Greenville Property Management Companies

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We considered all 231 property management companies in the Greenville area. We looked at all the data and looked at the top 20 companies based on cost, rating, reliability and experience.

Our goal is for property owners to integrate with the best property management company, thus ensuring the prosperity of their investments. We’ve worked with Corporate Governance to focus on over 30 different variables to provide you with a hand-picked list of the best companies to do business in the Greenville area.

Greenville Property Management Companies

Greenville Property Management Companies

Higher Property Management provides comprehensive services to both property owners and tenants. It helps tenants find an apartment that meets their needs within the budget, keeps the property in the best possible condition, and provides a point of contact for longer-term relationships between companies. Moreover, it helps the owners the most in their business. …Read more

Greenville Property Management, Greenville Homes For Rent

Alpha Property was founded in 2007 by a local builder looking to find tenants in a growing stock of new construction. The company provides property management, sales, leasing and services to help its clients grow and prosper. …Read more

“They communicate well, are professional, and most importantly, manage every aspect of our business and potential customers, allowing them to provide us with a low maintenance cost. Just sit back and take care.”

Dan Joyner Property Management is a property management company based in Greenville. The organization, which has been in operation for more than 40 years, maintains its integrity by providing a comprehensive, proprietary service and maintenance program. In order to protect and secure the properties it manages, the company’s employees carry out regular inspections, maintenance and repairs. In addition to managing annual rents, it also manages rents to be collected, rents, and manages tenants’ budgets in order to protect tenants. …Read more

“Gwen C. Dan and the entire team at Joyner Property Management do a great job of taking care of our community. No decision has been made and they will stay on top of it until it is resolved. Everywhere, always, on a very busy basis!”

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Carolina Moves Property Management offers services that consumers are looking for at reasonable prices. Landlords can save money and reduce the stress of maintaining rental properties thanks to a flat fee structure and a 100-sensor old-fashioned satisfaction guarantee. The company aims to optimize profit by generating a consistent and sustainable source of income. Its unique business approach and commitment to asset preservation means it keeps over a thousand owners in the wallet every year. …Read more

“Political control is a great partnership. Elena has continued to be extremely helpful in keeping my home safe. She is ready and does a great job!”

Local Greenville real estate developers own and operate GoGo Property Management. The company is responsible for full service management and provides multi-unit properties, single-family homes, shops and commercial buildings, as well as a variety of project management services that can assist property owners in their investments and endeavors. Its accounting services are fully automated, and its customers receive accurate financial reports every month. …Read more

Greenville Property Management Companies

“My experience with GoGo Property Management has been nothing short of amazing. Emilia and Jennifer have been incredibly responsive and helpful in answering my many questions. I cannot recommend them enough!”

Greenville Rental Property Management Services

He then owned and operated a few local houses and property management companies. Its market is real estate investors with multiple properties; As a result, it offers discounts to these customers. The company performs tenant screening, marketing, collection solutions, monthly reporting, maintenance and repair of properties in its library. …Read more

“At home and then some of my clients are very helpful. They do a great job of finding good quality tenants and working with hard-working companies. Honest and very helpful.”

Letts Property Management has been providing excellent service since 2006 as a full service real estate provider. Entrepreneurs are self-owned managers who maintain high standards of ethics and professionalism in whatever they do. …Read more

“We continued our business with another manager of our property for four months with no success. Letts Property Management and their team sorted our house in a week.”

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Lott Management buys and maintains rental properties, specializing in property maintenance, from minor repairs to complete renovations. Vacant homes also benefit from your landscaping services. The company is able to predict the long-term movements of the real market by allowing others to invest in the company so they can safely gauge the currency during times of market turmoil. The best long-term solution is to invest in business. …Read more

“Most people recommend Lott Management. Nice work with a great responsive team. Plus they have a user friendly website with online application. How convenient!”

MISS. The Shore Society was founded in 1985. It is a full-service real estate business that provides commercial real estate brokerage, investment, development, consulting and property management services. Its mission is to offer professional and reputable services to clients and their clients, including full disclosure of information and representation, enabling them to make decisions about their investments. Licensed in South and North Carolina. …Read more

Greenville Property Management Companies

“I always enjoy working with MS Shore. They are beautiful, helpful and available. I appreciate the live response and the way they stay in touch.”

Greenville Real Estate Group

Marchant Property Management provides focused yet flexible management services in the Greater Greenville region. In order to provide the best services to both owners and rentals, she has a strong focus on detail and communication. The team uses their expertise and expertise to gain an edge in dealing with their clients. Rents are determined by market estimates and indexed on the MLS and Facebook. The team is also responsible for the day-to-day operations of the store. …Read more

NAI Earle Furman was founded by J. Earle Furman in 1986 and has become a market leader in commercial real estate with offices throughout South Carolina. The company deals with office, insurance, investment and real estate production. NAI Furman Company offers a wide range of services, including sales, leasing, site selection and corporate management. …Read more

Palmetto Man’s Property serves the Greenville, Clemson and Spartanburg metropolitan areas. Its residential and commercial properties include condominiums, duplexes, apartments, commercial spaces and single-family homes. The company manages residential and commercial premises professionally and has several years of experience in managing small and large real estate investments. …Read more

“I used Palmetto Man to manage my investment properties. When I was in real estate myself, I knew my best time was selling, closing deals, and working with buyers and sellers.”

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PMI Upstate SC is a property management and brokerage firm. It provides high-quality property administration services to both residential and commercial owners using the latest technology to keep them up-to-date with their investments and to tenants, providing real-time access to maintenance and billing needs. . The staffing company also provides a 24-hour phone line in case of an emergency if you are an agitated tenant. … Read more

“I can’t say enough good things about PMI Upstate. They have helped me a lot with the rental business and quit. Great company and extremely responsive.”

Greenville Property Management began operations in 2009. The Society of Good Governments wants to be an international organization for all concerned. Its staff provides 24-hour assistance even after the tenant has been selected. PMG owns a wide range of properties in Greenville, Pickens, Anderson, Spartanburg and Laurens counties. …Read more

Greenville Property Management Companies

“We recently switched to PMG to help manage some apartment rentals. The staff was more than helpful! We’re sure we’ll be using them for our great sharing properties.”

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Reedy Property Group specializes in property development, investment and management. It provides property management services for single and multi-family and commercial properties, as well as a wide range of development services to help property owners invest in their area. …Read more

SGS Property Services manages multi-family and single-family homes. Dedicated to providing the best real estate offerings to community owners and renters. The company pays for customer service as well as for the goods with which the company is available. SGS also has a professional contractor who can assess any work that needs to be done in-house. …Read more

“Great company. Responds quickly. All questions are professional, knowledgeable and to the point. Helpful suggestions on family management.”

Stone Property Management offers a range of services, from listing managed properties on its own site to responding to regular and emergency tenant maintenance requests. Single and multi-family housing options are affordable and conveniently located within the Greenville city limits. The company provides light business premises on high-traffic roads in the city. It offers a range of office space in the city, central area and surrounding areas. …Read more

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“Working with a company like Stone Property Management in Greenville made everything so much easier. Ella and the staff were professional, professional and friendly in every way.”

The Parker Group is a family-owned management company

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