Asset Property Management San Antonio

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Office buildings are no longer useful symbols for the national economy, they are tools for hiring and retaining talent, living, breathing environments and expanding a company’s own corporate culture. An office building with the right location and facilities benefits the tenants, which ultimately reduces downtime and future transaction costs for the building owner. Property management includes a wide range of services, which at its core are associated with first-class communication, customer service and coordination, which contributes to a better tenant experience. Liz Scheff’s recent article The Service Differentiator describes why property management should never be seen as a commodity, because services and people can always be differentiated, and it allows teams and the service provider to stand out from the crowd.

After spending many years on the side of business owners before joining Stream, I interviewed many property management firms as I acquired new assets. What has always separated one company from another is the people. Not just the people who run the platform or marketplace, but the people who will interact with us every day, work with the owners and team up with our asset management teams to realize the vision and add value.

Asset Property Management San Antonio

Asset Property Management San Antonio

At this stage of the investment cycle, gear, activation and life / work / play are all well-established buzzwords commonly used to describe the set of criteria that are most attractive to the office user. Having space for physical facilities in an office building is now a must: fitness centers, meeting and recreation areas for renters, roof terraces and lawn games. In the tangible world of commercial real estate, where rentals and improvements are the deciding factors, property management has become an unsurpassed convenience.

Property Management In San Antonio, Tx

If the past year has taught us anything, it is that property management goes far beyond traditional property management. While maintaining value is crucial, the ability to improve and increase asset value through action is crucial as we move forward. The property management teams, both offices and industries, have been a constant voice for our tenants, especially in the last tumultuous year, which has brought many challenges in a short time. Stream’s property management teams have become the eyes and ears of owners who can’t travel. We improvised with video meetings and tours, but also found new ways to interact with tenants, who were also moved to home offices. We have created a virtual customer experience team to engage with tenants digitally and socially in new and relevant ways.

As we move closer to the post-COVID world, the return of tenants to their offices seems inevitable. Many have declared that they will return soon. Large companies with facility management teams are preparing to establish full-fledged offices in the coming weeks and months. Tenants return to buildings with Property Management to ask questions about health and safety, understand the new rules for using facilities and train their employees to do the same. Property management teams organize virtual town halls for tenants to facilitate the return to office life. The purpose of these meetings is not only to showcase the latest building improvements, facility planning services and the needs of the cleaning assistants when they return, but also to promote a sense of community and peace of mind. My colleague Dorothy Hamilton recently explored what owners can do to make our workplaces healthier and more productive in her article The Path to a Healthier Building. The article discusses several options for certification of construction at different levels, from informal to the full well construction standard.

The static office building is no more: Property management teams create a dynamic environment that none of us can copy in a solo remote work environment. As the rental of office space is expected to increase in 2021, tenants should greatly rely on choosing an office building with a strong property management team to expand their experience and support their rental decision.

We look forward to welcoming new tenants to our offices in the coming weeks and months. Our property management teams will continue to be responsible for each of their buildings with a renewed sense of energy and purpose as we work together to create sustainable value.

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Amanda Coupe is the Regional Director of Real Estate Management for Austin, San Antonio and El Paso and has over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate. ‘A’ rating with BBB.

Call and find out the difference. Northpoint has a strict company-wide communication practice to respond immediately to contact. Our team will keep you updated without delay. We answer our phones!

We perform complete interior and exterior inspections and visit the property as needed throughout the lease to ensure that issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Asset Property Management San Antonio

We will protect you if your tenant stops paying rent or breaks the lease. We know the laws and the quickest ways to remedy such a situation. You will be in good hands.

Property Management: Creating Value Through Action

Convenient management and excellent customer service are the key to Northpoint’s approach. Northpoint will work with you to validate costs and strive to keep maintenance costs low.

I just wanted to spend a moment of my day saying “thank you” to Yvonne Hunt. Without her, my move and this process would have been stressful and unsuccessful. With Yvonne, this process has been completely blessed from start to finish. I can not thank her […]

“Jenna has already helped us negotiate a lease extension twice already and we look forward to spending another year in our wonderful home!” As a tenant, I am very pleased with the service we received from Jenna Poche and our experience with Northpoint Asset […]

As a tenant, we have had a good experience with Northpoint Asset Management. When we needed something, we always got an answer if we called. Jenna was competent, patient, polite and a problem solver. I can highly recommend Jenna as one that satisfies both landlords and tenants […]

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Jenna Poche from Northpoint Asset Management is a superstar! We had to move quickly, literally on Sunday we signed the lease and the furniture arrived on Monday morning. Jenna was a professional, she understood our situation urgently and acted quickly to make ALL this happen. Much […]

Sarah Joy has been a great asset to us as a property manager. She helped to create open communication between us (the tenants) and our landlord. She is always ready to help and always available for any questions or concerns we may have! We 100% recommend Sarah Joy and her company. Thanks for making our rental process easier!

I contacted Mr. Patrick M., a qualified, experienced and highly professional real estate manager, to manage my rental home in North Carolina. Patrick came over and did a great job of getting my property ready for rent to qualified tenants. Patrick is very informative, helpful, thoughtful and very honest. I am happy and not worried about his service and feel grateful for his hard work. Northpoint is a great company, thank you for doing a great job renting my property.

Asset Property Management San Antonio

I have had the BEST experience with NorthPoint for rental property management. and I look forward to their business if / when I need them again in the future. Patrick Monaghan’s professionalism, business acumen and communication were impeccable and consistent throughout. I was nervous about this idea as I had never rented a property before, but Patrick gave me confidence from the start and kept me in the loop, putting my mind and peace of mind. I am very grateful to him for his professionalism and diligence.

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Just wanted to say how nice it was to see the final billing and billing report. In the past, it seemed like the tenants always got their full deposit back and then we had to pay to clean the apartment. This has been handled the way we have been trying to resolve this for years without success. Good work! NAI Partners’ real estate specialists work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that the business plan for each investment is tailored to meet the set goals and maximize the value of the asset. They achieve this by providing a complete range of “best practice” services that improve daily maintenance and operation, improve the tenant experience, capital improvements / tenant improvements, accurate property accounting and comprehensive annual budgeting.

Property and Asset Management Houston | Austin | San AntonioNAI Partners offers specialized, customer-focused asset and property management services – think of us as YOUR own outsourced real estate department – providing a full range of bespoke asset and property management services to any of your office, retail and / or industrial investments CRE, do it from the owner’s perspective. Our Property Management Team works with the Leasing Project Team to maximize the value of an asset – from task transfer, lease administration, financial accounting and reporting to day-to-day operations, tenant satisfaction, capital improvements and annual budgeting to assisting in navigating the disposition process. Our property management professionals provide a full range of property management services, including operations management, financial reporting, construction management, down payment and REO divestiture. From strategy development to day-to-day operations, we combine unsurpassed local market knowledge with proven methods based on a “best practice” mentality, a flexible reporting platform and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction to customize our services.

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