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WhatsApp is an instant messaging service created in 2009 and has been part of meta platforms (Facebook Inc. until 2021) since 2014. Users can exchange messages, photos, videos and voice data, as well as address information, documents and contact information between two people Or in groups on WhatsApp. Internet call can also be made on the app since spring of 2015. The California company WhatsApp Inc. Provides the latest mobile app program (app) called WhatsApp Messenger for many smartphones and operates the relevant servers. The service, which was ordered until the beginning of 2016 but is now free, is credited with converting more SMS.

The main competitors are Signal, Telegram and Threema. Especially since the names of Facebook (meta), the company is often criticized for lack of data protection.

Whatsapp For Pc Download Latest Version

Whatsapp For Pc Download Latest Version

The name is a play on words: WhatsApp sounds like “what?”

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WhatsApp started as a simple app that published status messages for all friends to read. The developers presented this app in a short service,

WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum has moved to Facebook’s board. Following the implementation in February 2014, data protection workers and data protection authorities are often cited in the media as recommending encrypted services instead of WhatsApp.

On November 18, 2014, WhatsApp partnered with Open Whisper Systems to provide end-to-end encryption based on the TextSecure Messenger protocol.

And is considered as the largest service in the history of the Internet. His rating has been disappointing since the company was acquired by Facebook (Meta). The main concerns that have arisen are those related to the business continuation of the use of personal data, security r privacy, r data privacy r users and quasi-monopoly of Facebook in the area of ​​discussion and r telephone communication (messaging).

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Some data protection authorities and experts recommend apps from European service providers. By default, WhatsApp sends all names and numbers of the user’s address books to servers in the US. It. – Includes all contacts that do not use the Service. Therefore, in 2014, the Dutch and Canadian authorities investigated the violations of data protection.

In September 2017, one of the green men, Brian Acton, announced that he was leaving the company. Through the charity foundation, which he contributed $ 50 million to, he supports the further development of Signal, another messaging service that is particularly important for secure encryption and business information.

One of the reasons for his face is found in the fact that now Facebook has decided to use WhatsApp for advertising in order to collect user data in this way.

Whatsapp For Pc Download Latest Version

To use WhatsApp, registration must be done after installation, indicating your mobile number. The mobile phone number, which is unique worldwide, is considered a function of your user ID and is therefore not freely selectable. According to an article on t-online. WhatsApp usually recognizes the name of a new user from the phone address book, read by default from other users, and the app also shows this shortly after typing your phone numbers.

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To complete the registration of the WhatsApp account, an activation code is usually transmitted via SMS and the mobile phone number is verified. If the WhatsApp server could not send the SMS, the activation code will be sent to the phone instead. You do not need to use the number of your mobile phone if you want to use WhatsApp from m. If you do not want to share your mobile phone number, you can use your landline number or a second mobile phone number.

In contrast to SMS, WhatsApp is not a separate service of the mobile phone, but uses internet access. The application belongs to the group of instant messaging programs. The app is based on Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) with extended membership, which, however, is limited to using WhatsApp’s own server.

Alternatively, an Android emulator can be used to use WhatsApp on a mobile phone. However, parallel operation with a smartphone and PC is not possible with this, because the account must be registered again.

Mobile number is also required for SMS registration. WhatsApp can also be used only on mobile phones with Firefox OS with specific websites that are not recognized by WhatsApp. Here, however, the user has to put up with some disadvantages.

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In addition to sending text and voice, it can transfer photos, contacts, video and audio files and communicate your own location, for example determined by GPS. Since March 2015, calls can be made through WhatsApp using an Android phone (voice over IP). This happens around 1.5 MB per minute.

In October 2017, WhatsApp made its own emojis available for Android, after previously using Apple images. The WhatsApp emojis have been followed by those from Apple to make it easier for users to change.

