Can Females Join The Navy Seals

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The US Navy has unveiled its first two women candidates for special operations positions that were not previously available to women, including one who could become the first Navy SEAL woman.

One of the candidates wants to become a special warfare staff, while the other wants to become an officer with the SEALs. None of the candidates were identified, as is usually the case with Special Forces members.

Can Females Join The Navy Seals

Can Females Join The Navy Seals

“These are the first candidates who have come this far in this process,” Special Naval War Command spokesman Lt. Commander Mark Walton told NPR.

Female Us Navy Seals Can Be Trained If Military Changes Policy, Says Academy

However, the two women still have a long way to go to achieve this. Both candidates undergo a notoriously rigorous preparation and selection process.

In fact, Military.Com, the first news site to report on the evolution, noted that women are facing one of the hardest selection processes in any military.

73 to 75 percent of SEAL candidates fail to achieve the reduction, with a special wear rate for boat operators of 63 percent. The wear rate for SEAL officers who wanted to be an intermediate woman was slightly lower, at 65 percent.

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July 22, 2022: The First Female Enlisted Into The Navy Seal Program

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Can Females Join The Navy Seals

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Navy Admiral: Women Should Be Allowed To Join Navy Seals

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Can Females Join The Navy Seals

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Two Women Could Enter Navy Special Operations Training This Year

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Us Navy Seals Plan To Accept Women After Female Soldiers Graduate As Rangers

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Can Females Join The Navy Seals

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Us Navy’s First Female Seal Officer Applicant Drops Out

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Can Females Join The Navy Seals

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First Woman Completes Navy Special Warfare Training

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The news comes 18 months after the Pentagon announced that women could apply for previously restricted ground combat and special operations.

The news site said there are a few more successful candidates. In January, a woman graduated from Army Ranger School and was to join the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Can Females Join The Navy Seals

However, no other female soldiers have been selected for other elements of the Army’s Special Operations program, and the Air Force and Marine Corps have not successfully graduated, although there are many candidates for special operations.

Are Women Capable Of Becoming Navy Seals?

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