Bachelor Of Cyber Security

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This course is aimed at enthusiasts of problem-based learning about real cyber events, providing all the essential knowledge, skills and knowledge for future proof IT and user security positions. of virtual online class support. environment.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc) and as an expert in cyber security and information security you will have great job expectations.

Bachelor Of Cyber Security

Bachelor Of Cyber Security

With the skills you have acquired, as a result of completing the Cyber ​​Security Management course, you will be able to work critically for companies in the process and process organizational information. security, in IT operations and in information technology.

Is A Cyber Security Degree Worth It? Analyzing The Facts

You are involved in the design, development, selection and implementation of IT security architects, IT security processes and technologies within companies and management. This course allows you to work in a combination of specialized workplaces and IT security in a company if appropriate and competent.

The research concept sees problem-based learning as a learning experience, thus providing problems through practice that can solve many problems on its own, in action- and leadership.

This course is offered full-time, part-time and dual in 6 or 8 semesters. Windows Mobility was integrated last semester, allowing you to spend time at home and abroad, especially with Cyber ​​Campus NRW partners, according to education or training. The course of study time includes the practical level or semester cycle and the thesis.

At the end of the semester, you can choose from four choices to be made based on advanced standards in information security, information security, IT security architectures and e-government content. specialize in the personal design of your course. In the last semester, the concept part is carried out. It gives you an understanding of everyday work situations and you can test the knowledge you have gained in theoretical practice training. This is done according to the preparation of the bachelor thesis in the same semester. The degree culminates in a colloquium of bachelor thesis.

Bcsmt Cyber Security Management (bachelor Of Science)

The classes are modular, with each module ending with a functional test for similarity scores (CP).

The Cyber ​​Security Management (B.Sc.) course is true for today’s youth who have a passion for security and a passion for development, who are looking for new and future classes with the latest techniques. . . To be efficient and effective in the global work of tomorrow with its digital and automated content and make it economically and ecologically sustainable.

As a course graduate, you have the skills and abilities in the way you can best meet your current and future information and communication positions. technology and core processes, depending on your chosen focus and your personal preferences. Then, you can write the following functions, for example:

Bachelor Of Cyber Security

The average annual growth rate for employees in the IT security industry is high, even more often than not compared to the industry as a whole. The prospects for the future are therefore very good.

Fernstudium Cyber Security

The high demand for IT security professionals makes it worthwhile to start with salaries and salaries above. In ranking the income of other skilled workers, the average salary is above.

We draw your attention to the fact that you have left our website and clearly state that we have no influence over the design and content of the linked pages and therefore cannot accept any Responsibility for their decisions for your future. – and for many others. Because IT security is an integral part of digital life and will remain so for many years to come. As a Bachelor of Science, you improve open security and protect business, community and individual information from unlawful attacks. The Cyber ​​Security course at the University of Saarbrücken is a specialty of German computer science universities and engages you with research leaders from the very beginning.

Combining courses in the fields of computer science and math gives you both scientifically oriented fitness and practice-oriented skills for business and industry.

Decide now on a cyber security class and study in a good environment with CISPA and other talented IT organizations. The Department of Computer Science at the University of Saarbrücken is also a director at CHE College.

Cyber Security (bachelor Of Science)

I was aiming for a professor, and research was a part of it. The main reason I chose this career was to teach, for example, to prepare and give lectures, to supervise students or to encourage female students in my studies. What also pleases me about this position is the thematic freedom. The task of the scientist is to solve unknown problems. That means you don’t have to know in advance what the next step is. For this you have to think, create, be creative, use and experiment; Sometimes the idea works, sometimes it doesn’t. This freedom to develop my own way (vs. follow my request) is also important for me to be a scientist.

I am researching IT security and I want this opportunity to make our global communications more secure in the world thanks to the results of our research. I want to say that we can work on completing the issues and suggest solutions.

I also love the freedom you have based on research. For example, I have the opportunity, among other things, to choose my place of study, a job or the people I want to work with. I can also plan my work day on my own.

Bachelor Of Cyber Security

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and research. This includes not only giving lectures or supervising students, but also speaking at international conferences. These meetings are also a great way to promote international dialogue. What I also like about conferences is the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in different disciplines.

Bachelor’s In Computer Science

In my research, I have developed new ways to receive and detect both malicious and malicious programs. I’m still checking if we can trust the existing antivirus software.

Although there are more men than women in IT security research, it didn’t affect my choice to research in this area and it certainly didn’t affect my career.

There are also workshops or exercises (e.g. black hoodie) that try to make women want to know more about this topic. Saarland University also offers, among other things, MentoMINT or the best service for young women or scholars. I am always happy to answer questions or share my past experiences.

“We don’t expect students to have previous experience, just to enjoy complex topics. As they learn, students learn the most important IT security concepts. From the beginning, they will understand one by one. -one by choosing options in meetings and lectures. ”Dr.-Ing. Ben Stock, Senior Researcher at CISPA “We don’t expect students to have prior knowledge, just to enjoy the content. Of IT security from the beginning, that they can understand one by one by choosing options in meetings and lectures. ”Dr.-Ing. Ben Stock, Director of Research at CISPA

Online Bachelor’s In Computer Science Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity education of the world’s best scientists creates the best education and careers in the industry. And most of all, no tuition. Christian Rossow, Senior Scientist at CISPA Learn about cybersecurity from the world’s best scientists who create the best education and work experience. And most of all, no tuition. Christian Rossow, Chief Scientist at CISPA

“Smart and machine learning skills create new, but also cyber security risks. Be an expert in this field!” Prof. Dr. Mario Fritz, Senior Scientist at CISPA “Smart intelligence and machine learning have developed new methods, but also pose a risk to cybersecurity. Become an expert on this publication! ” Prof. Dr. said. Mario Fritz, Principal of CISPA

The standardized study time is for semesters to obtain a “Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)”. The current state of cybersecurity research is further enhanced by the concept of classical computer science research. “Concepts of Machine Learning” and “Cryptography” form the basis of the course. Free content options are, for example, “Web Security” or “Mobile Security” along with language courses and IT events.

Bachelor Of Cyber Security

The timeline gives you an overview of what the cybersecurity research semester will look like as well. Before you start your study, you will need to combine your plans according to your personal preferences.

Bachelor Of Science In Cybersecurity

In Programming 2, students learned the basics of essential / object-oriented programming. Java is commonly used as a programming language. The event includes the following learning objectives:

The goal of this model is to understand the mathematical concepts of difference and the distribution, to understand and apply the process of point and time estimation, measurement, and Markov segregation process and to use the process to describe the actual situation.

This course covers the basics of machine learning as well as a focus on statistical processes. This course covers the skills necessary to select and apply statistical methods necessary for data identification and to evaluate data effectiveness. This course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of machine learning, but focuses on performance. The lectures generally follow the book “An Introduction to Education with Applications in R (2013)”. Sometimes the class receives additional information from The Elements of Statistical Learning, Springer (second edition, 2009). The first book is a guide, the second covers higher topics. Both books are available as free PDFs. On average, a weekly lecture (90 minutes) and a bi-weekly lecture (90 minutes) are available.

Students know the different calculation patterns and their relative and relative strength. You can tell problems by choosing whether they can be solved with some common calculations or not.

Bachelor Of Science In Cyber Security

Students learn about the most important process in generating algorithms and data models

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