The website makes it possible to access existing articles and write new ones by using the internet on a PC / notebook. To do this, QR-Co must be scanned through a smartphone, which creates a connection between the WhatsApp server and the smartphone via Websocket. To use WhatsApp Web, the smartphone must be switched and connected to the Internet. Initially only Google Chrome browser is supported,

Whatsapp For Pc Download Latest Version

WhatsApp Web can be used by third parties to monitor all WhatsApp account communications in real time and spy on people without installing software for your mobile phone. In 2020, for example, it is known that the federal police has been using the program for many years.

Whatsapp For Windows Pc Free Download

In July 2021, the group announced the so-called “multi-vice beta”, which allows WhatsApp web to be used even if there is no smartphone nearby. Up to four devices can be connected to a WhatsApp account. Messages are constantly synchronized.

On May 10, 2016, WhatsApp released the sktop app for Windows 8 and later and OS X Mavericks (10.9). Similar to WhatsApp Web, the desktop app is an extension of the phone app and can be used with a mobile phone on which WhatsApp is installed after scanning the QR code. According to the WhatsApp web version, the desktop app must be installed before you start it and then provide all the functions. Among other things, desktop notifications and keyboard shortcuts have been added to improve the web interface.

In November 2016, after weeks of beta versions, Viotelephony was available for Android, iOS and Windows. This makes it possible to call. This can result in up to 6 MB of data per minute.

In January 2018, the WhatsApp Business app was released to communicate with small businesses and small businesses in the Playstore, starting in the US. US, UK, Italy, Mexico and Indonesia.

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On January 25, 2018, the beta test for Android users first started in Germany. At this time, the Android version of the business app has been released to the public in the Play Store.

On February 8, 2018, WhatsApp integrated a payment system that users can use to send and receive payments. To do this, it is necessary to make a deposit with the bank. This is for the first time only available to users in India.

In November 2015, it was reported that the WhatsApp client for Android had blocked links to the websites of telegram messengers – telegram.org, telegram.me and telegram.com – in the app and specifically prevented copying of links.

Whatsapp For Pc Download Latest Version

Since the beginning of November 2019, WhatsApp seems to have blocked all members of groups with specific names. After many investigations, it was found that the majority of r bans are due to the same thing: membership in WhatsApp groups with suspicious or malicious names. It does not seem to matter how many users the group has or who is responsible for the name. Attempts to contact WhatsApp about this have been ignored or get automatic responses with vague information. So members need to change their mobile number if they want to continue using WhatsApp. If necessary, you can restore your chat history from backup.

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On January 6, 2012, an unknown person published a website that made it possible to change the status of every WhatsApp user, as long as their phone number is known.

According to the hackers, only one of many security measures was used. On January 9, 2012, WhatsApp Inc. Reported that the affected website will be removed permanently, however, blocking the IP address of the website works only. In response, the hacker provides a downloadable windows application that bypasses the blocks. A few days later, on January 13, 2012, Apple removed WhatsApp from its app store for four days without a green light, pending the release of a new app version.

For Android, the user’s phone number and IMEI of his smartphone is enough, and for iOS the MAC address of the WLAN interface. The password for the WhatsApp account can be calculated from the data using plain text. A hacker has a website

On July 24, 2013, the Berlin security company Curesec disclosed a vulnerability that made it possible to obtain payment information for Google Wallet and PayPal in the payment process of the application discussion.

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On October 8, 2013, a hacker group calling the Palestinian hackers managed to check the DNS server so that it returned an incorrect IP address to the WhatsApp field (DNS spoofing).

Thijs Alkema, the main developer of the instant messenger Adium, expressed the view in October 2013 that the communication of messages should be considered weak and disruptive, because the weak algorithm RC4 with the same key in both communications, the same start. Vector and the same HMAC key.

All WhatsApp message history is stored on the smartphone in a file stored with Crypt. As a result, messages are now protected from unauthorized access by a temporary AES key. Since mid-2014, this is still the primary AES provided by WhatsApp and changes regularly. After this became public knowledge,

Whatsapp For Pc Download Latest Version

WhatsApp has also closed the gap and provided one for each device

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