Pilot Flying J Fuel Prices

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Now, who wants fuel prices to stay high, let’s see what I can find – Image: Jim Allen | Free waves

On April 26 and 27, the Surface Transportation Board (STB) held a hearing on “urgent matters in freight rail services,” and the official record captured what some would consider hand-wringing.

Pilot Flying J Fuel Prices

Pilot Flying J Fuel Prices

Pilot CEO Shameek Konar, the fourth person to hold the position, made the announcement that is making rounds at the truck driver level. And I quote, “Union Pacific is asking us to reduce shipping by 26%. Yes, you heard that right, that’s at the 2:45 mark of the transcript.

Pilot Flying J

One of the “Big 3” at the truck stops (pilot / flying J, ta / petro and love) was told to reduce shipments? And what’s worse, the company is said to have further reduced the shipment by up to 50%.

Not only diesel is affected. Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is also transported by rail (about 21,500 gallons per carload). You can calculate how much money each can be worth. Pilot sells about 1/3 of the DEF and over 20% of the diesel trucks on the road.

If someone forces a big player to cut part of the supply chain by that amount, it could lead to a shortage of space, as we saw in Arizona last November. Using the pilot’s testimony of an average fill of 7 gallons, one railcar has enough load for over 3,000 tracks. This affects about five million road miles, from just one car load. All truck engines manufactured after 2010 must have a DEF system installed. And I will say that running out of DEF is much worse than running out of diesel.

So what did the pilot do when it came to reducing rail transportation in the Union Pacific system? Well, if the guy who owns about 1/3 of your stock also owns the train, it’s not too hard to calculate. Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha himself, owns 38.6% of Pilot Company and plans to buy more in 2023. He also owns Burlington North Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF), which he purchased in February 2010. So call. hauling more of the fuel you own could be considered pointless.

Ceo Of Pilot & Flying J Exposes The Truth To Why Diesel Prices Are High At Truck Stops Full Video

So why did Union Pacific go on this little tirade? Who knows? I own one part of Reynolds Consumer Products, but I don’t want to use Reynolds Wrap to make tin hats. Some say investors with large stakes in Union Pacific want to push their electric vehicle programs. You can research it yourself. My days of fighting “super-villains” are behind me.

Rooster is a 15-year tracking veteran, country boy, writer and adventurer. I offer a mixture of absolute chaos and down-to-earth reasoning. He is known to be a bit eccentric and needs to get his point across. Beware of flying “giga-chugs” and lab coats !!! Trying to redefine the idea of ​​efficiency to support synthetic fuels is simply a smokescreen to hide the truth: that BEVs are much more efficient.

In October 2020, consultancy Frontier Economics published a study that purports to be a “comprehensive efficiency analysis” of the climate policy debate in the road transport industry, which has caused some confusion.

Pilot Flying J Fuel Prices

This is not a discussion of abstract technical jargon. Instead, it boils down to the debate over whether synthetic liquid fuel based on renewable electricity (power-to-liquid or PTL) is a sensible option compared to battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

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The assessment of this issue is of great importance in the context of political decisions, e.g. Regulation on CO2 limit values ​​for passenger cars.

The study compares two cases. One of them is a battery electric vehicle powered by renewable electricity produced in Germany. The other is an internal combustion engine vehicle using PtL fuel produced in third countries.

The study comes to the surprising conclusion that the efficiency of green electricity use in BEVs is not 70% as found in other studies, but is only 13% to 16% based on the “comprehensive analysis” developed by the study. And so on similar to PtL powered internal combustion cars which is between 10% and 13% depending on the scenario.

In a technical context, the efficiency of a machine or process is the ratio of output to input. In current vehicles powered by renewable electricity, this is expressed as the ratio of the drive’s work at the wheel to travel a certain distance (taking into account on-board energy users such as heating and cooling) to the input. Initially delivered energy.

Is Rail Causing Fuel To Be High?

Solar and wind energy is used in the form of electricity. Thus, the input energy here is the amount of renewable electricity to be produced initially.

This is where research comes in. This highlights the well-known fact that in some parts of the world the intensity of solar radiation or wind is greater than here.

The study indicates that solar plant capacity utilization in North Africa, expressed in equivalent full-time hours, is more than 2,300 hours per year, while in Germany it is less than 1,000 hours. Wind turbines in specific wind-rich areas such as Patagonia operate for more than 4,700 hours, compared to just over 2,000 hours in Germany on land or nearly 3,400 hours offshore.

Pilot Flying J Fuel Prices

However, there is also a downside: due to the great distance, this electrical energy can only be used by converting it into chemical energy carriers and transporting it here, which requires a huge number of processes and energy conversion steps.

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It is reasonable to compare this form of energy supply with the direct use of domestically produced renewable electricity, and several studies have done so. But the idea of ​​efficiency does not make sense to take into account the locally varying amount of available energy.

But this is exactly the basis of the method developed in the study, which is based on the requirement for the energy comparison of the two alternatives.

As mentioned, the same wind turbine in advantageous locations in Patagonia will produce more electricity than in Germany, not because it is more efficient, but because there is more wind in those locations. It is a common idea to describe a situation called the capacity factor, which is determined by the ratio of the above mentioned full-time hours to the total number of 8,760 hours per year.

Power factor is a feature of the space, not of the wind turbine, and has no place in the definition of efficiency, nor for solar cells.

Chief Executive Officer Of Pilot & Flying J Finally Explains The True Reasons Why Fuel Prices Rise

The PtL energy supply path is obviously subject to much higher energy losses than the direct use of electricity from renewable energy sources in battery vehicles, and this is not disputed in the study (although much more can be said about the choice of individual parameters in the calculation). To dispute this fact by redefining the idea of ​​efficiency is Orwellian news in the energy debate and makes no sense.

Issues of long-term economic viability of PtL fuel production, potential quantities and sustainability criteria are largely left out of the study. The high demand for primary energy in PtL production further increases the pressure to expand renewable electricity generation, which is also needed in other regions of the world.

In addition, renewable energy power plants also consume resources. Therefore, achieving the highest possible efficiency in the use of this electricity remains extremely important and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. The PtL pathway should be retained only for applications for which there are no alternatives according to current knowledge, particularly in long-haul aviation.

Pilot Flying J Fuel Prices

In summary, the efficiency of the two energy pathways in road transport is not comparable, as claimed in the study. Direct use of electricity in electric vehicles is still a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution. Earn points faster, save ore and enjoy the convenience of ore on the road! Mining ore is easy in the yRewards Plus™ app.

Berkshire Backed Pilot Seeks $3.5 Billion Loan To Pay Haslams

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