Ez Truck Driving School

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EZ Wheels Driving School offers excellent CDL training in New Jersey and the state of New York. When you enroll in the CDL EZ Wheels Driving Schools course, you are part of a family. Our mission is more than just helping you pass the CDL test and earn a CDL license, our goal is to prepare you for the real world.

0ne in one practice This means more time behind the wheel. You drive while our drivers grow up, learn and know how to control the tractor trailer, flatbed or bus that you learn to drive.

Ez Truck Driving School

Ez Truck Driving School

Flexible Schedule Do you have a busy schedule? You don’t know how you can train. At school driving E-Z Wheels, it’s not a problem; With flexible working hours, we train 7 days a week

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On-the-job training for life When you sign up for EZ Wheels CDL training, our commitment is to you for life. We help you find the RIGHT company for you.

Obtain a Commercial Study Permit (CLP). Beginning February 7, 2022, FMCSA will require anyone who has not yet earned a CLP to attend an ELDT course in order to earn it.

Theory training includes online training or private classroom training where you prepare and study for the written exam at DMV / MVC. For more information on online courses or private class instruction, click here to call or register

Written Test Once you have completed your theory training, you are now eligible to take a written test and earn a CLP certification at your country’s DMV/MVC. In NJ, you continue your personal training at EZ Wheels Driving School.

E Z Wheels Driving School 230 Commerce Pl Elizabeth, Nj Truck Driving Instruction

Public Roads EZ Wheels Driving School 1 on 1 training puts you in the driver’s seat. You will gain confidence in the vehicle, learn to operate the equipment safely by learning to drive the vehicle fully.

Beginning February 7, 2022, students wishing to earn a CDL must comply with ELDT training regulations. Students wishing to receive entry level driver training must be from a training provider listed on the FMCA Training Provider List.

Beginning February 7, 2022, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration requires each new student to train with a federally regulated driving instructor.

Ez Truck Driving School

The theory section of ELDT covers what you need to know in order to pass the CDL written test at your local motor vehicle office. Part of this training applies to all types of CDL training, from buses to trucks. We offer private and online training that includes 48 courses and exams. Once you complete the training, our CDL coordinator will enroll you in the FMCSA system to take the written test.

E Z Wheels Driving School, Perth Amboy

After passing the written test at DMV/MVC, you must earn a CLP to begin personal training behind the wheel. At EZ Wheels Driving School, we only offer this training to New Jersey residents. The first part of the Behind-The-Wheel training took place in a private yard. Each student trains on their own to drive a truck at their own speed. Track training includes inspection / pre-trip and basic skills lessons.

After completing the Range portion of the track training, we continue with the Road training to ensure that students are fully prepared for the road test. You will learn to drive confidently and safely on the road with other vehicles, on the highway, braking, turning and more.

After completing each section of the training, the school will enter your information into the FMCSA registry so that you can proceed to the next level of training or, once you have completed all of the training, obtain a license.

If you want to chat with someone over the phone or through a zoom meeting to clarify, make an appointment! The first step to a driver’s career is training. Whether you want to drive a bus or a tractor trailer, you need proper vocational training and a proper driver’s license if you hope to get a job.

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EZ Wheels Driving School is dedicated to providing quality driving instruction, services and training to its customers regardless of gender, race or religion.

The school was founded in 1997 in Union City, New Jersey. When launched, E-Z Wheels only had a tractor trailer, one car, a bus and only four employees.

What sets EZ Wheels apart from other schools is their friendly and patient instructors, all of whom are NJMVC trained and certified. All employees are fluent in English and Spanish. Both instructors speak Portuguese fluently.

Ez Truck Driving School

All CDL applicants must meet all vision, fitness and medical requirements. Trainees must be at least 18 years old to obtain a CDL, but those seeking hazardous materials or a passenger CDL endorsement must be 21 years of age.

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E-Z Wheels offers the training for Class A CDLs required to drive a tractor trailer. Proven school teaching methods help you prepare for theory exams.

There are three theory tests: air brakes, general information and vehicle combinations. All theory tests are conducted by the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).

With CDL Class B, you can drive trucks and buses directly. E-Z Wheels helps you prepare for theory tests using proven teaching methods.

There are two theory tests for CDL Class B: General Knowledge and Air Brake. The test was also performed in MVC.

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CDL Class C for students who want to drive limousines, vans and minibuses. Like the Class B CDL, two theory tests must be passed: the general knowledge test and the passenger test.

Students must also meet the requirements for passenger CDL endorsement. No driving tests or driving lessons are required for this driver’s license.

In addition to driving training, E-Z Wheels also helps you fill out job applications, process interviews and showcase your skills. The school’s network includes a number of well -known job brokers whose internships can help students find work.

Ez Truck Driving School

E-Z Wheels is unclear about tuition costs, and we were unable to find information from other students about tuition costs. This may be due to the variety of licensing options offered.

E Z Wheels Driving School, Union City, Nj

However, we can get an idea of ​​the cost based on the tuition average for a trucking school in New Jersey.

We have heard from two drivers that school was a positive experience for them and both are now full-time OTR drivers.

If you are in the New Jersey area and are interested in becoming a driver, go online at EZWheelsDriving.comEZWheelsDriving.com for more information.

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