Early Childhood Special Education Endorsement

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1 FAQ: Masters Program and Certification in Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) Certification of Early Childhood Special Education Department of Educational Psychology, Special Education and Communication Disorders College of Education & Human Development, Georgia State University Atlanta, GA How do I know if a Special Education Early Childhood program is a program right for me? – MA T. (Master of Arts in Teaching) in Special Education with a focus on Early Childhood Special Education is a master’s degree with initial certification in the General Curriculum of Special Education: Early Childhood. This will prepare you to work with young children (birth preschool and kindergarten through 5th grade) from all categories and areas with disabilities, as well as their families. If you want to work with children over the age of 8, it is recommended that you look into another Georgia State University special education program. – M.Ed. in special education with a focus on early childhood special education is a master’s degree program for those who have completed coursework and certification in the general curriculum of special education: early childhood. This will prepare you to work with young children (birth preschool and kindergarten through 5th grade) from all categories and areas with disabilities, as well as their families. If you want to work with children over the age of 8, it is recommended that you look into another Georgia State University special education program. -The only certification program in the general curriculum of special education: Early Childhood prepares you to work with young children (nature, preschool and preschool through grade 5) from all categories and areas with disabilities, as well as their families. -The Disability Endorsement of Special Education Preschool Program allows those with current Georgian certification in preschool, special education, or speech/language to add certification to work specifically with preschool children (ages 3-5) with disabilities. What are the Georgia PSC Certification Options? o General Early Childhood Special Education Curriculum (certified to teach all core subjects for children from Kindergarten to 5th grade with and without disabilities included in the General Curriculum); Offered as a M.A.T. with certification OR certification only o Preschool Special Education Endorsement (certified to teach 3-5 year old children with disabilities) Should I do certification only or a Masters with certification in ECSE? – The answer to this will depend on your career goals and your current degree status. If you already have a relevant master’s degree, it may make sense to do certification alone. If you don’t already have a master’s degree, complete an M.A.T. diploma with

2 certifications can increase the marketability and scale of your salary in the job market. MAT. the degree includes 3 additional courses and an extended exam requirement in addition to the courses required for certification only. If you already have a bachelor’s degree and certification in ECSE, M.Ed. enables you to develop your growth and research as a masters teacher in early childhood special education. If I am only accepted into the certification program, can I later decide to pursue a master’s degree? – Yes. You must apply for the MA program. T., which involves submission of GRE scores and submission of letters of recommendation and application fees. Please note: in addition to the pre-course units, you can transfer a maximum of 9 credits to the M.A.T. program, so you need to decide quickly if you want to switch to this option. What if I already have certification in a related field and only need certification to work with a young child? – You can add a Preschool Special Education certification to the current Georgia certification in Early Childhood, Special Education, or Spoken Language. The 3 required courses are: EXC 7010 (Language Development) offered every summer, EXC 7650 Features for Toddlers with Special Needs (offered every fall), and EXC 7660: Teaching Methods for Toddlers with Special Needs (offered every two springs) . † You must take the 7650 before you take the 7660 and the 7660 has the required lab 3 hours a day, one day a week in a program suitable for young children with special needs. What is the typical study load for full-time students? What about part-time students? – Full-time students are those who take 9 semester hours per semester (3 courses). Part-time students take 5 credits per semester (less than 2 courses). Many students complete their master’s degree while working full-time in the classroom as a teacher or paraprofessional or even in other professions. Do I need to complete any prior education before applying for this program? – No. You are not required to complete any prior education before applying for or being admitted to the program. If you miss any of the required courses, they will be included in your program plan. You can use it at your leisure during your studies. While you are advised to complete the requirements before your other courses, it is not a requirement. Work with your advisor to take the course when it becomes available. How long will it take to complete the program? – If a full-time student has not completed any prior education before admission, he or she can usually complete the program in 2-3 years (including the summer). Earning credit for a prerequisite course of a comparable course completed in a previous degree may reduce the number of semester hours required to complete the program.

Early Childhood Special Education Endorsement

Early Childhood Special Education Endorsement

3 When will I know which course I will take? – Once you have been admitted to the program, you will be assigned an advisor. You will contact and meet with your advisor to plan your program (determine the specific courses needed and when they will be taken), prior to the first semester of your course. When are classes offered? -Most classes are offered in the afternoon (eg 4.30-7pm) and evening (7:15-9:45pm). In summer, however, some courses may be offered during the day. The time when each class is scheduled may vary from semester to semester, and some classes are offered only once a year or annually. Your advisor has up-to-date information about course availability. Do you offer distance learning or online courses? – Currently, there are multiple courses in the program that are offered entirely online. Some of the other courses are offered online in a hybrid model, meeting on campus parts of the semester and online at other times. When should I submit my application? – Applications can be submitted all year round. To be admitted, the application must be complete and all materials must be submitted to the Academic Assistance Office of the College of Education & Human Development. You can find admission information on the Internet under College of Education & Human Development, Graduate Admissions, or you can call (404) What materials should be included in the application package? – For certification applications only, you must submit a completed application form, two copies of a signed official bachelor’s degree, and a 300- to 500-word essay on why you wish to pursue certification. – For a master’s degree application, you must submit the above with at least 2 letters of recommendation and a current GRE score. Who should write my recommendation letter? – You want people who know your academic potential to write a letter of recommendation for you. Usually, the academic faculty member teaching the course you have enrolled in will serve as the most relevant letter writer. You are not limited to two letters, so the employer or supervisor may also be the best person to write the letter. Personal friends, family friends, relatives, etc. are usually not the best source for backup. What are the minimum grade point average and GRE scores required for the master’s program? – Minimum undergraduate GPA for M.A.T. and M.Ed. the special education program is 2.75 and a minimum GRE score of 850 (minimum 400 each, oral and quantitative) if taken before 8/1/11; 286 (minimum 146 verbal and 140 quantitative)

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4 if accepted on or after 8/1/11 to be considered for admission. You are encouraged to retake the GRE before applying if you feel your scores do not represent the best you can do. Is the Praxis I exam or the GACE I exam required for admission to the ECSE program? – This is required for some applicants. You are exempt from the PRAXIS I exam or the GACE I exam if you hold a clear Renewable or Higher T-4 Education Certificate in a specified area or if you have obtained a qualifying grade on any of the following tests : SAT with at least total score of 1000 (combination of oral and math), GRE with minimum total score of 1030 if taken before August 1, 2011 & score of 297 if taken on or after August 1, 2011 (combination of oral and quantitative),

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