How To Apply For Financial Assistance

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1 APPLY FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE APPLY THROUGH AN ALTERNATIVE ONLINE THROUGH THE ONLINE TRUST WEBSITE PLEASE READ THE COMMENTS BELOW CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING THE APPLICATION FORM. After filling the application form, you should remove these notes and keep them for your reference. The British Gas Energy Trust is a charitable foundation and as such is referred to as a trust. Before completing this application form, you are strongly advised to obtain free and independent money / debt advice, this is likely to increase your chances of a successful application. The trust seems to reward those who are committed to who can apply for the grant. You can contact the fund if you are in need, distress or other difficulty, and especially if you are unable to pay or pay bills for household gas or electricity services. Grants are available to pay off gas and electricity debts and a range of additional support described in section 14. These grants are called Supplemental Assistance Payments (FAP). Only the account holder (the person or persons listed on the account) can apply for help with gas and/or electricity debts. If the account holder is unable to apply for the grant, please explain why someone else is doing so on their behalf. The account holder must still sign the form. The Trust will only accept applications from residents of England, Scotland and Wales. Unfortunately, the Trust cannot accept applications from residents of Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Before contacting a boiler for boiler repair/replacement, check whether you are eligible for help under the British Gas ECO scheme. You can find the details here. If you are eligible for help under the ECO scheme, the fund will not be able to help with boiler repair/replacement. Please provide copies of all documents supporting your application as described in Section 13. We cannot process your application without this information. HOW CAN TRUST HELP? Test can only process applications for the following rates: Repayment of household electricity and gas debts. a number of other aids described in section 14. These grants are called Supplemental Assistance Payments (FAP). The fund cannot help with: Loans, bills or goods that have already been paid Criminal fines Education or training needs Home security deposits, mortgage payments Medical equipment, aids and adjustments Commercial debt catalogs, credit cards, personal loans and other forms unsecured lending Holiday rent or council tax arrears Home improvement eg. windows, doors, etc. Beds or blankets Please note: The British Gas Energy Trust is administered by Charis Grants Ltd (Charis) along with a number of other grant funds, see for details. By signing this form, you agree that your information will be shared with these other funds so that they can consider whether you are eligible for their support.

2 COMPLETE THE APPLICATION FORM It is strongly recommended to obtain financial/debt advice before applying to the fund. See page 1. Please complete all sections of the application form. If the paragraph is not applicable, fill in N/A. If you need help with your electricity and/or gas debt, please send: A copy of your most recent bill showing actual consumption; A meter reading taken on the day you submit your application (see section 6). Instructions for reading your meter are on the back of your bill, or advice will be provided from your supplier. It is very important that you provide as much information as possible about your circumstances in Sections 10 and/or 11. You must send us your income documents. All certificates must be less than 3 months old, with the exception of State Pension / Occupational Pension / Disability Allowance (DLA) and Child Benefit annual benefit letters. We cannot process your application without this information. Please provide copies of all supporting documents as we do not return originals. If you need help with the form, contact a local advice center such as the Citizens Advice Bureau. They can help you with the form and provide help and advice on any money/debt issues you may have. Do not forget to sign the declaration of point 12. if you do not sign it, we will not be able to assess your application. SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION Once you have completed the form, it should be returned to: FREEPOST BRITISH GAS ENERGY TRUST HOW WE PROCESS YOUR APPLICATION If we think other organizations may be of interest to you, we may provide you with information about their work or share your details with them. , so they can contact you about their services and/or products. Your information may also be used by other organizations for research and analysis purposes. You may receive letters, emails, phone calls or a home visit as part of our assessment process. If we can help you with your electricity or gas debt to British Gas, payment will be made directly to your British Gas account. We are writing to inform you that this payment has been made. If we can help you with other Additional Assistance Payments (FAP), we will write to let you know. Checks are payable to supplier and may be used for that purpose only. If you are eligible for help from another trust managed by Charis (see your application will be processed automatically. We may need to ask for more information. We will write to you if a payment has been made. If unable to help you with that. of any form of payment, we will write to inform you. Please note that the Foundation does not provide specific reasons why grants are not awarded. The Foundation receives many applications, so it may take a few weeks for your processing. RE-APPLYING If you receive an award, you cannot reapply for the fund for two years If you do not receive an award, you can reapply at any time if your circumstances change PAGE 2 JULY 2015

How To Apply For Financial Assistance

How To Apply For Financial Assistance

3 FOR OFFICE USE Date of Receipt: Reference BGET. APPLYING FOR SUPPORT SECTION 1 TELL US ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY I’m a British Gas customer I’m not a British Gas customer. Did you get money/debt advice before applying for a Trust? Yes If yes, Name of Money / Name of Debt Counseling Agency (Mr / Female / Female / Other) Name Surname Address No Index Telephone Date of Birth D D M M Å Å Å Å You must provide a contact telephone number National Insurance Number Note: Homeowner’s rent From a private landlord From a housing association / municipality Who shares your home with you? Mark all relevant questions. Wife, husband, partner, partner Full name of wife, husband, partner, partner Children and/or youth aged 19 and under in full-time education Other adults over 16 No, I live alone How many? How old are the children? SECTION 2 WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE HELP WITH WE HELP YOU? (PLEASE SEE PAGE 1) I am asking for help. you SECTION 3 APPLIED FOR THIS TRUST. Please tell us when you applied and from which address, if different from your current address; When the address Postcode, SECTION 4 HOW TO HEAR ABOUT THE TRUST. Utilities Health Professional Housing Agency CAB Consulting Agency Support Staff Website Website Media Verbal Other – please specify SECTION 5 WHO SHOULD WE TALK ABOUT THIS APPLICATION? You can get help filling out the application. If you would prefer us to speak to someone else about your application (if further information is needed or progress is being made), please provide their details below. This could be a friend, relative or consulting agency, eg. Consultation of citizens. If this section is not filled out, we will write to the applicant immediately. Your name (Mr / Mrs / Mrs / Other) Your organization Your address Your phone number Your job title Postcode Check here if you give the trust organization permission to speak to anyone from this organization about your application. JULY 2015 PAGE 3

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4 Please note: Only complete the lines in red letters if you are applying for assistance from other Charis-owned grant funds. See details online in SECTION 6 IF YOU WANT HELP WITH YOUR ELECTRICITY AND GAS DEBTS, LET US KNOW. a meter reading is provided if you do not have a prepayment meter. Electricity (previously) If you have a prepayment meter, check the relevant fields:

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