How To Apply For Sc Lottery Tuition Assistance

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2 GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS  SC Needs-Based Grant  Lottery Teaching Assistance  SC HOPE Scholarship  LIFE Scholarship  Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

3 GENERAL FITNESS ACCOUNTS SC HOPE, LIFE & Palmetto Fellows Scholarship SC Needs-Based Grant Lottery Teaching Assistance  US Citizen / Legal Permanent Resident *  SC Resident *  No Criminal Convictions  No Secondary or Subsequent Alcohol Abuse in for a diploma-seeking program at a qualifying SC institution * it must be determined at the time of high school graduation.

How To Apply For Sc Lottery Tuition Assistance

How To Apply For Sc Lottery Tuition Assistance

4 SC Needs-Based Allocation Must complete the FAFSA application annually and be determined as “required” under Title IV. Can be used at any 2-year or 4-year public institution. Must be considered as a student seeking a degree. Up to $ 2,500 for full-time or $ 1,250 for part-time.

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5 SC Needs-Based Grant Additional Programs Foster Care Youth Up to a maximum of $ 2,500 SC NBG premium / year, plus up to an additional $ 2,000 vices / needbased / FCY_Published .pdf * A student must work with the Financial Aid Office, DSS and CHO College Transition Programs at 5 qualifying SC institutions for intellectually disabled students. * A student must be deprived in accordance with Title IV guidelines

6 LOTTERY TEACHING AID $ 100 / Credit time up to $ 1,200 for full-time Complete the FAFSA application Enroll as a diploma-seeking student at one of the: 16 technical schools, 2-year Palmetto College campuses or Spartanburg Methodist College.

7 TRANSCRIPTION REQUIREMENTS: APPROPRIATE STUDIES REGISTERED OBJECTIVES To determine the suitability for the State Bursary Programs, the financial aid office / institution and / or CHE for the Palmetto Fellows Bursary must have an official transcript in a file (electronic or otherwise). items: Valid signature (electronic or otherwise) of the Rector * If the Rector is not available, the signature of an Inspector is acceptable. SC UGP GPA must be proven and arranged (if applicable) The “calculated date” date must be calculated no later than 15 June (regardless of the academic year)  For the LIFE scholarship and the Palmetto Fellows scholarship late award MUST prove the transcript is the final official transcript, and also reflects a graduation date. * For SC Public High Schools: Any questions regarding the drafting of transcripts, they should contact their High School Powerschool Coordinator and / or District Powerschool Coordinator. ** For Independent / Private and Home Students: The administrator, registrar or employee of the home school / responsible group If a student uses rank as a qualifying criterion, the high school / home school association must have a rank policy. , and rank must be demonstrated on the official transcript (this also applies to rank reports when necessary)

8 SERIES STATE POLICY POLICY Applicable to the public / private schools and Homeschool Associations that have a ranking policy:  Based on the SC UGP  Arrange all academic classes (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th)  Ranking includes whole class. If the whole class is not included in the calculation of class rank, rank order CANNOT be considered to be eligible for the state scholarship programs.  Published ranking policy:  For parents, students, colleges and universities, CHO * * This language must be consistent in all places where the ranking policy is published and must be the same information that is disseminated to parents, students, colleges / universities and CHO Out. -de-state schools must comply with SCUGP GPA reporting and ranking:  The high school or homeschool association must have a ranking policy that has been revised to verify compliance with the South Carolina Uniform Degree Policy and established statutes and regulations for the State. scholarship programs.  GPA conversion to SCUGP must be attached to transcript  If you use a rank, the entire academic class must be converted to the SCUGP and a rank report that reflects all students in that academic class, the State GPA, the SC UGP GPA , and the ranking based on the SC UGP GPA should be included to determine suitability and award a state scholarship. Homeschooling Associations (HSA) – Ranking: * Must be an HSA that is on the approved list of the SC Department of Education of Option Two or Option Three HSA * Must use the whole class for grading purposes * Must provide a ranking report.

