Latest Microsoft Update Issues

Latest Microsoft Update Issues – Windows 11: kb5012643 update causing issues, Windows update error, How to fix the 0x800f0801 error code in windows 11, Windows update 21h1 error!, Windows updates archives, How to fix windows 10 cannot update

My Geek Score: When you run Windows you would get stuck many times when upgrading and installing Windows 10. So how do you get out of it as these problems often occur when upgrading from an older to a newer or advanced version. Now Windows 10 is a brand new and latest operating system used worldwide. So the chances are high that you will encounter many Windows problems and the errors are innumerable.

To overcome the above, it is important to update your operating system. Microsoft is now introducing new updates for Windows 10. These processes are fast and perfect for fixing bugs with new features. It often happens that users encounter error messages related to update and thus lead to errors with Microsoft Windows 10 update errors.

Latest Microsoft Update Issues

Latest Microsoft Update Issues

If you look at Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade errors, there are many possible causes that lead to Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade errors. Here is a list of such problems that you need to go through possible solutions.

Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Kb4601319 Issue, Promises Fix

Running the debugger is one of the most important parts of getting rid of the Microsoft Windows 10 update bug process. It goes through an automatic scan to look for problems related to the startup error for Windows 10. Follow the steps below to do this.

There are times when the troubleshooter does not work, so now is the time to start interacting with your system settings. The reason may be that it should not cause any damage to your computer. Otherwise, just deleting the temporary Windows update files will help. In addition, it will also recommend setting a system restore point. So I look forward to the trial; –

Now that the folder is empty, just restart your system. Apart from that, you can also restart the system or manually activate the Windows update service. To do this, go through the command prompt and then type the command.

Then run “Windows update” and the user will say that the computer needs to download some updates. This will take some time depending on your internet speed. After installing the update, Windows will schedule a reboot, otherwise users will be able to restart immediately. In addition to these two steps, there are many other ways to resolve the update bug for Microsoft Windows 10. Cumulative update for Windows 10 June 2022 is now available for all supported operating systems. This month’s cumulative update fixed several issues, including a bug that prevented Microsoft Excel and Outlook from starting. Fixed another bug that affected the Internet Explorer mode window.

Microsoft Admits Windows 11 Update Bug Accidentally Flashes Safe Mode Screen

Although the list of fixes in the June 2022 update (KB5014699) for Windows 10 is quite long, as the company has fixed many issues, Microsoft has also issued a warning. According to the updated releases, a bug in the Windows 10 June 2022 update may break the operating system’s Wi-Fi hotspot feature.

It is quite common to use a smartphone or tablet as a personal hotspot to share super-fast 5G wireless internet connection with other devices at any time. In Windows, you can also create a hotspot and share the Internet with other devices. In fact, you can use Windows 10’s built-in hotspot feature as a Wi-Fi extender.

Following the update of Windows 10 June 2022, users may not be able to use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. This was confirmed in reports in the Feedback Hub:

Latest Microsoft Update Issues

“After installing KB5014699 I had trouble restoring my network connections every 5 minutes. This includes RDP sessions, SMB sessions and sessions between the bridge and the IoT device. When I disabled the network bridge I need to work with a IoT device, the problem is gone “, noted an affected user.

Microsoft: Recent Windows Updates Caused Edge Freeze Issues

“Enabling Internet Connection Sharing interrupts your ability to access the network on the shared computer. Even sites running on the local host continue to spin endlessly and expire,” noted another user.

Enabling ICS also destroys the RDP capability of computers connected to the network card with which the Internet connection is shared. It’s worth noting that I can still telnet to port 3389 on the connection sharing machine, but the RDP client just spins “Configuring a Remote Session” , a concerned user explained how the bug broke RDP as well.

Microsoft has quietly updated its documentation to mark a bug where users encounter unexpected problems when using the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. If so, the host device may lose its Internet connection.

In other words, this error can break the device’s WiFi. If your device’s internet connection has been working strangely lately, it’s probably due to a cumulative update. You can fix this and restore internet access on the host device by disabling the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. Follow these steps to completely disable Wi-Fi hotspots:

Solved] Microsoft Windows 10 Update Error

In addition to broken Wi-Fi, Microsoft is also aware of another bug in the Windows 10 June 2022 update where users may not be able to log in with Azure Active Directory (AAD).

This applies to applications and services that use Azure Active Directory, and some users may also experience connectivity issues with VPN, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft OneDrive, and Microsoft Outlook. Secure Mode is obviously the most preferred tool for troubleshooting potential hardware and driver issues, but Windows 11’s cumulative update prevented you from accidentally using the feature, and Microsoft has finally recognized rounds of reporting on social media as well as in the Feedback Hub.

For those who are not aware of it, Windows Secure Mode disables many drivers and files and is essentially a broken version of Windows that makes it easy to troubleshoot your operating system. Safe Mode still contains a working file explorer, start menu and taskbar.

Latest Microsoft Update Issues

However, Windows 11 KB5012643 (optional update with notable improvements and fixes) broke safe mode and introduced a bug that causes the screen to flicker when booted in safe mode, making it unstable. According to reports, Windows 11 Safe Mode flickered when users opened File Explorer, Start menu, taskbar, and other screens.

Windows 11 Kb5014019 Update Fixes App Crashes, Slow Copying

The problem was noticed immediately after the cumulative update was released, and users flagged it in the Feedback Hub. Twitter users have also noticed this problem, and Microsoft is now rolling out a backup update to fix the corrupted fail-safe mode.

If so, you will also see the log in the Windows event log. Under the “Winlogon” section, you get the error “Shell has stopped unexpectedly and explorer.exe has restarted.”

In the support document, Microsoft claims that Safe Mode does not work when started with the “Safe Mode Without Network” option. Even if the company has released a backup update on the server side, if safe mode still does not work, you should try running it with network enabled.

In theory, it can take up to 24 hours before the error code is reset and the patch is automatically distributed to consumer devices. If Windows Update is managed with the enterprise-friendly Group Policy Editor, you can configure the following special policies:

Microsoft Releases Second Update To Fix Printing Issues On Windows 10

Earlier this month, Microsoft quietly updated its support documents to confirm a critical bug where the “Snip & Sketch” screenshot does not start on Windows 10.

Microsoft says it has received reports that Snip & Sketch may not be taking the screenshot. In fact, it does not even open when you use a keyboard shortcut (Windows key + Shift + S).

Microsoft is investigating the reports and more details will be provided in the future, but the company is not aware of any solution at this time.

Latest Microsoft Update Issues

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