Classes To Take For Accounting

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This free 2-part accounting basics course will walk you through the accounting process. We explore the layout of the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. We’ll show you how to prepare financial statements from scratch. This free accounting course is an essential element needed to perform financial modeling and other types of financial analysis on Wall Street.

In the first part of this free accounting course, we explore the layout of the balance sheet and income statement, how transactions are recorded, and how to prepare these reports. By the end of this unit, you will have a good understanding of how to create a balance sheet and income statement.

Classes To Take For Accounting

Classes To Take For Accounting

In the second part of this free accounting course, we explore the layout of the cash flow statement and explain the differences between the cash flow statement and the income statement. By the end of this section, you will have a good understanding of how to create a statement of cash flows.

Financial Accounting Online Course

This online accounting course includes a wide range of applied exercises and case studies. Sophisticated search and navigation tools let you go at your own pace, while pop quizzes test what you’ve learned. The course also includes two PDF reference guides – a financial statement dictionary and an accounting worksheet. These can be used during class and can be downloaded to your computer for future reference. This is the ultimate accounting course that will prepare you for a career on Wall Street!

This free online accounting course is designed for anyone who wants to review the basics and building blocks of the accounting process. This course will also be useful for professionals working in finance who wish to review the concepts required for financial modeling and valuation in later CFI courses.

Session Objectives Warm Up Question 1 Three Basic Financial Statements Balance Sheet: Assets Balance Sheet: Liabilities Balance Sheet: Equity Balance Sheet Interactive Exercise 1 Record the transactions Issuing stock for 100 cash Taking out a four-year bank loan Buying property for 80 Inventory for 60 Selling all inventory for 90 Paying earnings of 20 Interest payments 3 Interactive exercise 2 Determining receivables and payables Buying and selling on credit Interactive exercise 3 Exercise Vadero Inc.

Session Objectives Warm Up Question 2 The Role of the Income Statement Income Statement: Gross Profit Income Statement: Operating Income Income Statement: Net Income Create a Complete Income Statement Interactive Exercise 4 Recording Revenue and Expenses Subscription Recording Expenses Part 2 Accrued Expenses Interactive Exercise 5 Luton Inc Exercise Depreciation Impact of Depreciation Different Types of Depreciation Methods Interactive Exercise 6 Exercise Jenga Inc.

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Downloadable Files Session Objectives The Three Basic Financial Statements Overview The Role of the Statement of Cash Flows Statement of Cash Flows: Operating Cash Flows Statement of Cash Flows: Investing Cash Flows Statement of Cash Flows: Financing Cash Flows Profit vs. Cash Flows Matching Concepts Over Time Interactive exercise 7. Summary of PP&E and depreciation Depreciation and three financial statements Interactive exercise 8. Calculation of operating cash flow – direct method Indirect method Operating cash flow – indirect method Example solution of operating cash flow 1st operating period Cash flow 1 Period 2 Example Period 2 Solution Operating cash flows Period 3 Example of Period 3 Interactive exercise 9 Johannes cash flow exercise Extracting the entire statement of cash flows First stage – comparison of balance sheets Si allocation of assets and liabilities Second stage – classification of cash flows Classification of current cash flows k capital Property, plant and equipment (PP&E) operations Calculating net capital expenditure (capex) Treatment of retained earnings Interactive exercise 10 Preparing a statement of cash flows Summary

FMVA® Financial Analyst Certification courses are offered 100% online, giving you the flexibility to start your Financial Analyst program at any time and learn when it’s most convenient for you.

Students must complete all core and elective courses (14 in total) and demonstrate subject mastery through successful completion of course materials, quizzes, and assessments.

Classes To Take For Accounting

I learned many things that I did not understand in school. This course allowed me to better understand financial statements.

Get A Headstart On Your Business Classes: Take Accounting Online Over The Summer (bus 1a & 1b)

CFI gave me the opportunity to learn from anywhere and proved to be a guide in my career.

Financial modeling and valuation analysis is a very demanding topic worldwide, and CFI is one of the platforms from which you can do it in a very convenient and efficient way.

In my experience, the course is well thought out and accurate. it teaches the basics very well and helps a lot to start from scratch.

The way of giving notes and explanations is excellent as it helped me a lot in understanding the basics. Thank you, CFI team

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This was a very interesting and engaging course – lots of self learning that you have to do yourself to really understand and apply accounting to your own path and workflow.

A good course that can be recommended to anyone who needs to get acquainted with the basics of accounting or to anyone who wants to refresh their basic accounting knowledge.

I took the FMVA course and found it absolutely brilliant. The great thing is that, as a pro, you can get moving thanks to the short video format, lots of exercises and quizzes and downloadable material. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot more than I had hoped.

Classes To Take For Accounting

I enjoyed every session. The examples and notes were simplified and easy to understand. The instructor also did a great job with detailed explanations. Every slide was short and detailed, I would highly recommend this course to any friend or colleague who wants to learn accounting.

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All lessons are precise to the point, clear and precise. The session was very interesting and interactive. It gives great enthusiasm for learning.

I really enjoyed the basic accounting principles preparation course. It is well structured and the exercises given are relevant to the course material.

My experience with the module is excellent as it provides excellent, clear and concise explanations, good interactive exercises along with good practical input. Great learning with ease and simplicity.

It is a dynamic and understandable course, it teaches you how to create 3 financial reports, it is explained in the best possible way.

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Absolutely! All files and templates required for the course are available for download. Just look for the section showing downloadable files in the course dashboard. See here for a visual guide on how to do this.

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Classes To Take For Accounting

Not! The price of the package is all-inclusive and there are no additional fees or costs for obtaining a digital certificate. You can see our registration fees here.

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An All Access subscription includes all courses from Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA)® Certification, Commercial Banking and Credit Analyst (CBCA)™ Certification, Capital Markets and Securities Analyst (CMSA)® Certification, Business Intelligence and Data Analyst Certification ( BIDA)™ , specializing in commercial real estate financing and specializing in environmental, social and governance (ESG).

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