Unlocking Cell Phones Codes

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If you’re a tech fan, chances are you know most of the secret cell phone codes that usually start with “* #”. For those who are not aware, mobile phones have long had secret codes that can be used to access interesting hidden apps and settings.

These codes can be broadly classified into two main categories USSD codes and MMI codes. Although often not very useful to the average smartphone owner, these hidden codes can sometimes be used just to satisfy your curiosity. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to create a comprehensive list of these secret codes for Android devices.

Unlocking Cell Phones Codes

Unlocking Cell Phones Codes

Before we get started, it might be a good idea to know what these codes are and what the difference is between MMI and USSD codes. But if you’re in a hurry, you can also skip to the part where we talk about smartphone-specific codes.

How To Unlock A Cell Phone

Although the average user may not even need to know the difference between the two, it is always good to know what the differences are. Both USSD and MMI codes usually start with an asterisk or a pound sign / hashtag. These codes are updated regularly when new versions of Android software are released and some manufacturers have their own special extra codes.

The procedure for entering the code is very simple and only requires you to pick up your dial pad and enter the appropriate number sequence. Please note that some codes are operator specific, so they may not work on all devices. So if your phone does not respond to the code, do not worry about it, just go ahead and find another one.

And these codes are typically used for communication between your smartphone and your mobile network operator. It also means that you almost always have to be connected to your provider for the USSD codes to work.

In the past, USSD codes were used to start / stop specific value-added services. They were also helpful in informing you about your data usage and prepaid balance and accessing operator-specific information.

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Although still used by smartphone enthusiasts, USSD codes have largely been overlooked among regular users as most providers have their own app / website where most of this information is readily available. USSD codes are usually operator specific and vary from provider to provider. You need to contact your provider to get the ones that apply to you.

Circuits and are generally specific to the make or model of the smartphone. MMI codes give you access to several interesting things on your smartphone – from IMEI number and SAR values ​​to hidden menus commonly used by smartphone engineers and repair services.

For example, multiple smartphones allow users to enter the MMI code and access the “test” menu. This menu allows users to quickly run various tests on their smartphone, from camera and vibration tests to speaker and screen tests.

Unlocking Cell Phones Codes

Note that there are only a few MMI codes that normally work on all Android smartphones. We have listed the most common in a general code list below.

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These codes are mostly universal and should work on all Android devices, regardless of manufacturer. However, there may still be operator restrictions on certain codes, so not everyone is guaranteed to work.

These are not secret, but not so well known. USSD or unstructured additional service data are codes attached to the telephone network to perform certain tasks, such as determining how much credit you have left on your prepaid phone, or how much data you have used this month. They change frequently and the codes vary from provider to provider. Here are a few that you can try for some of the major US companies, as well as links to specific operator codes:

There is a good chance that you will never need to use most of these codes, but if you do, you now know where to find them.

Are there any secret codes that you use all the time? Or are there some we have not mentioned here that are really interesting? Tell us in the comments!

Very Useful Secret Codes For All Samsung Phones!

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Unlocking Cell Phones Codes

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Unlock Codes & Network Cellphone Unlocking

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Unlocking Cell Phones Codes

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Phone Unlock Codes For Android

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