Commercial Property Management Accounting Software

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Commercial Property Management Accounting Software

Commercial Property Management Accounting Software

As a property manager, you must master several tasks, including advertising real estate, leasing, gathering accurate tenant information, and complying with national, state, and local laws. Managing your property without a property management tool can be daunting.

Top Property Management Software

Property management software helps property managers streamline their rental operations, from listing their property on leading websites, capturing potential leads, to signing a lease. This software can help you attract, select and manage tenants, as well as meet their maintenance needs and account for all related costs and revenues.

The software also helps you customize rental or application forms. You can add additional clauses as well as basic details, such as name, rent amount, and address.

Avail is cloud-based real estate management software designed for independent landlords to find, screen and nurture tenants. It lists your property on popular rental websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Walkscore and You can quickly manage leads from these rental listings by responding to potential customers, coordinating in person, and holding virtual meetings. You can share your inventory on social media platforms like Facebook to increase your reach.

Complete a tenant and background check through TransUnion. Thanks to its customizable online rental applications, receive detailed information about potential tenants in order to make the right choice.

Property Management Accounting Software

Avail provides state-specific, attorney-reviewed rental agreement templates, including all necessary disclosures and attachments. Modifications, such as the addition of custom clauses, can be made online to prepare the final agreement. It also has an option to get digital signatures from tenants.

Avail’s online rent collection feature allows landlords to collect rent payments through direct online deposits. You can also track and report payments and send automatic reminder emails and payment receipts.

Avail offers phone, live chat and email support. It is a web-based tool and also has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Commercial Property Management Accounting Software

Buildium is a cloud-based property management software that enables residential and non-profit property managers to administer rental leases, rent applications, tenant screening, online rent payments, vacancy management, maintenance cycles and accounting .

The 10 Best Commercial Property Management Software Of 2022

Buildium lets you post personal property listings to popular sites like Zillow, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Zumper. You can add unit details, property-specific information, and amenity attributes to each of your property listings.

Buildium’s property management software helps create rental apps with customized sections that meet your needs. The software dashboard reflects the status of the program and allows you to add or modify it manually.

The tenant selection feature is powered by TransUnion. You can request a tenant background check to see a full credit, criminal and eviction history. Once you accept or reject an applicant, an automatic notification is sent to them with further instructions.

Buildium software allows residents, owners or employees to submit work orders or maintenance tasks and receive timely updates on laptops, phones or desktop computers. The property management accounting system integrates with maintenance tracking. Supplier invoices and costs can be monitored and paid online, eliminating the need for manual record keeping.

Property Management Software

Entrata is cloud-based property management software integrated with property management, marketing and leasing features. Its comprehensive marketing suite enables you to list your property on the best websites to attract leads. It provides real-time lead insights to improve your ad visibility.

Entrata’s rental suite offers specific tools to generate rental agreements tailored to your needs. Lease documents can be sent directly to your tenants for electronic signature. Its accounting function manages all your registers, statements and payments on one platform.

Entrata’s ResidentVerify module works in conjunction with the rental process. It combines candidate data, selected submissions and offers comprehensive reports. You can choose from a number of screening options depending on your needs. Its filtering options include instant national, state and national criminal history, line of business and credit applicant scoring, criminal category classification, nationwide deportation coverage, manual court searches and unique risk scoring.

Commercial Property Management Accounting Software

Eventee offers phone and email support. The tool is web-based and also has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Best Commercial Property Management Software Of 2022

Hemlane is a cloud-based property management system that facilitates rental advertising, applicant screening, leasing, rent payments and maintenance. This property management tool helps you advertise your property on rental websites and track potential leads.

Hemlane tracks and responds to potential leads after screening to help you make an informed decision. It keeps your property front and center by sending personalized emails and detailed descriptions to prospects and candidates. Hemlane allows you to add approved agents to display your rental properties, making it a quick tool.

This property management solution gives you access to a comprehensive credit report, criminal data and eviction history across the country, to help you find the most qualified tenants. This eliminates the risk of having an unsuitable tenant.

Hemlane sends alerts and informs users of their lease renewal dates. For specific property and tenant records, an online repository is also available. It also simplifies rent collection and financial tracking with instant bank verification and automated late fees. You can enable regular rent inquiries and payment reminders. This helps control payments and avoid evictions.

Best Property Management Accounting Software For 2022

Hemlane is a web tool, optimized for use also in mobile web browsers. You can connect with experts via live chat, call or email.

Innago is free, cloud-based software designed to help property managers and landlords collect rent payments, sign leases, and screen tenants online. It comes with no setup or monthly fees. However, fees apply when payments are made online or when conducting tenant background checks.

Innago allows direct rent debits from the tenant’s account to ensure timely payments. It notifies tenants and sends reminder emails before rent is due, when it is due and in case of late payment. Property management software sends updates on on-time payments, late fees, and recurring payments. It generates exportable cash reports for your referrals.

Commercial Property Management Accounting Software

This software allows you to customize rental contracts according to your needs and to launch online signing of the lease. It comes with a built-in app builder to create custom application forms for your website or social media platforms to invite applications from tenants.

Free Property Management Software

Innago gives you full access to criminal history, credit and deportation data for applicants. It creates instant reports for you to analyze and decide if your potential tenant is a good fit or not.

Innago offers call, chat and email support. The tool is web-based and is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Rentec Direct is a comprehensive property management software with accounting, operations, leasing and management, and reporting functionality for property managers, landlords and property managers.

This property management software provides a free professional website optimized for desktop and mobile to promote your property. It includes customizable pages to list your vacant property and invite applications from potential tenants.

Property Management Software For Commercial Real Estate Management

Rentec Direct integrates with HelloSign to create rental agreements with personalized clauses and send them to your tenants for electronic signature. Its work order management system receives property maintenance requests from tenants, tracks work orders, and maintains a record for reference and approval.

Rentec Direct comes with universal accounting software that allows you to review, edit and print records for each property and each tenant. It creates automatic double and triple entry accounting records, eliminating manual errors and saving you time. It gives you access to comprehensive downloadable financial reports for property portfolios and relevant data for record keeping.

Rentec Direct saves you time dealing with unqualified tenants by initiating strong and reliable credit reports through TransUnion, national criminal reports and eviction reports. It even guarantees a 100% refund if there is an error in the report.

Commercial Property Management Accounting Software

Rentec Direct offers chat and email support. The tool is web-based and also has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Best Commercial Property Management Software

Rent Manager is property management software designed for residential and commercial real estate properties with portfolios of all sizes. It offers a full suite of features for accounting and reporting, marketing and leasing, business operations, maintenance and software customization.

Rent Manager lets you upload your listings to industry-leading websites and invite tenant applications online. You can customize your application templates and integrate them into your ad to quickly convert potential customers into tenants.

Rent Manager’s signable papers feature allows you to easily create leases and electronic documents that can be signed. Prospective tenants, and landlords can access and sign existing letter templates or PDFs through their online portal accounts by adding signable fields.

Rent Manager tenant checks can reveal potential credit difficulties, such as late payments or accruals.

Commercial Property Management

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