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An Afghan scholarship recipient receives a laptop of excellence to the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Bernhard Schlagheck at the inauguration ceremony of the Hans Seidel Scholarship Program; HSF

Aims to strengthen regional stability in Afghanistan through extensive education: through long-term support for young, talented Afghan students who are registered and enrolled as refugees at universities. Through the HSSP, these Afghan students are allowed to fund their university studies, receive additional education in relevant disciplines in addition to their studies, including important professional experience such as on-the-job training, and apply their newly acquired knowledge regionally. An introductory flyer for the program can be found here.

Apply For Academic Scholarships

Apply For Academic Scholarships

The HSSP is implemented by the HSF and the National Dialogue Forum and is part of the broader bilateral dialogue – Afghanistan. The fact sheet highlights everything about the HSSPata view.

Scholarship For College Students Early 2022

Currently, the HSSP provides approximately 30 financial grant positions per year for Afghan students for the duration of their academic studies until the completion of their current Bachelor or Master’s degree (maximum four or two years per person). It tries to contribute significantly to all major student costs (living expenses, academic fees, writing materials, books, etc.) from HEC recognized universities.

All scholarships are accompanied by conceptual support from HSF partner organizations and the HSF Country Office. This accompanying support will be in democratic education, academic work, tolerance, conflict resolution and social cohesion. For this purpose, educational events and workshops, dialogue, cultural and sporting activities are realized. They will cover a range of relevant topics, such as social cohesion, human rights, equality, subsidiarity, political systems, digital skills, rhetoric, soft skills and academic methodological knowledge.

To gain hands-on work experience and to build professional networks, every citizen has the opportunity to complete professional on-the-job training during their academic studies. This activity is to be organized by the citizen (with the support of HSF) but is fully funded by HSF through continuous payment of the scholarship.

For answers to frequently asked HSSP questions, visit w.e.g. the HSF FAQ page and see About Scholarships / About HSSP Scholarships. Please be sure to read this page carefully before contacting us or applying for the HSSP scholarship as it contains important background information.

Sbw Berlin Scholarship

If your questions are not answered, please contact the HSSP Project Coordinator at the National Dialogue Forum for free. You can reach Mr Ahmad Mujtaba Khan at ahmed.mujtaba (at) or +92 317 317 5752 (weekdays 09:00 to 17:00).

External Content To view this content (source:, you must accept. We would like to point out that by accepting this iframe, data may be transferred to third parties or cookies may be stored. For more information, see our Privacy Policy. It’s time to start a new semester with exceptional student scholarships waiting for you. In fact, they are eager to embark on a new journey of mastering knowledge; however, some are not because they have a heavy financial burden. As you know, college or college tuition in the US is not cheap at all, especially for many hot majors. Don’t worry; You have many friends in the same situation here and () can help you find a suitable scholarship with a great sponsorship rate. Come with us now.

Undergraduate students from the United States can study abroad and in regions critical of the United States. Therefore, the Boren Awards are made possible by the National Security Education Program (NSEP), which focuses on languages, geographies, and fields of study that are considered critical to U.S. national security.

Apply For Academic Scholarships

Augustana College offers the opportunity to attract graduate high school seniors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in their school and community to compete in the Distinguished Scholars competition. So this is the most prestigious scholarship event.

Scholarships For Seniors

Similarly, there is a prestigious scholarship for students who have graduated academically. Davidson Scholarships are awarded to talented, high-achieving students under the age of 18 who have completed critical work.

BIG ARTS offers its classical music scholarship to students with professional goals to study classical musical instruments such as piano, strings, wind and percussion and orchestral instruments.

In addition, this award aims to provide financial aid to highly qualified and talented students who wish to continue their studies and education in classical music.

Finally, Young Women in STEM Scholarship is an ideal choice for you if you are female. It aims to accommodate the next generation of women in STEM fields, especially those from low-income families. High school seniors and bachelor students from low-income families pursuing a STEM degree are enrolled.

How To Apply For Scholarships

Finding the right scholarship is critical to your academic success. So do not waste your time applying for a scholarship if you do not know enough about it. Did any of the scholarships listed above relate to your financial skills, interests or abilities? Or maybe you want to know more about the different options. Here is your solution! The fastest way we recommend is to find a center that can help you match your interests, skills and financial abilities with scholarships. The USA Scholarship Guide is not only a website that can help you find a prestigious scholarship, but also allow you to win a $ 1,000 scholarship. What a fantastic option! Do not miss this great opportunity.

In other words, their mission is to give you the information you need and to guide you to a successful future. Scholarships, internships and student deals are waiting for you to discover.

Have you already found a suitable scholarship? If not, read on for some winning strategies. Here are some helpful tips just for you.

Apply For Academic Scholarships

In the USA Scholarship Guide you will find scholarships for college after college, such as Masters and Ph.D. Programmer and so on. Many scholarships have simple requirements that anyone can apply for are available and waiting for you.

How To Write Academic Cv For Scholarship (10 Examples)

Email is the most polite way to express your requests and desires. To request additional scholarship funds, the school will send the admissions office by email. Personalize your message so that the admissions office does not think they will receive a formal letter, which gives the impression that the school is your top choice.

Grants are usually awarded by the federal government, states or colleges based on financial needs. Scholarships are generally awarded based on merit, athletic ability, or other student achievement and characteristics. As a result, students are not required to pay subsidies or scholarships that are considered as gift aid.

The average student in America graduates with more than $ 37,000 in personal debt. Regardless of your profession, paying off debt and collecting interest can take a decade or more. What are your thoughts on getting this debt as low as possible, if not zero?

It is a lofty goal for students who work hard to achieve by applying for scholarships. We can not deny that this is an ingenious strategy. Do you feel the same way? Please read this article again from () and consider applying for one or more college student scholarships for which you are eligible. It is the best way to help you save a significant amount of money. When applying for a scholarship, your CV (Curriculum Vitae or CV) often acts as the first assessment filter in which you try to fit the basic requirements of the call. that your experience is compatible with the program you want to apply for and that you are a candidate with academic, professional and personal potential.

Hanns Seidel Scholarship Program For Afghan Refugees In Pakistan

An academic resume for a scholarship should be short and to the point. It is recommended to use Times New Novel fonts in bullets, bold and uppercase letters to present relevant information to the reader. Information must be in chronological order. Do not fall into clichés, but present something unique about yourself.

The role of the academic CV is to attract the attention of the scholarship holder to continue with the motivation letter, which aims to conclude by convincing him that your candidacy is most indicated above all others. An improperly planned academic CV can lead to the rejection of a scholarship.

This makes the CV one of the most important documents in the evaluation process. We want to give you some tips based on our experience of winning scholarships and successfully advising other people in their application processes.

Apply For Academic Scholarships

Before you start writing your resume, you need to evaluate yourself and determine the elements of your professional, academic and personal experience that you put on paper.

Fully Funded German Academic Exchange Service Daad Scholarships 2022

In the beginning, you need to gather as much information as possible in order to have a broader view of what you are offering, then you need to choose which one to show and how to do it. Remember that the scholarship has the last sentence, so do your research about them and the profile they are looking for. Based on this, select and highlight the most relevant skills and experiences in your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

You can start your research by carefully reading the scholarship description and its requirements. You can also review the profiles of other companies studying on this scholarship. Many times scholarship providers publish articles or institutional videos

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