Graduate Programs In Real Estate

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The housing industry plays an important role in the global economy and has become a highly competitive and technical sector. Did you know that the development of new commercial buildings and ongoing work on existing commercial properties in the United States – offices, industries, warehouses and retail – has supported 8 million U.S. jobs and provided $ 1.01 trillion to the United States. US GDP in 2020? And the United States, UK, Germany and Spain are the top investment destinations in the world?

Graduate Programs In Real Estate

Graduate Programs In Real Estate

The MSc in Real Estate will provide you with the skills and networking necessary to succeed in this exciting and competitive field, in the world of international business.

Master Of Science (msc) In Real Estate

Taught by world-renowned professors and foreign experts, participants will receive state-of-the-art training that combines theory with global application to become an industry leader.

This MSc consists of two terms of intensive teaching in Madrid and one term in London with additional specialized teaching. Trips to major European capitals are part of the program. A master’s thesis and an internship in a company are the final steps to complete this Master’s degree.

Has a global presence in the real estate industry. From networking activities to accredited tutoring and internship partnerships, the School provides us with the tools to become professionals in successful real estate. It hosted distinguished speakers on topics ranging from poor credit debt to urban design. Such an event allowed us to interact with professionals in the field who gave us an accurate understanding of the internal quality market, in addition to the theoretical teachings we attended. We have now entered the real estate market with a rich network and confidence in our skills.

Admission to this full-time Master of Science is consistent with a desire to pursue a defined professional career and provides young graduates and young managers with the high-level skills that employers seek.

Masters In Real Estate, Mba, Or Skip It Altogether?

This program provides academic skills and demonstration of best practice. Our goal is to train professionals who can evolve rapidly in a globalized world.

See the Institute of Finance and Real Estate Management (IREFIM), a Business School -sponsored platform dedicated to the promotion of real estate education and research.

The classification complements more traditional asset topics (development, finance, investment, consulting, management, financial markets, law and taxation) with more traditional topics such as Big Data, PropTech , Smart Cities and many more, to provide future leadership. in the real estate sector with the skills to enter, grow and succeed in this diverse field.

Graduate Programs In Real Estate

By combining multiple teaching methods, such as classroom lectures, workshops, business dealings, field trips, online content, individual and group responsibilities, our students learn to work, communicate and solving problems in a wide range of situations and within the specific areas offered by the industry – from banking to consulting to appraisal and so on. In addition, many educators also work in the professional world bringing their own experience to the table. This is complemented by multiple networking opportunities with major industry players.

Insights Into The Siemens Graduate Program @ Siemens Real Estate

This full-time internship is conducted over 9 months (15 months including internship and thesis) and is divided into three terms (2 terms in Madrid and 1 term in London). You must be fluent in English to take these courses.

NOTE: is committed to carrying out the program properly, unless external circumstances (such as the COVID-19 epidemic) complicate it, in which case we will develop other ways to achieve the we are learning goals.

They are held in online form between July and September before the deadline on campus. Candidates may be eligible to opt out of following these fashions depending on previous professional experience (3 years required). See the Admissions table for more information.

The course covers theory and application in the real world along with approaches to real estate. From October to June, they are taught by world-renowned teachers and foreign scholars.

Best Online Master’s In Real Estate Programs Of 2022

From mid -April to the end of December, you must complete an internship with a company for at least 4 months (but usually lasting 7 to 8 months). assist you in finding internship opportunities and business relationships.

An internship is an opportunity to apply the theoretical ideas gained during the course of study, with the aim of building a career. In many cases, the employer company views the internship as a trial period for a permanent position.

The role of the Business Relations Department is to collect internship offers from multiple companies. The department also organizes a series of corporate markets, offering you many opportunities to communicate.

Graduate Programs In Real Estate

A professional thesis is the best way to develop and apply the learning and skills students acquire during the course of the program to emphasize the topics of most interest to them in the field of business.

Commercial Real Estate Graduate Programs

A professional thesis is an initial research on a topic that has been developed using quantitative and qualitative methods and digital marketing tools to examine specific trends, events or events.

Students receive supervision by members of the Faculty or experts in related fields during the development of their professional thesis. Students are guided to select a topic of particular interest or closely related to their profile and analyze how the issue relates to broader topics and other areas and types of industry to draw valuable conclusions.

At the end of the program, a written thesis is submitted and the best project is invited to campus to be rewarded for their unique contribution to a field.

At the same time, students will participate in research seminars that must be conducted by a teacher. This seminar represents the 3 ESCTS degrees out of 90 earned during this academic year.

Commercial Real Estate Classes

“Pursuing a master’s degree in real estate was a big and important decision in my career. The cultural development of studying in different institutions, communication with top professionals, as well as the analysis of many cases and the international project consulting (ICP) during the study, gave me skills and attitude necessary to perform my duties. The minimum value of BNP Paribas Real Estate. “

Note: Due to accreditation requirements, students starting with less than 240 ECTS are required to earn an additional 30 ECTS at a business school. The school will offer additional study options for these students. The corresponding fee for these ECTS is € 3,000.

Applications are considered in the order of their arrival; they should be installed quickly. We have a rotating entrance. After consideration of the application documents by the admissions committee, the candidate will be informed if he / she will be invited for the entrance examination and personal interview.

Graduate Programs In Real Estate

Requests are made online. Please make sure you devote sufficient time to this letter and answer all the questions in it as fully and carefully as possible.

Master Of Science In International Real Estate

Please, please: you still need to bring the origin to your admission interview. For full details of the requirements, see the online application. An application fee of € 130 is required to process the application.

Students with TOEFL scores or TOEIC listening and reading scores or IELTS scores (taken in the last two years) do not take the written exam and must submit a copy of the results of these tests there. in his documents.

Candidates who are accepted for written applications and entrance exams are invited for a personal interview, which plays an important role in assessing their abilities and motivation to enter the program. Interviews are held from November to September each year.

From the time of notification, students have a maximum of 10 days to pay the registration fee to verify their placement.

Real Estate Studies

Study for the first bird: Applicants who are accepted and confirmed by June 30 receive a 5%scholarship. It will be deducted from the tuition fee.

It does not include travel, accommodation and living expenses for meetings in Madrid and London, nor does it include accommodation, meals or additional expenses during the trip.

SCHOLARSHIPS is committed to accepting and enabling the most talented international students to continue their studies and invest in future careers.

Graduate Programs In Real Estate

The MSc program offers a 30-part scholarship of € 3,000 in tuition based on financial need and academic merit. Each student who has admitted and enrolled in the program cannot apply for the same scholarship.

Real Estate Development At Columbia Gsapp

Eligibility: Scholarships are open to all applicants, regardless of gender, nationality or ethnicity, who have been accepted and enrolled in one of the owner’s programs and can demonstrate their worthiness to study or need money.

Step: Applicants who have been accepted and enrolled in one of the Masters programs and are interested in a partial scholarship must complete a scholarship application form (which will be sent by Student Services upon confirmation of enrollment in of the program), send a personal statement explaining why you should receive our scholarship and include

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