Minneapolis Alternative High Schools

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We provide individualized counseling, resources and connections to thousands of Minneapolis and Saint Paul high school students to help them achieve their career and high school goals.

Edison High School 700 22nd Ave NE Minneapolis | 55418 room 219 hours: Monday-Friday, 08: 30-16: 30 Phone: 612-668-1370 | Nora: 612-414-7207 (cell) Committee: Nora Guerin and Andrew Peterson Edison CCC Website Fair School Downtown 10 S 10th St Minneapolis | 55403 room 301 hours: Thursday, Friday and all other Wednesdays, 8 am-4pm Phone: 612-399-6075 contact: Sam Smith Heritage Academy 1042 18 Ave SE Minneapolis | 55414 room 317 hours: Thursday, Friday and every other Wednesday, 8 am-3: 30 phone: 612-668-1583 contact: Munira Mohamed Longfellow High School 3017 E 31st St Minneapolis | 55406 Room 102 Hours: Check back soon! Phone: Check back soon! Coordinator: Yolanda Martinez-Pineda Longfellow CCC MPS Website Contract Alternative Program Various Sites (MPS) Hours: Jessica: 9 am-5pm; Haley: 8 am-4pm Phone: Jessica: contact by email; Haley: 806-553-4336 Facilitators: Jessica Bedward (Menlo, MACC, PYC, MERC) and Haley Wireman-Sobba (Center, Loring, Nicolle, Takoda, VOA) MPS Online Learning 1250 W Broadway Minneapolis | 55411 Level 5 Hours: Monday-Friday, 07:30-15:30 Phone: 612-399-6075 (Google voice) Facilitator: Sarah Blouin MPS Online School CCC Website North Community High School 1500 James Ave N Minneapolis | 55411 Rooms 677 and 678 Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 am-4pm Phone: Check back soon! Correspondent: Anthony Villagrana Patrick Henry High School 4320 Newton Ave N Minneapolis | 55412 Room 169/170 Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 am-4pm Phone: From India: 612-668-2008; To Lisa: 612-668-1992 Correspondent: Lisa Dornacker and Indian Burton Patrick Henry CCC Roosevelt High School website 4029 28th Ave S Minneapolis | 55406 Room 207 Hours: Appointments will be held and emails / texts will be checked during school hours, 8am-4pm Phone: Amanda Justen: 612-460-1588 | Eric Rodgers: 612-567-6897 Committee: Amanda Justen and Eric Rodgers Roosevelt CCC South High School website 3131 19th Ave S Minneapolis | 55407 room 246 hours: Monday-Friday, 08: 00-16: 00 Phone: 612-668-4363 Coordinators: Katie Hanson and Kelsey Massey South CCC Southwest High School website 3414 W 47th St Minneapolis | 55410 Room W106 Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 am-4pm Phone: 612-668-3065 Um 55419 Room 107 Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 am-4pm Phone: Check back soon! Correspondents: Erica Lebens-Englund and Hana Animal Washburn CCC website Wellstone International High School 10 S 10th St Minneapolis | 55403 hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-4pm Phone: 612-668-5115 Contact: Chris Stoltenberg Wellstone CCC website

Minneapolis Alternative High Schools

Minneapolis Alternative High Schools

SMA 275 Lexington Pkwy N Saint Paul | 55104 Room 2026 Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 am-4pm Phone: (651) 744-3562 Coordinator: Zoey Haines Central CCRC Website Como Park Senior High School 740 Rose Ave W Saint Paul | 55117 room 1304 hours: Monday-Friday, 8 am-4pm Phone: 651-744-5329 Um 55101 hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm Phone: 651-292-3480 Ext. 52879 Coordinator: Doyen Kulee CASS CPC Website Harding High School 1540 6th Street East East Saint Paul | 55106 hours: Monday-Friday, 8 am-4pm Phone: 651-793-4700 ex. 43599 Coordinator: Katie Kovacovich Highland Park Highland Park SMA 1015 Snelling Avenue South Saint Paul | 55116 hours: Check back soon! Phone: Check back soon! Correspondent: Check back soon! Humboldt High School 30 Baker St E St Paul | 55107 hours: Check back soon! Phone: 651-293-8600 Ext. 52893 Contact: Rose Yackley Johnson Senior High School 1349 Arcade Street Saint Paul | 55106 Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm Phone: 612-405-3146 (phone or text) Contact: Check back soon! Washington Magnet Technology School 1495 Rice Street St. Paul | 55117 hours: Check back soon! Phone: 651-325-2669 | 651-603-4613 (text only) Contact: Colin Peters

Longfellow: A School For Pregnant And Parenting Students

Winning Twin Cities partners with Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) and Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) to provide a variety of career and post-secondary planning guidance and resources to approximately 20,000 high school students each year.

Through the center located at the couple’s high school, we create a place to support students and families to connect with professional guidance, resources and opportunities on their path to finding themselves.

As the only global career and college readiness provider in the MPS and SPPS school districts, Success Services is open to all students to find, explore and plan for life after high school.

Our professional staff serves as career experts and college readiness leaders and peer partners in schools, and includes licensed school counselors, social workers, recognition specialists, teachers and youth workers.

Best Alternative Private Schools In Minnesota (2022)

Each team member brings extensive experience in helping students develop and pursue an ideal post-secondary career and life purpose.

Many of our employees are graduates of the schools we serve – including some of our former students – or are first in their families who are in college.

Our student-centered approach is deeply focused on building the kind of trusting, long-term relationships needed to create a successful post-graduation plan. Our team works one-on-one with students and keeps track of their high school schedules. We offer a personalized guide:

Minneapolis Alternative High Schools

We work with school counselors, partner organizations and district leadership to provide opportunities to involve students in exploring career and college options. We jointly provide:

At Alternative Minneapolis High School, Class Of 2022 Graduates Persevere Through Difficult Times

Bring together partners and school counselors, be a key member of this team and manage key tracks of high school student progress.

We offer additional skills and focus on building a holistic career and college readiness education and services that follow students from ninth grade until graduation.

Working with all school districts, higher education and training institutions, and employers and unions, we work to build an ongoing support system to ensure that all students have full access to career and college opportunities in our community.

Como High School coordinator Bridgette Kelly with students and representatives from the University of St. Louis. Thomas at Como Park college fair.

Sun Program To Move To Cedar School

Achieve Twin Cities is one of the outstanding organizations that supports high school students in planning for the future, including College Possible, Project Campaign, Genesys Works, Junior Achievement, TRIO, Gear Up and many more. Here’s how our work is different:

“Without the Southwest High Career & College Center I would never have made it through college. The facilitators were caring and knowledgeable, and helped me believe in myself and my potential.”

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