Galaxy Tablet Android Version

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Priced at € 223 or more, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is one of the most popular Android tablets of the year. Compared to its predecessor, it has faster processing, a new screen, four speakers and a new computer. However, some valuable features are missing. In this test you will learn everything you need to know about the Galaxy Tab A7.

While the front panels of the Galaxy Tab A tablets have a 10.1-inch display, the 2020 Galaxy Tab A7 offers a 10.4-inch TFT display. I’m not sure if this is an IPS panel, but the viewing angles are wide and the colors look good. It has a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels, so while it’s not as sharp as the Galaxy Tab S7, it’s very sharp.

Galaxy Tablet Android Version

Galaxy Tablet Android Version

All in all, I think it’s a very good screen for this price range. The quality is very similar to last year’s Galaxy Tab A 10.1 T510. However, if you place them side by side, you’ll notice that the new one is slightly larger.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1n P7501 Tablet (25,7 Cm Touchscreen, 3g, Wifi, 16 Gb Speicher, Android Betriebssystem) Pure White: Computer & Zubehör

I also fixed the screen with a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. This is a more expensive mid-range tablet with the S Pen, and also has a 10.4-inch screen. While it has similar resolution and sharpness, the S6 Lite is slightly lighter. For comparison, I also saw a blue light on the A7.

The surface is coated. And it has Videvine Level 1. That means you can watch Netflix and other streaming providers in HD. Most of the time this is not the case with games.

This pad is perfect for watching movies because it has four speakers – two on each shorter side. That’s great, as I complained about the lack of a true stereo split in the front. There, the two speakers were on the same side. But this time the voice was clear from both sides.

Compared to more expensive tablets such as the iPad Pro and Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, the bass isn’t as powerful and doesn’t sound very good. But it sounds good for a small floor.

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The Galaxy Tab A7 doesn’t support the S Pen, so I wouldn’t say if you want to take notes manually with the tablet. Yes, you can buy a hand-held stylus. And for little kids who want to paint for fun, that’s fine. But compared to strong pens, it’s really bad. If you enjoy writing or taking notes, you will be disappointed.

That’s not surprising since there are no tablets in this price range that support the powerful pen, so I wouldn’t object to Samsung. But I have often been asked which chapter I can recommend for the former. And the answer is: no. It’s the same here.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor that supports 3GB of RAM and 32GB or 64GB of internal storage. LTE is also an option.

Galaxy Tablet Android Version

I like that now we get 3GB of RAM, because a year ago such tablets only had 2GB. But I wish there were more storage options. I have the 32GB model because it is the only one in stock. And if you include a lot of games, it’s less in the long run. The 128GB version will be ideal for some, especially if you can’t transfer apps or games to microSD.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

On paper, it works well. In tests such as Geekbench 4 and 5, the performance was similar to the higher price of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. And it’s significantly faster than last year’s Galaxy Tab A 10.1. Graphics performance is also better in tests such as 3D Marking and the Geekbench 4 Compute test. For some reason, however, it doesn’t work well on the Geekbench 5 Compute test.

I also wanted to show the video in Adobe Premiere Rush, but I still had an error. I don’t know why.

Well, the world is doing really well for this price range. You can play PUBG Mobile with balanced graphics, and it works well. However, HD graphics cannot be selected, which is a shame. But it was nice that I was able to quietly play Call Of Duty with the highest graphics settings.

Other games such as Mortal Kombat, Car X Highway and Badland Brawl also work well. After all, you can play almost any game. Not always with good graphics, but most should work.

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Most, but not all. I tried installing Fortnite and it worked, even though it says the tool is not supported. Fortnite’s performance is almost as acceptable when the graphics are set to “Medium” with the best quality and minimal graphics. However, I was not able to finish the round because he fell so early. And on bad days the FPS is only 1.

That’s not really surprising, since Fortnite is definitely an application. I was amazed it all worked. It cannot be installed on most small shelves. And sometimes it runs for a long time – but because it often breaks down, it’s not fun.

Common apps like Google Chrome, Netflix, Gmail, Microsoft Office, YouTube, and Samsung Notes work well. Ideal for office work and web surfing. Of course, it’s not good with financial instruments. But it’s too fast – especially for the price.

Galaxy Tablet Android Version

It can also be done many times easier. This allows me to open YouTube on one side and Chrome on the other, and it’s mostly smooth. You can open a third party app as a popup. And if you don’t use the most complex applications, that’s fine too. It is not possible to do many, because the Samsung DeX desktop mode is not supported.

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I think the design of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 looks beautiful. The display bezels are thin, black, mostly metal, only 7mm thick. It weighs 476g and Samsung offers gray, silver and gold.

Not everything is metal. A plastic cover for the antennas. And for some reason a cutting edge for a wire harness doesn’t look good. But other than that, it looks like his competitors are more expensive.

It includes a power button, audio control, phone speaker and a microSD card slot. I was not able to install the apps on the microSD, but other files can be stored there. There is a USB C port between the two of the four speakers. It has a USB 2.0 port, so you can connect multiple devices and hard drives. However, external displays are not supported.

At the back, the floor has an 8-megapixel camera that can take photos and videos directly. It doesn’t matter, but it’s great. I like the front 5 megapixel camera. Good quality. However, I like that the camera is placed in the middle, not on the side like other tablets. This is more suitable for video chat.

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If you want, you can also unlock the A card using a webcam using a face mask. It works well in good light, but it doesn’t work in the dark. And while there are no deeper pockets, facial recognition isn’t very good. But since it doesn’t have a fingerprint reader, this is the only way to unlock it without a PIN or password. To turn on the screen, just double-tap. It works well with a facial expression.

The Galaxy Tab A7 runs Android 10 out of the box and OneUI version 2.5. In the past, the Galaxy Tab A tablets have received two major updates. If Samsung changes that, Android 11 and 12 will have to be available in the near future. But I’m not talking about Samsung I can’t swear by anything.

With OneUI, the interface is customized to vanilla Android. But I like it because it doesn’t feel as lonely as it used to. In fact, the screen looks good and runs smoothly. And most of the time, Samsung’s sleek features are pretty effective.

Galaxy Tablet Android Version

It is necessary, for example, to open applications in windows that can be simply scrolled. Even without a stylus, Samsung Notes is a good note -taking app that works well here. It’s also interesting that you can search Netflix and Spotify by searching OneUI.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Test: Lohnt Es Sich?

However, some features of Samsung’s premium devices are missing. There’s no Samsung DeX desktop mode, no air control for the S Pen, no port you can pull from a side like the S7 Tab.

If you stream an HD video on YouTube in high brightness, the battery will last 7.5 hours. If the HD video is streaming locally at audio brightness in infinite frequency, the frame will last up to 11.5 hours.

So that’s the end of my Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 review. Can I recommend it? Yes, of course they can.I think the price-to-performance ratio of the Galaxy Tab A7 is pretty good, just like last year. Yes, it’s not perfect, it has many advanced features such as a fingerprint reader, Samsung DeX and power keyboard. But for only 223 euros

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