Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program

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. Although this tradition was born in the 18th century in Camp de Tarragona, in southern Catalonia, the most important elements are so linked to fundamental transversal values ​​that we can find today.

(team) of Viladecans, a small town near Barcelona, ​​is a real start-up in the human tourism landscape. It was founded in 2012 and today has almost 100 members. I recently collaborated with her on a business activity and was amazed by her performance. Which technique of the

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program

Can it be applied to the business environment? We discuss this with David Hernandez and Joan Sanchez, members of the management team at

About Ud’s Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program

It means being part of the same family. Of course, every member of the team, regardless of gender, age, role in the construction process of the human tower, origin, culture, religion or political opinion, is a

Which maintain an excellent balance to maintain the whole structure. What we call the canalla are our youngest members, our children. Brave and fast girls and boys who crown us

(team leader) who in both trials and events is primarily responsible for the technical aspect of building human towers. However, quite often the

Make sure everyone, from those who build the base of the tower to the boys who climb to the top, are in the right and safe position. The foreman also makes sure that the

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It is built at the right pace. Therefore, the leader gets off the ground because it is the only way to have a full perspective.

Folle! At the beginning of the season, our technical manager sets our goals, which are the most refined towers we plan to build that year. These will be our “product” and will be shared among everyone

Members so that we all have our common goal. But before this final product is delivered, we will iterate through the various

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program

Rallies of the season. We will start with simple towers at the beginning of the season and in the course of it we will evolve to more complex structures that will be our end product.

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program

There is no strictly predetermined plan for how evolution should be done. Evolution will be defined by continuous learning and the personal contribution of each member of the

) to take each of them to the next level. They do it test after test, event after event. While the features are different for each cluster, people can switch between clusters according to their capabilities to improve both individually and as a team. We all fight for a common goal, but people always come first. People do the

. But as the session progresses, we see how the participants fight together to overcome what they considered “impossible”. This is where collaboration, teamwork, solidarity and mutual trust flourish. They need each other to build a tower, and complicity is the key. We are all very happy when we see that our participants celebrate the many achievements in the activity. When they build a tower, even the simplest, it is a milestone that creates a very strong bond between them. This is a very positive learning that they bring back into their daily lives and that makes them grow as a team.

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