Gcp Associate Cloud Engineer

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Hello everyone, welcome to another post of mine. Here I will share my experience and thoughts on how I managed to clear Google Cloud Certified : Associate Cloud Engineer in just 12 days of preparation.

My cloud journey started almost 2 years back in 2020. I entered this cloud world through AWS. I read other services, I tried to use them honestly, so that made my foundation or my foundation stronger. Then I attended workshops on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. I got a basic idea about all this, then I prepared and appeared for the Certified Aviatrix Engineer exam. This really helped me to work simultaneously on AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI (Oracle Cloud Infra.).

Gcp Associate Cloud Engineer

Gcp Associate Cloud Engineer

Then I tried Azure certificates and so far I have cleared about 8 certificates including some basic and complementary level. We are now preparing some tests at the professional level. So what I found is:

How I Prepared For Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

So last year in September-October 2021, one of my friends shared my link, after signing up I had to do some labs on #Qwiklabs. It would have been a 6 week program. I finished it in 2-3 weeks and waited a month or maybe two. I completely forgot about it.

Suddenly, on January 17, 2021, I received a message early in the morning that I am eligible to appear on GCP-ACE for free. The coupon was only available there. However, the limitation was that it was only valid for 14 days from the date the email was received.

I immediately started preparing for the exam on that day only. I was confused if I could do it within 14 days and at the same time I was very happy to find such an unexpected opportunity as $125 for free. So I signed up and started Udemy courses from Ranga Karanam, used them to familiarize myself with all GCP services, compute, storage, network, load balancers, containers, database, pub/sub, etc. from the GUI and Cloud Shell or SDK. I completed this 17 hour course in 6-7 days.

Then I signed up for another course from Ankit Mistry and completed it within the next 5-6 days. I used this course as a final exam review. I kept jotting down important points during my preparation. I’m sorry to say that I can’t share it just because of my bad handwriting.

How I Cracked Gcp Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Successfully Just In 12 Days …

Let me tell you that I didn’t take leave from my office and I didn’t study all night, in fact on the 22nd of January (Saturday) I had 2 back-to-back interviews at one of my dream companies, I showed up and passed that. . At the time, the #learntoearn Cloud Security Challenge was also going on, so I was practicing all the workshops there.

I finally had an exam at 08:00 at night. IST, the same day I completed the 2nd Udemy course and went through all my notes for a quick review. The test consisted of 50 questions in 2 hours. I finished in about an hour and a half. And today I got my certificate.

This is about my experience and tips and tricks for GCP-ACE. I am preparing a selective preparation kit for this Associate Cloud Engineer exam. It will be finished soon. Good reading. Thank you. A few months ago, we, four children, three of them young and one a bit older, came up with the idea to start our own business.

Gcp Associate Cloud Engineer

Note: Flashback! This is Fourcast’s first blog post, written shortly after the company was founded. Check out the rest of our blog to see the latest posts.

From Zero To Associate Cloud Engineer: A Complete Guide

How the hell did we even think of surviving in today’s business world, starting our own business with only 4 kids and a few years of experience?

You know, experience is a good thing, but it’s not everything. All companies have one thing in common: they started small but dreamed big. It’s no different for our company.

With all the new technology coming, creativity, innovation and enthusiasm are at least as important as experience if you have the right skills at home. We all left our comfortable, good jobs at multinational companies because we believed we could make a difference.

We immediately knew what we wanted to do: we wanted to transform all types of businesses by introducing them to a new, innovative way of working, using Google for Work solutions. But that’s not all, we also want to create our own innovative solutions to create a better world. We soon got together to discuss possible new solutions that we could implement around the world. More info on that soon on this blog 🙂

Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Study Course

First of all, when we think about business transformation, everyone thinks differently. Actually, it can have many different meanings, it’s just how you see it.

In our case, business transformation means enabling people to collaborate and communicate better, cloud and mobile solutions that work and enable a new work culture. Through unique change management methods we ensure that employee mindsets change, departmental silos and national boundaries disappear, and the entire company collaborates effectively to improve current products and services and even create new ones. between Associate Cloud Engineer and Google’s Digital Cloud Leader is that Associate Cloud Engineer is a hands-on certification that requires you to have a hands-on experience with Google Cloud’s core services.

Google Cloud has only one partner-level certificate. This is different compared to AWS with three and Azure with more than six partner certificates.

Gcp Associate Cloud Engineer

Having only one certification at the partner level means you are expected to know more information compared to an AWS Solutions Architect Associate.

Official Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide

However, an Associate Cloud Engineer is best suited for both role-based titles with close experience and entry-level jobs in the cloud industry.

Cloud Engineer is the most popular IT/DevOps role in the cloud industry. A Cloud Engineer is an entry-level role tasked with designing, implementing and maintaining cloud infrastructure.

This cloud role allows you to do a little bit of what you can do and from there you can continue your cloud career specifically in advanced roles like Solution Architect, DevOps Engineer, Data Engineer and more.

To get a role in the cloud, it is recommended that you hold a partner-level certification from a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) such as Google Cloud, and create your own cloud project to display in your portfolio.

Preparing For The Associate Cloud Engineer Exam

It is recommended that you complete the labs in your Google Cloud account to ensure you fully understand each concept. Cloud service providers often change their user interface and the experience may differ depending on the region where you want to run the services.

Practical tests are highly recommended after your course. ExamPro has complete free practice to help you study for the final exam.

CEO of ExamPro I was previously CTO of several startups. I am now AWS Obsessed. I love Star Trek and Coconut Wate I took the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer exam on August 22, 2020 (passed) and here are some pointers. I previously used Linux Academy to pass the AWS Associate Cloud Arch Exam and found Google Cloud to be disappointing, but still very useful. If you have other cloud experience like AWS, it made it easy to translate the experience to G-Cloud. However, it needs to be supplemented with experience (lab or real life) and learning. The Google docs are very well written and very easy to understand/follow.

Gcp Associate Cloud Engineer

The Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam is intended for Google Cloud Engineers with experience in application development, performance monitoring, and business solution management. Associate Cloud Engineers can use the Google Cloud Console and command line interface to perform various tasks to maintain one or more solutions deployed on the Google Cloud Platform.

Preparing For Your Associate Cloud Engineer Journey

Due to COVID-19, I took the test remotely. It is a good option if you want to do the test at home.

So there, you can search for the test and pay for it. You may think: Oh, it’s far, I get a chance to look at my notes and google, STOP there, before you start the test, a Google agent will contact you through the websessor page, ask you if you have any questions, I will ask you about your passport, I will ask you to open the camera to see and check that your location is free of interference.

Without a doubt, when we talk about exam preparation, the main thing is what should I study and what are the important topics. But before I share the important topics for Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam preparation, I would like to answer some questions you may have.

It is very important to prepare with important topics to clear the exam in the first attempt. So, according to my experience, here is a list of important topics, which you should understand well, to pass Google Cloud Certified Associate.

Get Google Cloud Certified At Next ’19: What You Need To Know

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