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9 GOVERNMENT PICTURE PROGRAMS Only for 1st year at a qualifying 4-year institution No application, earns a cumulative 3.0 GPA (SC UGP) after high school graduation Up to $ 2,800 (book postage included) SC HOPE scholarship for 2 * or 4-year institution None application, earns 2 of the following 3 requirements: Accumulated 3.0 GPA * (SC UGP) after high school graduation; 1100/24 ​​on the SAT / ACT; or Rank in the top 30% of the graduating class Up to $ 5,000 (including book mail) LIFE scholarship

10 PUBLIC PLACEMENT PROGRAMS Palmetto Fellows Scholarship (PFS) For schools that have an official ranking policy that has been reviewed by the Commission to comply with the established Regulations:  Rank in the top 6% at the end of the 10th, or the 11th, or 12th degree academic year Earn 1200 on the SAT / 27 on the ACT (via the June test administration of the graduation year) Earn 3.5 cumulative GPA (based on the SC UGP) OR Alternative criteria (without consideration). rank) Earned 1400 on the SAT / 32 on the ACT (via the June test administration of the graduation year) Earn 4.0 Accumulated GPA (based on the SC UGP)

11 THE “Reduce” Difference Declension form (refuses to apply) A student will NOT be part of a PFS application period A declension form is signed by a parent AND a student “I understand that this is the recommendation is from the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education to apply for the Scholarship Palmetto Fellows and later reject if necessary, however, I have decided NOT to apply for the reason stated below …. I understand further that my decision to refuse to apply for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is a permanent decision .I waive all rights to receive this Scholarship later by completing and submitting this form. This means that if I would change my mind and would like to receive the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship later, then I would not be eligible because I never applied and never the scholarship. ” Refusal of nomination form Student was part of PFS application period. A student was determined to be a PFS recipient. Student decides to attend a qualifying 4-year institution-outside state Student RECEIVES to accept the award  Rejection allows a student to retain their qualification if they return to a qualifying SC institution  Must continue meet renewal requirements

How To Apply For Sc Lottery Tuition Assistance

12 LIFE AND PFS IMPROVEMENTS Up to an additional $ 2,500 Must earn 14 credit hours of maths and / or science by the end of the 1st academic year (AP, IB, Double Enrollment, CLEP and Exempt Courses) Must be enrolled for courses . qualifying major at their home institution Start the student’s 2nd academic year (6 semesters) only at a 4-year institution

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13 GENERAL GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP AND ADMISSION INFORMATION No state scholarships or grants may be used at any time at an out-of-state institution Academic Common Market  Allow South Carolina residents enrolled for specific programs at out-of-state institutions only the appropriate state education in which the student enrolled : Mrs. Saundra Carr 803-737-2274 or scarr @ @  http: // www., FamiliesMilitary / LearningAboutCollege / AcademicCommonMarketInformatio n.aspx, FamiliesMilitary / LearningAboutCollege / AcademicCommonMarketInformatio n.aspx select the grade school from the grade school. recipients in such programs, we ask that you enter the following indemnity language: “The appointment of scholarship holders in this program or in any media is prepaid, based on information provided by the high schools and students at that time. f this print, and is subject to final confirmation and approval by the qualifying higher education institution and / or the South Carolina Higher Education Commission. “

14 THE FIFA “GAP YEAR” No GAP YEAR No PROGRAM OPTION Palmetto Fellows Scholarship (PFS): A PFS recipient must enroll in a qualifying 4-year institution the fall semester immediately after high school graduation  Can enroll in a qualifying . internal or external state institution  Must be a 4-year institution  Failure to enroll in the autumn semester after high school graduation loses the student’s PFS qualification  Enrollment at a 2-year institution for autumn / spring period loses PFS. recipient qualification (may be eligible for LIFE)  Cannot start 2 years and switch to 4 years and later earn the PFS SC HOPE / LIFE scholarship:  Not required to register immediately  “Clock” starts based on the initial period. of enrollment after a student is no longer considered a high school student

15 YEAR OLD SCHOLARSHIPS Qualifying SC HOPE, LIFE and Palmetto Fellows Recipients Earn Continued Eligibility Towards the End of the Spring Period Eligible to use funds for the summer period * Full-time enrolled * Use term of eligibility * Eligible for fall if eligible at the end of

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