Marin Private High Schools

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The time has come for educational matters. Here’s one thing we can make easy for you – here are some of the best Marin schools to choose from.

Brandeis Marin is committed to the well-being of our entire community, and we are ready to support every student on their learning journey—now and in the future. Brandeis Marin is recognized as a forward-thinking center for educational innovation. We use the timeless values ​​of Jewish tradition to deliver high-quality learning in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the humanities with a social purpose. Our students are confident leaders and happy learners, ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow with open minds and brave hearts. If you are looking for a motivating K-8 education for your child and a caring partnership for your entire family, check out Brandeis Marin today.

Marin Private High Schools

Marin Private High Schools

Headlands Preparatory School, formerly known as Tilden Marin Preparatory School, is a small innovative WASC accredited middle and high school located in Sausalito, CA. Headlands Prep first opened its doors in 2017 as a branch of Tilden Prep, celebrating student success for over 15 years. We teach the way students learn, ensuring they master the material to a B or above. Students experience real success in their courses and more confidence in future learning.

Top 10 Best Private Schools In Marin County (2022)

Explore the full range of over 150 UC-accredited courses, including 34 AP and 26 Honors. Call today to schedule a tour or consultation!

Lycée Français de San Francisco (LFSF) is an international independent school with the largest American French program in Northern California. Our goal at LFSF is to inspire future generations to make a positive and impactful contribution to our world through lifelong multilingual and multicultural education. Last year, during the pandemic, LFSF was the first language school to safely reopen campuses to students while continuing to teach those who chose to stay at home. To learn more about enrolling in LFSF, contact Read more at #LFSFJadore

Marin Catholic’s student body consists of 800 young men and women. We are committed to small class sizes that create an intimate learning environment and provide a strong teacher-student relationship in a college preparatory curriculum. Marin Catholic is one of the premier colleges in California. In keeping with gospel values, we are committed to educating the whole person and instilling in our students a faith that will enable them to live fulfilled lives as knowledgeable and compassionate people and to participate in learning as a lifelong process. Students come from a wide range of social, religious and economic backgrounds. We’re not just talking about making a difference – our students are making a difference. Experience is what sets us apart. Experience Marin Catholic. Faith. Knowledge. Services. It’s more than a mission, it’s a way of life.

Once the best kept secret in Marin… Marin Horizon is now Marin’s Best! We are honored to have been voted the best kindergarten by Marin magazine. Our 8th grade program includes:

Awarded Best Marin Private School

Marin Horizon is an independent coeducational day school located in a residential neighborhood in Mill Valley, just 15 minutes from San Francisco.

At Mark Day School, we know all our students intimately and are therefore well equipped to guide them as they learn and grow. Because every student learns face-to-face every day, our interdisciplinary curriculum is challenging and engaging, preparing students for success in the current century. Considerable thought, preparation and research goes into developing our curriculum; in the classroom, projects, units, and lessons often combine reading and writing with skills, so students simultaneously practice and build on what they are learning. Students who graduate from Mark Day School are well prepared with the tools and experiences they need to forge their own path and succeed in whatever life and career choice they make.

At Mark Day School, we believe that diversity in its many dimensions is essential to a quality education. Simply put, diversity makes us better thinkers, better collaborators and better members of society. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) extends from our decade-long international partnership to the Index Scholarship program to help as many families as possible afford education.

Marin Private High Schools

At Marin Elementary and Middle School, we believe that deep connections—between students, teachers, and ideas—help children discover themselves and transcend boundaries in school and in life. Every day, we strengthen these connections so that our students can face new ideas and challenges, pursue their goals with hope and confidence, and apply all that they have learned in the world they will inherit.

Best Private Schools In Mill Valley, Ca (2022)

From kindergarten through eighth grade, we engage children in a positive academic environment that embraces growth and respects the learning journey. Each step of development is a building block to ensure future success in and out of the classroom. You will love who your child becomes at Marin Elementary and Middle School. Come visit us or learn more at

Saint Hilary’s School takes a whole-child approach to education that combines a curriculum with 21st century values ​​that prepares our graduates for success in high school and in life. This approach prepares students for academic success with an innovative curriculum taught in a faith-filled community that fosters empathy, compassion and trust. Our academic program is challenging and interesting. We provide our students with the best opportunities to engage in learning through inquiry methods, hands-on projects and interactive presentations. St. Hilary’s has experienced, fully credentialed and advanced faculty, including advanced maths, science and Spanish specialists. We are confident that Saint Hilary School offers the welcoming and inclusive community you are looking for for your child and family. Contact us to find out what makes Saint Hilary School unique.

Our learning environment features an innovative curriculum that supports engaged students and encourages students to work at their best. Our school community fosters a passion for learning and inspires students to be critical thinkers who lead with compassion. We believe that partnering with parents helps our teachers inspire our children to develop their unique talents and gifts with the confidence that will prepare them for success in high school. We invite you to visit St. Patrick to learn about our programs and hear about how we work with the parent community to educate the whole child. Together we help our children grow into STAR students.

Salesian draws students from more than 39 Bay Area communities to its 21-acre campus on the San Pablo/Richmond border and to its extensive transportation program. Located less than 5 miles from Point Richmond and easily accessible from Marin County. A Salesian believes that understanding the past is essential to our ability to live in the present and create a stronger future. We strive to provide our students with a comprehensive window into the past by connecting important historical issues with current events. We examine our collective and individual experiences. Salesian has the pleasure and opportunity to teach a diverse, ethnic, ideological and intellectual student body. The Salesian gives them the opportunity to think more seriously about the world environment and encourages them to build a more just society.

Top 5 Best Private High Schools In Marin County (2022)

At the Town School, boys receive an education that is tailored just for them. They discover new aspects of their identity, develop lasting relationships, and are continually given opportunities to lead, learn, and grow through fostering a loving and joyful community. We offer an excellent educational program based on strong academics that enables each student to reach and fulfill their potential. We purposefully design events that help boys create a broader personal definition of youth and manhood. Our hallways are filled with laughter, expressions of intimacy, acts of kindness, and inquisitive and thoughtful minds. At Urban, we encourage our students to approach their studies with joy, respect, integrity, curiosity and a sense of belonging.

Founded in 1850, San Domenico’s mission includes a commitment to realizing what it means to be part of a global community and to respond with integrity to the needs of the times. Ranked among the top 4% of college preparatory programs in the United States, SD redefines the criteria for success and graduates students with a desire to create a better world. Academic rigor is balanced by a strong social-emotional curriculum and a supportive culture that also encourages students to explore SD’s unique STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), LEAF (Leadership, Environment, Advocacy, Mindfulness) and Social. the right program. Our dedicated faculty and staff encourage all students, grades K-12, to ask big questions, explore their own values, and work together to foster a more inclusive and sustainable community and world. San Domenico offers day and boarding options for local, regional and international students.

San Francisco School for Girls is a new all-girls high school located in the Inner Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco, just 30 minutes from Central Marin County. We are excited to open our doors in August 2021 with the class of 2025! Our creativity

Marin Private High Schools

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