Nursing Homes In Colorado Springs

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During the last six weeks of her life, my wife was kept clean by the staff at Morning Star and Abode Hospital. Knowing that you care about her will make your life easier even in the most difficult times… Read more

Nursing Homes In Colorado Springs

Nursing Homes In Colorado Springs

Bathing; Residential facilities provide housing and care for seniors who may need assistance with activities of daily living, such as dressing and taking medication.

Long List Of Troubled Nursing Homes Includes One In Colorado Springs

Home memory care facilities are available for seniors with Alzheimer’s or other forms of anxiety. Provides care and therapy.

MorningStar Assisted Living & Memory Care in Mountain Shadows is a community of MorningStar Senior Living properties. View all MorningStar Senior Living communities.

* The indicated prices are monthly rents paid by the community itself. Fees at a time Actual prices may vary depending on time and care services required. Talk to your senior lifestyle advisor to learn more.

This community is a hard sell. Every time I was in the memory unit I saw an employee. Maintenance is not about things. The rooms are not level and the carpet is dirty. It is a very good ride and very engaging.

Colorado Springs Senior Homes

SHE! thank you very much. The goal of our hearts is always a good day when we find a way to work our hands.

During the last six weeks of her life, my wife was kept clean by the staff at Morning Star and Abode Hospital. Knowing that he was well taken care of made my life easier even in the most difficult times.

First, I would like to express my deepest condolences for the loss of my wife. You have demonstrated your deep-rooted love for our residents – the elderly. We are building a family for life, and your words of praise confirm that.

Nursing Homes In Colorado Springs

Beautiful and hospitable. Thank you to all the staff I met. This is a possible vacation option for my family.

Palisades At Broadmoor Park

How wonderful to hear such promises! We sincerely thank you for taking the time to write about your heartfelt experience at MorningStar.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Morning Star Mount Shadows while looking for a nursing home. I love the staff. Everyone helps. I’m interested. Friendly. I especially like the presentation and the quality of the food. It’s not what the catering department expects it to be, but a good quality restaurant should eat it. The residents seemed to be happily eating and drinking. You should be proud of your factory and the people who work there.

Diet; If you don’t care about taste or appearance. The Morning Star will grow. But it would be a mistake to read their ads and think that you are getting good quality food. Don’t trust the ad if you have someone on the Alzheimer’s ward who needs some mechanical or soft cleaning done. The families consider the service and food good for their patients, as the ad is for families, read only. Families make their loved ones believe that they have access to good quality food. Even in the main dining room, most of the food is frozen, as seen at Costco, and the chefs are endless. When a family tries to do what the ad says, there will never be a fight. I tried to upload pictures but failed.

After serving in our team, we are very sorry that you have this opinion of us. Not a single member of our family has complained to us about the quality of food at Reflections. If they choose, they can express themselves in many ways. Executive Chef Carlos and Executive Director Suzanne meet with families individually and we hold a monthly local food council. Get ideas for MorningStar dining and grooming experiences in our suggestion box. As part of our “Lavender Sky” memory preservation concept, we use Mushrooms to feed the clean dishes to make the presentation even more attractive. We are proud of our diverse and varied menu, open to varied menus and recipes recommended by our residents.

The Bridge At Colorado Springs

[Removed] Very polite and educated. The factory workers seemed friendly and focused on their responsibilities. It was clean and comfortable. It was the first of four options, but I was glad to see it.

I visited this community because of my mother. They have good staff to answer my questions. My mother has diabetes, so it’s not easy. The menu is good and there are many activities to help you. This community is nice, but it’s bigger than I’d like. It is advisable for families to visit this community to care for their loved ones.

My mom is still doing well at MorningStar. The place is kept clean and tidy. I felt he was getting the best possible care. The only thing we are struggling with now is the administration. There are a few things I need help with and they are a bit slow, but that could change. I’m generally satisfied and it’s a positive environment.

Nursing Homes In Colorado Springs

Dad is very polite and does a good job with the support staff. He likes food. You can choose two types of ice cream for dessert. They are available as basic replacements. He liked people and the people who lived there. I chose this factory because it was close to me. This is very good for me. He is doing physical therapy at home and is working to reduce his level of care. Her room was clean and tidy and everyone did a good job. There is a view from the top of the mountain. Every time I visited, I saw him on the porch. He does some activities such as exercise and hiking in the mountains. I like to introduce the Bistro and entertain the guests with hot chocolate and ice cream. We provide cookies and popcorn. Very safe and almost complete. It helps achieve long-term incentives.

Morningstar Assisted Living & Memory Care At Mountain Shadows

After exploring several communities, we found this one to be the best for us. This is the craziest community we’ve ever seen. The mother-in-law wants a more intimate environment. They enjoy what they do for their mother-in-law and enjoy the community. This is the best of all our needs and they are great.

I visited this wonderful community. Clean and tidy. This is a larger community than what we are looking for. Dad liked the activities offered here. The community is more than we would like. I would like to advise families to visit this community for their loved ones.

MorningStar Assisted Living Mountain Shadows is great. They make calls and reports without falling or getting hurt. Expensive. There are cheaper places, but you definitely can’t eat a lot. Very good experience here in general.

This place is amazing. My mother loved living there for a year. They treated him like royalty. We have treated many areas over the years and none will be better.

Brookdale Skyline Skilled Nursing In Colorado Springs Co

I stayed here until my grandmother died. I can’t say enough about Morning Star yet. We felt comfortable from our first visit and appreciate Shirley’s help and assistance. We didn’t feel pressured and honestly felt that the staff only wanted to choose them when it was best for us. After visiting many houses in the city, I finally settled on Morning Star. The facility is new. Clean. beautiful. The staff are wonderful, from the receptionist to the caretaker and the manager. The care is better when the staff returns to the hospital after the grandmother falls ill and returns to the Morning Star. If you are looking for a good place with caring people, Morning Star should be at the top of your list.

When my mother moved in, it was a brand new building that all the staff loved. After eight months, they still provided excellent service. The yard is spacious. Clean Bright and friendly. There are daily activities and weekly trips. The food was very good and the dining room was warm and inviting.

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