Pilot Flying J Rewards Card

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Pilot Co. has launched a new aircraft card, Axle Fuel Card. The new branded card has immediate approval, improved payment terms, cash rewards and driver loyalty benefits.

“In the current situation, trucking companies and their drivers face unprecedented challenges as they work hard to supply our country,” said Jimmy Haslam, managing director. “Most of the products we depend on are transported by truck every day, and we are committed to doing everything we can to keep going. With Axle’s new Fuel Card, we are able to give the much-needed reputation. industry with additional rewards for drivers and professional drivers. Our goal is to provide ships of all types with reliable credit solutions that drive their business and allow them to focus on the next route. “

Pilot Flying J Rewards Card

Pilot Flying J Rewards Card

Axle Fuel Card is accepted at more than 950 locations in the United States and Canada, including Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers, One9 Fuel Network and Pilot Flying J Truck Care Centers.

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The benefits of Axle Fuel Card include no exchange, account management, annual or other hidden expenses; Enhanced online account communication with private credit agent and sales agent; improved payment terms; and cash rewards for fuel purchases. Driver benefits include 1 loyalty bonus per gallon when using the Axle Fuel Card for Pilot and Flying J sites and 2 points for loyalty gallon bonus when using the Axle Fuel Card for One9 Fuel Network sites. It also offers a $ 30 discount for each tire or service, 10% off the Service Center hour with no service charge.

Once the card is unlocked, professional drivers can add an Axle Fuel Card to the digital wallet in the Flying J Pilot app and select when the mobile phone fills up any participating pilot, Flying J or One9 site to automatically earn honesty points and saves time on the pump. Existing group customers can still use the yellow team and receive new rewards, including car care discounts, cashback payments and loyalty benefits.

Customers will receive one invoice for all J and One9 Fuel Network pilot transactions and will have access to the customer’s website online. Through the new channel, customers can monitor fuel transfers, payment processing, payment card management, fuel card, set transaction limits, steal goods or locations and more.

The pilot, headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., Produces more than 11 billion gallons of fuel annually and has a network of more than 950 retail and petrol stations. The Pilot Flying J Travel Network network includes locations in 44 states and six provinces of Canada with more than 680 restaurants, 73,000 parking spaces, 5,300 showers, 6,200 diesel engines and 35 car care service centers. . The One9 Fuel Network provides a fleet of skilled drivers with multiple stops at various fuel stations.

Pilot Flying J: Myrewards Plus For Android

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The myRewards Plus App app is the fastest way to win prizes. With the best fuel reward program on the road, Pro drivers can earn more points faster with the points level program, save money on special offers and save time in the store to increase their fuel rewards.

Pilot Flying J Rewards Card

Professional drivers know the secret to saving time and money on the road, myRewards Plus ™. From private daily delivery and mobile fuel to parking space, our efficient app makes every stop worthwhile.

Pilot Introduces Axle Fuel Card

When you install the Garmin Instinct® 2 – dēzl ™ Edition Rugged Truck Smartwatch, you will be connected to all the benefits of myRewards Plus ™. Find Pilot Flying J travel centers simply enter your loyalty number and follow the MyRewards Plus ™ points to the right of your hand.

Save a lot of time with the useful features in the myRewards Plus app. Get back on track quickly with safe mobile fuel, skip the shower reservation line, and plan your stop with location details and parking reservations.

Save a lot of money on myRewards Plus ab when you buy a special offer of your favorite in-store products, including food, drinks, products and more! Save your product and keep track of your stocks at each stop.

Connect to myRewards Plus ™ to see the price and details of the pump and start refueling from the comfort of your taxi! With mobile fuel you can focus on enjoying your rewards while keeping track of your bills and payment methods.

Pilot Company Unveils New App Name And Rewards Program Made For Drivers With More Points, Savings And Convenience

We are working with ID.me to provide 10% food and drink ** to all mujahideen, military personnel and members of the military family. Use myRewards Plus

Looking at the Pilot is as easy as one picture! Deposit money into your account, take a picture of the app while checking, and return your taxi faster than ever.

© 2022 Pilot Travel Centers LLC. See / terms-and-conditions terms and conditions. The ideas presented are applicable to specific individuals and may not represent the experiences of other application users.

Pilot Flying J Rewards Card

* Comparison based on the average filling of 100 gallons of diesel in the national brand travel center awards program from March, 2022

Pilot/flying J Rewards Card And App

PushForPoints Program: To participate in the PushForPoints program, members must activate the PushForPoints program monthly at the myRewards Plus ™. Upon activation, members earn 1 gallon of commercial diesel fuel and increase points with future qualifications. Must grind at least 75 liters each to “qualify”; limit 1 eligibility fee per day. Each qualifying refill adds an additional 1/2 point per gallon to your myRewards® account for all gallons purchased for the remainder of the month, up to 5 points per gallon (time limit only May 1 through June 30, 2022) . The maximum number of points earned after June 30, 2022 will be up to 4 points per gallon. Standards points delay 1 point per gallon for 1 month. Sales required Invalid previous purchases You must present a myRewards® card or phone number associated with your myRewards® account when checking to receive points. DEF does not work. Valid only for US participation and managed by Pilot and Flying J branded sites and One9 sites. Not working in Canada. Empty space restricted or otherwise restricted. It may not be sold, exchanged or added to other bids. In accordance with myRewards® terms and conditions. Data rates apply PushForPoints program can be changed at any time.

** To receive 10% off Pilot Food & Beverage Pilot J Army Discount, you must be certified by myRewards Plus ™ app using ID.me ™ and show one of the following: 1) myRewards® card, 2) code inside the MyRewards Plus ™ app, 3) download the app, or 4) the phone number associated with your myRewards® account at the time of purchase. Validation of sites owned and operated by Pilot, Flying J and One9 Fuel Network. It is not guaranteed on the seller / license site or in places operated under another brand name. The discount is valid at U.S. and Canadian locations for U.S. military and Canadian military personnel verified by ID.me. The military discount applies only to food and beverage purchases, including Pilot Cafe, eye, hot and cold food, purchases at QSR and operated restaurants, soft drinks, candy and snacks. No cash, checks or exchanges are allowed. Suggestions may not be sold or modified Other terms, conditions and limitations may apply The provision may be amended or terminated at any time. Data standards apply © 2022 Pilot Travel Centers LLC. All rights reserved Quickly earn points, save minerals and enjoy the mineral comfort of the road! It is necessary to go to the mine where the yRewards Plus cods application is.

Special offer for our good travel partners. Send it to your friends and get free prizes and get a free gift on your birthday. Turn on and see the level of your Pilot Drinking Team Drink or any Pilot 10 coffee we have on us.

Free shower for professional drivers while refueling with us. Now you can follow the shower points with the yRewards Plus ™ app. Cool in the bathroom when you arrive somewhere. Enter the queue before entering the store; you will be notified of the app when your shower is ready.

Pilot Company Unveils New App Name And Rewards Program Made For Drivers With More Points, Savings And Convenience

Connect the baby with a lot of fuel. Choose the diesel bar that is most likely to open first, store your payment cards in our safe and secure wallet and turn off the baby with a special simple code.

Use a Travel Planner and make sure you have the fuel, supplies and supplies you need to get from A to B and anywhere in between. Advanced filtration technology helps you filter out service areas, parking availability, fuel type, food and minerals. Find information about services everywhere. You will find a complete list, including: fuel types & ap; prices, service centers & ap; roadside assistance, number of baths & ap; parking lots, restaurants & ap; food, storage hours and mining.

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Pilot Flying J Rewards Card

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