Antivirus Software For Pc Price

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For many things you may use in life, antivirus software shouldn’t exactly break the bank. Well, we have already tried AVG antivirus software, but now we want to know how much it costs, if we can try it for free and if we can get our money back after paying. We did some research and this is exactly what we found.

Many people do not want to pay for antivirus software, and according to our list of the best antivirus software, this is a unique opportunity, and AVG has decided. They offer free antivirus software for iPhones, Macs and Androids, and although they don’t cover everything, for example detecting ransomware, fake websites, and phishing, they are welcome!

Antivirus Software For Pc Price

Antivirus Software For Pc Price

You can purchase the software on its own or bundle it with other AVG services. Let’s start with the virus pack only.

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As we said, you can try the AVG antivirus program for free, but if you want the whole enchilada, which we tested in our AVG review, choose the online package. It will cost $39.99 in the first year, while the price will go up in the coming years, it is not clear by how much. Compared to other antivirus programs, this price is very high, as we have seen a low price of $ 2.50 per month compared to $ 3.33, which AVG’s annual registration lowers. However, since there is a free option, AVG won’t break the bank.

If you’re like us, antivirus protection on one device won’t cut it, but you may need more than what your Internet plan offers. Meet AVG Ultimate, which combines virus protection for 10 devices with something called TuneUp and a VPN, which you can read more about below. AVG Ultimate is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices; here is its price, which if you have 10 devices, drops to one dollar per device per month, very cheap compared to competitors.

Pro tip: Only the AVG Ultimate plan covers Windows devices, not the free or online packages that only cover iPhones, Androids, and Macs.

After extensive research, we found that AVG’s antivirus software offers the best value compared to other antivirus products in the industry. That’s why:

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Antivirus software isn’t the only thing AVG does. They offer several different methods of digital advertising for Mac, Androids, Windows devices and iOS devices. However, some services are useless, and we don’t think all of them are useful. Let’s go into detail.

Although we haven’t tried AVG Secure VPN ourselves, which is why it’s not on our list of top VPNs, their price is reasonable at $4.99 per month for five devices, which can be paid immediately for $59.88 for the first year. We wish they had a monthly option, but that doesn’t seem to be AVG’s way and that’s the case with all their products.

FYI: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, so when you connect to a VPN, all your internet activity and device IP will be hidden from your Internet Service Provider.

Antivirus Software For Pc Price

Another way to increase your online privacy is AntiTrack, which disables online trackers so companies can stop collecting your information as you hop from one site to another. something else. However, it’s only available for PCs for about $50 a year, and AVG offers a free secure browser for PCs, which we think is a good value for web security. Let’s explain a little…

Why You Can Stop Paying For Antivirus Software

However, one way to stay safe online is to use AVG’s Secure Browser, which is free for PCs, Mac computers and Android phones. Basically, Safe Browser performs the same functions as VPN and AntiTrack, but covers Macs and Androids in addition to computers. But since Safe Browser is free and AntiTrack costs $50 a year, there’s no point in getting AntiTrack; Your best bet is to go with a VPN if you want protection for both apps and browsing, or a Secure Browser if you’re good at protecting browsing.

Did you know that not every country requires companies to notify their customers when their data is breached? AVG’s BreachGuard monitors your data breaches, removing them from the Internet when detected. That being said, most identity audit services cover breaches and more, so we think it makes sense to invest in a subscription to BreachGuard’s comprehensive identity theft protection. To learn more, read how to best protect against identity theft.

Are you sick of slow speed and low storage space on your PC, Mac or Android? TuneUp will help your device run better and clean up all the junk it finds, according to AVG. At $39.99 a year to cover 10 devices, this is a great deal, although remember, this is something you can do for free, if you’re willing to spend a little time speeding up your device.

Driver Update is another product that doesn’t seem necessary, updating PC drivers is something that a user can do for free, by hand. Also, that annual fee of $39.99 for the first year only covers one device. Our advice? Turn on automatic updates to keep your software up to date, and save that money for something better.

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Not all of us can be digital experts, which is why AVG offers a one-time fee of $19.99 for their products. Again, we don’t think this is necessary, as AVG has many configuration guides in its support section. And you know what else is free? Calling your kids for help!

So you clicked “buy” and now you want to uninstall AVG, for whatever reason. If you request a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase, you may get your money back, if you purchased the product from the AVG website or the Google Play Store. However, it depends on the product; The money back guarantee only covers:

As you can see, these are business specific products; AVG is not clear on whether consumer products are covered by a money-back guarantee, so you’ll have to ask for a refund to find out. Sorry we couldn’t give you more details!

Antivirus Software For Pc Price

It is designed for AVG products for personal use, but if you are looking for a business antivirus, it is also a good choice with several different products to choose from.

Avg Antivirus Protection & Internet Security Pricing In 2022

AVG’s proprietary business software covers a wide variety of applications and starts at $46.99. This is slightly less than the subscription fees, but only slightly less.

If antivirus software doesn’t cut it and you want additional protection against ransomware, phishing, spam and more, the Internet Business Edition, called the Cloud Management Console, costs at least $61.41 a year. That’s pretty deep, especially since AVG doesn’t say exactly how many devices are covered; Since we have not tested these commercial products ourselves, we highly recommend that you speak with an AVG sales representative to decide for yourself whether they are worth the money.

Instead of installing antivirus software on all your employees’ devices, another option is to install it on their file servers; that way, you will be able to do it from one tool, which will make things easier for you, especially if other tasks are overwhelming for you (read: always).

If your business uses Microsoft Exchange for emails, then AVG’s Email Server Business Edition can block viruses from your emails to ensure they are secure. That being said, most email servers have these types of anti-virus protection built in, so we recommend that you do your research before you buy.

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Finally is Windows Patch Manager, which automatically updates software patches. However, your Windows computer may have automatic updates for patches already installed, so be sure to check this before purchasing Patch Manager; nine times out of 10, it won’t be necessary, especially if you already have IP servers.

Price is not the only thing we consider when choosing antivirus software; We also check the company itself to make sure it is trustworthy. And while AVG is one of the most popular brands in the digital industry, they have faced scandals regarding their privacy policy. Its parent company, Avast (which you can read more about in our Avast review), used something called Jumpshot to collect user data and sell it to third-party companies, although this information is unknown according to Avast.4

Said this, Avast quickly shut down Jumpshot, and since the information was anonymous, we don’t see them dealing with AVG, really. However, someone who is very concerned about privacy may want to avoid AVG even in its current privacy policy, which states that the company stores IP addresses on both Mac and Windows. One solution is to use a VPN with AVG to change your IP address

Antivirus Software For Pc Price

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