorageIO Group, emphasizes the fact that there is clearly increased awareness of the importance of data protection, including security, backup, disaster recovery (DR), archiving, cyber resilience and ransomware protection. . And there are loopholes in the market that can be taken advantage of by those with the right skills.

Data Backup And Recovery Services

Traditional backup managers manage end-to-end backups and list the location of tapes and files stored on deduplication devices. It’s time for backup administrators to get out of their backup silos. Maintaining an exclusive focus on traditional backup management can lead to two major challenges:

Hpe Backup And Recovery Service: Enhancing Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

“There is a huge need for workers who are multi-talented, multi-disciplined, flexible enough to know and be able to work across different platforms, technologies and data infrastructures and application sets,” Schulz said. .

“Modern security and recovery operations need to know the hardware and software, cloud and other services, servers, storage, network, applications and the business implications of their actions in order to be effective. Expanding your environments and exit outside of traditional backup / repair. ”

Data can be lost for many reasons, from equipment damage or failure to a simple accident or natural disaster to internal and external malicious actors and cybercrime.

As a result, IT professionals with backup skills hanging on to their tool belt are in high demand. But IT professionals looking to improve their backup skills should not only master the tried and true 3-2-1 backup strategy (three copies of the data stored in at least two types of media, with a copy stored in offline municipalities), we need to take things. to the next level.

Ibm Cloud Object Storage

“Sophisticated IT professionals who want to be distinguished from their peers need to be able to implement 3-2-1 options in a variety of ways, including how to integrate local disk and storage. cloud, network -attached storage, and cloud and tape disk, ”said JG Heithcock, Managing Director of Retrospect.

“You also need to know how to use WORM cloud storage with unalterable backups. While protection against and detection of ransomware is critical, a backup expert can restore and maintain continuing business after a successful ransomware attack will be king.

While recruiters review the resumes of potential employees, those looking for backup skills also want to know about data stability and the ability to recover from ransomware.

Data Backup And Recovery Services

“There is a need for backup and recovery professionals to be able to develop data resiliency strategies that enable organizations to quickly and comprehensively recover data after a cyber attack, and to constantly stress test these strategies. , “said Don Foster, Global Vice President of Sales Engineering. in CommVault.

Top Trends In The Backup And Recovery Job Market

Brent Skalicky, chief human resources officer at Arcserve, agreed. He reiterated that backup and recovery professionals today must have strong technical competence, a clear understanding of IT security standards, and be familiar with various

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