Forex Trend Line Strategy

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I have developed a new trend-breaking strategy that is simple but easy to understand. In this article I will teach you how to draw trend lines correctly, clear trend line confirmation, trend line trading strategy secrets, 4 keys to profitable forex trend trading and many other basic trading principles. This strategy can also be used precisely on day trading trends. We want all the best trendline trading tips in this article. We also teach trend line drawing with fractals.

This Trend Breaker strategy also uses three different time frames. They are the time frames of 4 hours, 1 hour and 15 minutes. This top-down approach uses these time frames to identify a trend, find a breakout point, determine an entry point, and execute the trade. You can also read about the Trader Profile Quiz.

Forex Trend Line Strategy

Forex Trend Line Strategy

The first thing you need to do is identify an up, down or sideways trend by switching to 4-hour and 1-hour time frames. The reason both are used is that they will give you the best perspective on identifying a trend under this strategy. Draw a trend line so that it touches 3 resistance or support points. We created this trendline trading system so you can easily enter into trades without a lot of guesswork on your part. Here you can watch a funny video about trading levels.

Trendwende Mit Diagonal Trend Breakouts Strategie

As this strategy focuses on trends, a trend line will be drawn on the trend’s support or resistance lines. The criteria for a trend is that there must be at least three resistance or support points.

Below is the same chart, but this is a time frame of 1 hour. This is just to get a different perspective on this downward trend. It is good to do this to fully confirm this trend by locating 3 resistance levels. Trendline trading is not easy, so it is important to have a clear step-by-step rule system to make it easy for you to follow.

To find a starting point for the trend identified in the first step, the strategy will use a combination of the three indicators (MACD, 15-minute SMA, EMA) to identify a breakout of the 15-minute time frame. This time frame is used because a trend was already identified in the first step of the 4-hour and 1-hour time frames.

As you can see in the chart above for the 15 minute time frame, the MACD lines are crossed. When the crossing of the fast length and the slow length happens, it will signal a new trend. This gave an indication that a trend is about to break. The lines of moving averages and exponential averages also crossed. So when the MACD lines intersect and the simple moving average / exponential crossover lines wait until the candlesticks go above / below the trend line drawn in the first step, then spot a trading entry point. One of the reasons we like trendline trading so much is that it is simple and straightforward, and we recommend that all traders have something simple.

Trend Lines Trading Strategy

So looking at our example above, the criteria are met to go to the third step because SMA and EMA crossed and the MACD lines crossed. Also the trend went up and hit our trend line. This is a signal to go to step three.

If none of the indicators cross before the candlesticks close and hit the trend line, do not proceed as the trade does not meet the criteria of the rules. Indicators should show that the trend broke before it touched the trend line.

Note * When our indicators intersect, the trend should be directed towards the trend line drawn in the first step. This is because the trend is about to break and an outbreak is about to happen. When the outbreak occurs, we discuss when to make an entry.

Forex Trend Line Strategy

Now we need to specify an entry point. To determine an entry point, always use a 15 minute time frame in this strategy.

What Is A Trendline In Forex Forex Retro

In this example, there are three candlesticks that fell above the trend line after our indicators showed that the trend was broken. At this point you will make an entry. Also read about Trader’s Tech and MT4 EA setup with indicators.

Place a stop loss beyond the last levels of support and resistance in the trend itself. Use the 15 minute time frame again to find the resistance / support level.

In the example shown below, place the stop loss below the last support level. This will ensure that if there has been a bearish move, it will hit the last support point and make a bullish move upwards.

You can clearly see that there are two levels of support in the example above. Use support levels to determine your stop loss. The rules were to place the stop loss below the last support level, which is why you see the stop loss below these levels.

Trading Strategies For The Trend Line Tactician

The plan clearly identified a trend, a breaking point, an entry point, and defined a breaking loss. The last step is to determine the starting point. This Trend Breaker strategy uses a 1 risk to 3 reward ratio.

To do this, the first thing you need to do is determine how many pips there are from the starting point to the stop unloaded. So let’s say you had 24 pips between those positions. Since we use a 1 risk for 3 reward ratios, we will simply multiply the number of pips between stop and entry by 3. This will give us 72.

The rules were followed, the risk ratio of 1 to 3 was applied and the trading strategy worked perfectly! Here is the Trendline Trading YouTube video we made to help you follow the strategy more easily.

Forex Trend Line Strategy

This Trend Break strategy is simple but effective. No need to stress and worry that you have made a wrong trade. You follow the rules and do not let anything else get you out of a trade. If it follows the rules, perform the trade with confidence.

Trend Line Trading Strategy Trading Strategy Guides

This will help you identify daily trends and where they break. You do not have to force yourself to act. If it does not follow your rules and guidelines, look for another pair to deal with. Feel free to check out one of our other trading strategies. Click here to learn Fibonacci’s trendline strategy.

This full report will show you detailed information about this strategy and why it works so well. It will also show you more examples of this strategy. Download Trendline Trading Strategy PDF.

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The Utility Of Trendlines

Please log in again. The login page opens in a new tab. Once logged in, you can close it and return to this page. Ups and downs are hot topics among technical analysts and traders because they ensure that underlying market conditions work in favor of a trader’s position, not against it. Trend lines are easily recognizable lines that traders draw on charts to link a series of prices together.

The resulting line is then used to give the trader a good idea of ​​the direction in which the value of an investment may be moving. In this article you will find out how to use this tool. It will not take long to plot them on your own charts to increase your chances of landing a successful trade.

Understanding the direction of an underlying trend is one of the most basic ways to increase the likelihood of landing a successful trade because it ensures that the overall market forces are working to your advantage.

Forex Trend Line Strategy

Downward lines indicate that there is an excess amount of supply to the security, an indication that market participants are more willing to sell an asset than to buy it. As you can see below, when there is a downward trend line (black dotted line), you should avoid holding a long position. a profit on an increase is unlikely when the overall long-term trend is heading downwards.

Trade Broken Trendlines Without Going Broke

Also notice that there are a number of lower ups and downs, which is characteristic of a confirmed downward trend. Conversely, an uptrend is a signal that the demand for the asset is greater than the supply and is used to indicate that the price is probable

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