Forex Day Trading Strategy

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Day trading is probably one of the most lucrative types of strategy among traders, especially beginners. I’m not sure what it is, but day trading has enough appeal to make people think it’s great.

At one end of the spectrum are scalpers. Me, they are the ones who will only hold positions for a few minutes, even within a one minute candle. On the other hand there are swing and position traders, they are the ones who will hold positions for days and even months. In between are the day traders who hold positions for a few minutes to hours, but never more than one day. Everyone is great, everyone is profitable, everyone has their pros and cons.

Forex Day Trading Strategy

Forex Day Trading Strategy

There are many advantages and disadvantages among all, but I think the two most important considerations are predictability and spread or burden.

Top 8 Forex Trading Strategies And Their Pros And Cons

In terms of predictability, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Scalpers who live on tiny charts have the advantage of being able to sense the market as it moves at tick levels, observing how the market reacts to each minute price point. The less time you have to establish your position in the market, the less time it can be affected by unforeseen events and market movements that could affect your business. However, the 1-minute chart is prone to market noise, not because of events within the holding period, but because of the impact of large trades on every minute candle. A 100-lot transaction will have a stronger impact on a minute candle than a daily candle where swing traders live. However, the longer the position is held, the longer it is exposed to unforeseen events that could change market sentiment. More original press releases can take place over a period of three days to a few weeks compared to a few minutes. It is up to the trader to find his preferred position on this spectrum.

Then, the spread or fee. Scalpers and swing traders pay the same standard fee for the same position size, whether in the form of spreads or commissions. The difference is how many pipes they get in terms of spread or commission. Suppose that for the position to explode, the price should move 1.5 pips for the trading configuration direction. Swing traders will get 1.5 pips of peanuts higher than their target, but for scalpers 1.5 pips may be the difference between win and loss. This is because the price can only move so much at a certain time. The longer the position remains open, the higher the price can move. So, let’s turn it over to the swing dealer.

But swing traders are also plagued by fees that scalpers and day traders don’t always have to worry about – exchanging fees. These are the fees you pay for staying in position overnight. The longer you hold the position, the higher the exchange gain or loss. But for the most part it’s for a loss because banks are also betting on exchange fees in huge hidden spreads.

Considering these pros and cons, we could argue that staying in the middle could be a good choice. We enjoy predictability with less noise, and more cost for spreadsheets and commissions, with no exchange fees.

A Simple Day Trading Forex Strategy

There are many different ways for day trading. They can mean trade upheavals, breaks, bounce back support and resistance and so on. whichever you prefer. But I think one of the best ways for day trading would be to trade retreats on a trend market or booms. Thus, traders cannot chase the price and enter a bearish market, the phase before the rapid expansion from which traders gain.

Pullbacks are quiet moments during a trend market when the price reverses slightly for a short time before resuming a trend direction. Entering this phase, we were able to enter the market up or down at a good price and logical entry with low probability. This market reversal trend on currency pair is very common intraday. It is highly unlikely that you will not find at least one currency pair trending in the day, and it is highly unlikely that a trend currency pair will not have a withdrawal that we can take advantage of.

This daily trading strategy will be expressed around the 20-exponential moving average (EMA), the moving average used for this purpose, which is commonly used on these retreats to a specific area in which the market enters. What we are looking for is a market that has just started a trend or is currently in store. Then, we will wait for a retreat to the area of ​​the 20 EMA. As soon as the price reaches 20 EMA, the price should suspend the price around this area and resume the trend direction.

Forex Day Trading Strategy

We will use another moving average, the 8-period Simple Moving Average (SMA), to identify that the price will already resume the trend direction. We will look for the price to move above the 8 SMA in the direction of the trend and close above it. Then we enter the trade in the direction of the trend.

Mini Pullback Day Trading Forex Trading Strategie

We will also target the swing points before the retreat. This is because swing highs and lows are a natural support and resistance where the price could be reversed.

This trading arrangement was the first withdrawal from a breakdown of a contracted market position. Profit at the high swing was easy to reach within 25 minutes, with little resistance from the bears. However, when the price reached the target, the price retreated to another feature that would have been profitable, plus some.

This sample trade is the second lack of bearish market investment. The first retreat was a long bearish pen-rod candlestick print somewhat rusty. It could be traded, but the reward-to-risk ratio would be negative. In the sample setting, the retreat was nice and stable, allowing us a controlled rebound below the 20 EMA, giving us a better reward-to-risk ratio. The business setup had a profitable time of 15 minutes and would extend it even further.

This is a common strategy used by many day traders. Traders often trade in trending market conditions jumping from the 20 EMA. The difference with this strategy is that we have an trigger 8 SMA on which we base our decision on whether it is time to enter the market or not. This allows for further confirmation.

Min Day Trader Forex Trading Strategia

However, we should avoid trades with low reward ratios that leave little room for the price to move due to either a flat swing high or low target, a strong retreat above the 20 EMA, or a strong rebound.

The Mini Pullback Day Trading forex trading strategy gives the opportunity to observe various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics that are invisible to the naked eye.

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Forex Day Trading Strategy

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A forex trading strategy defines a system that a forex trader uses to determine when to buy or sell a currency pair. There are various forex strategies that traders can use including technical analysis or fundamental analysis. A good forex trading strategy allows a trader to analyze the market and perform the trade confidently with sound risk management techniques.

Forex Day Trading Strategy

Forex strategies can be divided into a specific organizational structure that can help traders find the most applicable strategy. The diagram below shows how each strategy fits into the overall structure and relationship between forex strategies.

Forex Trading Intraday Strategies That Work

Creating a trading strategy that works for you in forex trading requires combining a number of factors. There are countless strategies that can be followed, however, it is necessary to understand and be comfortable with the strategy. Every marketer has unique goals and resources that need to be considered

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