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Smartphone operators are now so powerful that they are an adventurous target for cyber criminals. Hijacked cell phones often operate on bot buttons or on mining cryptocurrencies. A good security app protects against such attacks Fifteen security apps have been tested for home users

Many modern smartphones use advanced 6- or 8-core processors, some of which clock just under 3GHz. This powerful package is of interest to cyber criminals because their performance allows them to use “mining”, i.e. cryptocurrency, to produce hash. That’s why those state-of-the-art smartphones focus on Buttons In this network, criminals bundle the processing power, force the entire cluster of mobile phones or count Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Best Antivirus Malware Protection

Best Antivirus Malware Protection

However, once a smartphone is secured with a good security app, consumers will not fear that their device will be enslaved by a button. But it is better not to rely on protection that is automatically available under Google Play Protection under Android. This was clearly demonstrated by the experiment, because the protection of the game guard was also included for comparison. Labs tested 15 security apps for Android for security, performance and usability, such as false alarms. The test includes Anlab, Avast, AVG, Avira, BitDefender, F-Security, G Data, Google, Icarus, Kaspersky, McFae, Norton Life Lock, Protected Dot (Total AV), Secure and Trendy.

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The test results are proof of a high level of security for Android smartphone users: up to 18 points on 10 of the 15 apps reviewed. The 3 extra apps managed to score an excellent 17.5 points One app scored 16.5 points Only standard security Google Play Protection Android has nothing to write about at home: 6 out of 18 possible points.

Of the 6 security apps tested, 100% detected all risks, while 4 additional apps made only minor errors.

The lab evaluates every security app for Android for security When testing, it is necessary to identify, block and canteen a stream of infected apps. In real-time testing, the lab uses fully discovered malware – approximately 3,000 samples. In addition, experts have attacked Android devices with an additional 3,300 malicious apps, causing a stir on the internet for up to 2 weeks.

Apps from Avast, AVG, BitDefender, G Data, Norton Life Lock and Trend Micro both completed 100% of the detection exercise during the testing phase. Anlab, F-Security, Kaspersky and McKee’s apps followed up with a minor flaw in one or both tests. All the apps mentioned scored full marks in the security testing category

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The apps from Avira, Ikarus, and securiON achieved 99.9 to 99.1 percent detection in both tests. They still had a good score of 5.5 points. At the time of detection, only Google Play Protect could compete with any other app: 85.2 percent for known threats and 61.6 percent for fresh malware. It calculated for zero points

Any Android security app running in the background requires some processing power, battery power, and data from the internet. But how much does each security app need? The lab also tested these criteria and was able to pass a positive verdict on the board. Using tested security devices The CPU didn’t load too much CPU or require more power than the battery in the test devices, and the background only required a little extra data from the internet. For this cost-effective use of system resources, all rated security apps scored a full 6 points.

The flawless and highly secure app also stood out on 18 points in the test, thanks in part to the VPN.

Best Antivirus Malware Protection

While many users only download their apps from the global apps store app, there are frequent alarms that an app is infected with malware. So they should not be installed! But if it’s actually based on a false alarm, it’s really annoying. That’s why the lab checks whether the security app can also distinguish good apps from bad ones. By doing so, the lab sends more than 2,500 malicious apps to protect devices from the Google Play Store. In addition, the lab uses another 1,200 apps from other app stores to identify friends and enemies. Matching result: Alarm has no alarm, because not all apps are harmful. Thirteen of the 15 apps achieved the best results here, scoring a whopping 6 points. The Icarus app made a small mistake with only one app An interesting result: Google Play Protection incorrectly classifies 7 apps from its store and 24 apps from other stores.

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Security app deniers prefer to claim that apps only consume their battery life and that they may not consider dangerous apps to be dangerous. The final test shows how wrong this claim is! First, none of the apps tested loaded on the Android system or used large battery resources. Of the 15 apps evaluated, 10 achieved excellent security results, scoring a full 6 points. And since these candidates did not report a false alarm or load the system, the lab gave them a full 6 points, or 18 points, 3 times. These are Anlab, Avast, AVG, BitDefender, F-Security, G Data, Kaspersky, McFae, Norton Life Lock, and Trend Micro. Some of the above security applications can also be used for free

People who are willing to spend some money on an app with an annual license fee will reap many additional benefits of the app. For example: “The best extra features Features in the security apps for Android – what they have to pay!” To be found in the article

We want to stay in touch with you! There’s an easy way to keep up with the latest news and tests. Top 10 Small Business Antivirus Software Discover the top ten antivirus software solutions to protect your network. Discover features such as end-point cloud-based anti-malware, firewall and patch management.

Antivirus software is a type of endpoint security that protects personal endpoints by identifying and blocking malicious files. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are the victims of malware attacks more often than any other large enterprise. Because they don’t have a generous security budget like large companies, SMBs seem like easy targets for hackers. However, in the UK 5 to 1 and US based SMBs do not use endpoint security equipment.

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Moreover, we live in a world where more and more employees are working remotely and using their own devices instead of office computers. This means that strong endpoint security has become important to secure an organization’s network. Today, most endpoint security is hosted entirely or largely in the cloud. This means that advanced machine learning can take advantage of advanced machine learning technology to automate analytics, multiplying the detection rate. However, as antivirus software has become more sophisticated, so have malware attacks. That’s why it’s important to know that you’re investing in the best possible security for your business.

In this article, we’ll look at the top ten antivirus software products designed to protect small businesses from malware risks. For this solution, we consider the business of less than 100 consumers as “small”. Each of these offers slightly different features, including different types of risk protection, compatibility with mobile devices, and patch management. We’ll give you some background on the key features of the provider and each solution, and the type of customer they’re suitable for.

ESET is known around the world for their effective, lightweight cybersecurity solutions. ESET Endpoint Security is their cloud-based Endpoint Security solution, which offers multiple levels of defense technology, automation and centralized management. It protects computers, mobile devices, file servers and the virtual environment from malware and file-free attacks. ESET Endpoint Security is available as a unique product and as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity bundle, which includes file server protection, disk encryption, cloud sandboxing and EDR.

Best Antivirus Malware Protection

ESET Endpoint Security Machine Learning technology and crawled resources identify targeted malware, renewal and file-free attacks on intelligent risk intelligence. It does this by monitoring and evaluating all running apps for critical content based on their known behavior. Its powerful intrusion detection capability means there is an excellent detection rate before, during and after the implementation of the ESET solution. ESET Endpoint Security also provides web browser-targeted protection, prevents users from downloading malicious files and allows administrators to whitelist and blacklist URLs.

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Administrators can manage all ESET mobile endpoints through a cloud-based Unified Management Console. This makes it easy to deploy and manage ESET solutions without the need for additional hardware, with automatic updates.


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