Best Airlines Miles Credit Card

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Even though you may not be thinking about traveling right now, given the current global climate of Covid-19, I’m sure it’s something you’d like to start doing soon.

And if you’re planning to travel soon, did you know that the more you spend, the more you earn, the better your chances of getting a free plane ticket?

Best Airlines Miles Credit Card

Best Airlines Miles Credit Card

The table below shows our 5 picks for the best credit card for airline miles according to the three factors of annual fees, miles per dollar ratio, and redemption fees.

Top Ways To Earn Airline Miles

The table below is a breakdown of the fees and additional features or requirements for each card (including attractive factors for some).

· 4 miles per S$1 spent on airline bookings, food delivery and retail – shopping online and through contactless payments such as Visa PayWave, Google Pay and Apple Pay (good for earning miles daily)

· 3 different miles per dollar ratio (or 3 different ways to earn miles) – S$1 = 1.1 miles (for local spend), S$1 = 2 miles (for airline purchases) and S$1 = 3 , 1 miles (for Grab) purchase)

· Miles earned per dollar for the local rate of S$1 = 3.1 KrisFlyer miles for Grab purchases, capped at S$200 per month (max 620 miles to earn)

The 9 Best Airline Credit Cards For Earning Miles To Book Free Flights

If you’re careful with your spending, the best air miles credit card for you would be one with a cheaper annual fee and redemption fee, as well as a higher miles-per-dollar ratio.

While you may lose out on some benefits because of the premium you won’t pay, this way you can spend less but still earn more miles when you use your credit card.

The annual fee is slightly higher than the AMEX card, but still affordable. But usually, the higher the annual fee, the more benefits the card provides.

Best Airlines Miles Credit Card

This applies to Citi PremierMiles as it offers travel benefits such as insurance, medical assistance and travel protection.

Best Airline Credit Cards Of July 2022

With the Citi PremierMiles bonus mile, it will allow you to get a free Economy Class return ticket to Bangkok or Hong Kong without even spending anything yet!

Alternatively, if you’re aiming for more exotic destinations like Europe and the like, you can choose to keep earning your miles – which don’t expire!

This means you can take the time to spend and earn for your dream holiday without having to worry about getting started when it comes out.

The only downside is that, compared to the HSBC Revolution card, you may need a bit longer to earn your miles (the local rate for HSBC is 4 miles / $1 while Citi’s is 1.2 miles / $1 ).

Best Airline Cards

Then, if your budget is a little tighter, you have an airline preference for SIA flights only, and you want a simple airline credit card, the AMEX card is for you.

Their annual fee is slightly cheaper than other airline miles cards with first-year fee waivers, and the miles-per-dollar ratios are well worth it.

You can earn miles in three different ways: through specialized local fares, direct purchases with the airlines, or my favorite, Grab purchases.

Best Airlines Miles Credit Card

Although you can only earn 620 miles per month on Grab purchases, this card has attractive freebies such as free travel insurance and a 5,000 mile bonus on the first use of the card.

The Best Airline Card For Snagging A Quick Free Ticket

Overall, there’s not much to complain about with the AMEX card, apart from the cap of S$200 per month to earn miles with Grab, which can be a problem if you tend to spend more.

Finally, if you really want to save money on annual fees without worrying about a spending limit, then your best bet is the HSBC Revolution card.

You have zero annual fees, no minimum spend, and you can earn up to 4 miles per S$1 spent on airline bookings, food delivery and retail (provided it’s online or through contactless payments).

Not to mention, as more people become more digitally savvy and shop online to avoid catching Covid-19 by shopping out, if you’re someone who regularly splurges online, this card is for you.

Credit Card Points Vs Airline Miles — And Why You Should Earn Both

If you are in the luxury spending category and are willing to give more to get more, then the Maybank Horizon and UOB PRVI Miles cards are the cards for you.

First, if you still have a limit on how much you will spend, but are still looking for some luxury benefits, the Maybank Horizon Card may suit you.

While you may have to make a habit of meeting the minimum spend each month (since the miles can expire), if you use the card for your monthly grocery shopping, taxi fares, and dining out, I’m sure you can get to 300 $.

Best Airlines Miles Credit Card

When it comes to earning miles, as they also offer a fairly large ratio for their local spend, it may even allow you to reach your desired number of miles faster if you spend a lot.

Best Air Miles Credit Cards In Singapore: [2022] Selection

Even if you pay a higher annual fee, the insurance coverage is still lower compared to Citi and Maybank cards that offer up to one million dollars.

So if you’re wondering why UOB’s annual fee is significantly higher, it’s because it’s aimed more at frequent flyers, who can earn 6 miles for every S$1 you spend on Expedia, Agoda and UOB Travel. So if you’re a frequent flyer, you can earn more with this card than the rest.

Plus, they also have the annual fee waived for the first year and no minimum spend or caps on miles earned, so you can save money.

However, if you don’t travel often but shop a lot on foreign websites, this card is still a good choice for you because the miles per dollar ratio for the foreign price includes online purchases on websites.

Understanding Cash Back Vs. Airline Miles

Otherwise known as travel credit cards or airline credit cards, miles credit cards are like a membership benefit offered by some credit cards where customers are rewarded for spending.

While it varies for each credit card and its airline affiliates, the way these cards typically work is the more you spend, the more “miles” you earn.

The term “miles” can be thought of as reward points, which reflect how much money you have spent. Therefore, after earning a certain number of miles, you can redeem free flights – subject to the partner airline’s mileage requirements.

Best Airlines Miles Credit Card

Not to be confused with airline bonus programs, frequent flyer miles allow you to collect “miles” using the credit card instead of frequent flyers. So you can earn your miles using your travel or non-travel credit card.

Best Credit Cards For Airline + Hotel Points Transfer Partners

In other words, while you may be used to saving money for travel but spending money on your everyday needs, travel credit cards allow you to kill two birds with one stone, spending and earning at the same time.

Note, however, that the miles you need to earn for any destination you have in mind can vary from 25,000 to 80,000 – depending on the airline, your ticket class and the destination itself. So it can take months or even years to accumulate enough miles, depending on your spending habits.

When choosing the right miles credit card, it is important to first determine what your needs are, as each credit card is for different people.

When considering your needs, there are many aspects you may want to prioritize, such as your budget, travel habits, daily expenses, etc.

Best Airline Credit Cards In March 2022 (updated)

To make the comparison easier, here are some factors we’ll use to evaluate the best miles credit card:

In addition, to distinguish the most suitable card for you, we will also take a look at the following attractive factors, if applicable:

In short, when it comes to which card is better, the answer may vary depending on your needs.

Best Airlines Miles Credit Card

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Best Airline Miles Credit Cards Of 2022

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