Apply To Cuny College

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Every year, thousands of students choose the City University of New York for many reasons that can be boiled down to one: opportunity. Affordable and high-quality degrees and certificates help our students land their dream job or help them get promoted to take their career to the next level. With more than 1,750 programs in 25 colleges, you have everything you’re looking for. Apply now:

Use the application to apply to any of our Associate or Bachelor programs as a freshman or transfer student. Our app allows you to apply to multiple colleges to maximize your options.

Apply To Cuny College

Apply To Cuny College

Apply as a prospective student if you have never applied before, and apply as a previous student if you are currently or previously enrolled in , College Now, Early College, or are an employee.

Admissions — York College / Cuny

Apply to our master’s, doctoral, and advanced certificate programs directly at the college where you wish to pursue your studies. We are here to discuss your options with you and provide you with the right program to achieve your goals.

If you’re ready to earn valuable certifications, advance your skills, and increase your potential income, explore our advanced training and certification programs. You will apply directly to the college of your choice.

Enroll in courses by applying for a student invitation to each of the colleges that offer the courses you would like to take. You can search for available courses using our global search tool.

We know you want to attend a college that is academically stimulating, financially affordable, and personally fulfilling. Before you apply, familiarize yourself with our campuses and find out how your application will be processed.

The City University Of New York

Thank you for your interest in City University of New York. Below is a list of postmark submission deadlines and acceptance notification dates. The deadlines below do not apply to the School of Professional Studies.

1) Beginning in mid-February, applicants will be notified of their admission decision as a general freshman at all colleges listed on their application.

Macaulay applicants will be notified of their decision to enroll in the Macaulay Honors College according to the Macaulay College selection indicated on their application.

Apply To Cuny College

*** Screening for admission to the Aaron Copland School of Music (ACSM) at Queens College consists of two stages: admission to Queens College and admission to ACSM after an audition.

Cuny Accounts (cuny Portal And Cunyfirst) And Hunter College Accounts (email And Netid) — Hunter College

All applicants must pay a non-refundable registration fee which will be assessed upon admission. The freshman application fee is $65. The transfer application fee is $70.

Send money order to ” ” at the address below. Write your first identification number on your money order. You can find your first ID number (8-digit number) in your application summary.

Be sure to review your application before clicking the “Submit” button. Once submitted, you will be able to access a copy of your application summary. We recommend downloading a copy. We will also generate your first ID number shortly after you submit your application. This 8-digit unique number will help us quickly identify your application and match all the documents you send us.

You can return to your application after submission to upload supporting materials, add reference requests, and make payment. Visit our tutorials for a step-by-step guide.

Non Degree — York College / Cuny

All candidates are encouraged to provide supporting documents as part of their applications, such as essays and letters of recommendation. Be sure to review the application requirements for your intended program to see if any supporting documents are required.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, SAT and ACT test scores are not required and will not be considered for applications during the Spring 2023 admissions cycle. For more information on SAT/ACT test score suspensions, click here.

After submitting your application, do not forget to send all the necessary documents required for consideration. You only need to submit one set of documents, even if you have applied to multiple colleges.

Apply To Cuny College

As a first-year applicant, you will need to provide us with an official high school transcript. Your transcripts must include all courses and assessments you have completed up to this point.

International Student & Scholar Services (isss)

If you include your OSIS number on your application, we will receive an electronic copy of your high school record. If you have not entered your OSIS number, please contact our Student Help Desk. If you currently attend a New York charter school, request an official transcript to be sent to /UAPC.

Request an official transcript from your high school to send to /UAPC. Your school can email us an official transcript or, if your school uses Naviance, you can request one by adding “City University of New York ()” to your list of schools you’ve applied to. Read more

If you are currently attending or have graduated from a US, international, or DoD school, you may request an official transcript from your high school to be sent to /UAPC.

If you currently attend or have graduated from a missionary or other American private school, your school must meet the school’s accreditation standards. If your high school does not meet accreditation standards, you will need to take the high school equivalency test. See the High School Equivalency section below.

Applying To Macaulay

If you received your New York High School Equivalency Certificate (also known as TASC), submit a copy of your certificate and results. If you were eligible for an HSE Regents exemption, be sure to provide your high school diploma along with your HSE diploma. If you earned an equivalent degree outside of New York State, contact the appropriate State Department of Education for your record. Visit to learn more.

Generally, your homeschool curriculum must meet your school district’s high school diploma prerequisite requirements. This will allow us to review your entire record as a home-schooled student in the context of the academic requirements as outlined above. Read more

If you are a home-schooled New York resident, a transcript showing all graded coursework completed is required. You must also provide a letter from the superintendent of your school district or similar senior school administrator certifying that you have completed the equivalent of a four-year New York State high school program through home education.

Apply To Cuny College

If you are a high school senior and currently enrolled in a home schooling program, you must submit a letter from the superintendent of your school district certifying that you are currently enrolled in a program equivalent to a four-year New York State high school program. Upon completion, please send an email confirming that you have successfully completed the program.

Returning Cuny Student Creates Program For First Generation Students

If you cannot obtain a letter from the school district, you must obtain a high school equivalency certificate. See the High School Equivalency section below.

If you are a homeschooled resident of another state, a state model diploma is required. If you didn’t get a state diploma, you must get a high school equivalency diploma. (for more information on how to get a high school equivalency score)

Does not accept diplomas from any non-public correspondence, online or virtual high school. Students at these schools must successfully pass a high school placement exam to be considered for college.

All candidates are encouraged to provide supporting documents as part of their application, and certain majors/programs may require supporting documents to be provided.

How Cuny Has Started Its New Online Semester

If you are applying to Baruch College, Hunter College, or Queens College, use the essay topics below. Baruch College recommends that all first-year applicants submit an essay. Hunter College and Queen’s College require an essay.

As a transfer applicant, you must provide us with official transcripts from each school attended. You may request that transcripts be sent electronically or by mail to /UAPC. Below is a list of documents that applicants are asked to submit:

Transcripts If you are currently registered with , your transcripts will be received automatically when you applied using your first account. If you attended an event more than ten years ago, you may need to request a paper record.

Apply To Cuny College

If you were educated outside the United States, you may need to provide additional documents to apply to .

Remote Learning Is Taking A Tragic Toll On Cuny Enrollment

You will need to provide a copy of your full academic record (for all years) and any national or state certificates you have received. For more information, see the list of mandatory secondary education documents.

Applicants educated outside the US may choose to have their records evaluated by one of the approved evaluation services listed below or by the university’s application processing center.

If you use one of the above services, you must request: an official course-by-course evaluation report that includes the grade point average based on all high school course work and any external examination certificates received. Be sure to ask the appraisal service to provide certified copies of all documentation used for the appraisal.

If you choose to have your records evaluated by the UAPC, you will need to submit the following documents along with verbatim translations of any documents issued in a non-English language.

Cuny Appointment Of Dr. Patricia Ramsey As Sixth President Of Medgar Evers College Wins Kudos From Brooklyn Leaders

If you have a temporary visa and were educated in a non-English speaking environment, you will need to provide official test results for one of the following:

In order to your points

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