How To Get A Documentary Funded

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Until recently, documentary funding was typically conducted with the intent to bring about social change or educational outcomes, with little or no consideration for profit or return on investment. However, with the unprecedented growth of streaming channels and the audience’s insatiable appetite for specialized content, documentaries are now entering the world of commercial filmmaking and making progress while achieving the same social and educational goals. This is FANTASTIC news for documentaries because you now have a larger pool of documentary funding sources that can be combined in a variety of ways to help you achieve your goals. When looking for a documentary investor, you want to make sure your proposal is complemented by a Documentary Business Plan, and when seeking donations or applying for a grant, check out these 10 tips for grants and fundraising.

If you are clear about what money is raised with the promise of ROI and what money is raised as a nonprofit (i.e. donors donate money to nonprofits), you can increase your budget with all types of funding. It is important to note that non-profit does not mean no profit. The key to the proper use of nonprofits in entertainment finance is understanding that donations can be used to fund any project, but profits cannot go to donors. Profits MAY, however, flow to private investors depending on the amount and order they have invested and, more importantly, how the company hosting the investment is structured. This opens up endless opportunities for filmmakers to raise funding for documentaries. defines different types of fundraising for documentaries:

How To Get A Documentary Funded

How To Get A Documentary Funded

FilmPropoals is pleased to offer assistance to documentary producers seeking investors by leveraging our film fundraising tools to meet the specific needs of documentary filmmakers. The highlight is the unique documentary business plan template included in all of our film finance tool kits and packages. Most of the Documentary Business Plans are the same as our Narrative Film Business Plan Templates, however, we’ve also done a lot of specialized work to highlight why documentaries are a great investment and the best way to present your documentary to investors:

How To Pitch Your Documentary Ideas To Get Funding

The new documentary film business plan template is included with ALL of our film financing kits and plans, so you can buy one and start personally investing every part of your documentary.

When looking for documentary funding through grants, donations, and other fundraising methods that don’t offer potential ROI, you should look to Desktop Documentaries, the #1 documentary website that offers several free courses and helps thousands of filmmakers around the world. the world navigates the fundraising and grant-raising landscape.

Without a doubt, documentary financing is hard work. But the good news is… you CAN raise documentary capital, and it might not be as difficult as you think.

Netflix is ​​constantly in need of fresh content, and their customers are looking for independent filmmakers and amazing documentaries who can create the stories Netflix wants. Learn the ins and outs of getting your document or document series on Netflix by SELLING YOUR DOCUMENTS ON NETFLIX.

Independent Film Funding For Movies And Documentaries

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out the documentary fundraising tools and courses from the makers of the Emmy award-winning desktop documentaries. Fundraising tips, FREE starter courses, proposal templates, budget templates, custom fundraising ideas and more.

Many budding filmmakers dream that their documentary money will come in one big check from one big donor or foundation. In fact, funding often comes from a variety of sources.

The importance of a strong trailer that excites, inspires and unlocks the potential of your documentary cannot be overstated. Just as importantly, a bad snippet can ruin your fundraising efforts, so make sure it’s a good one.

How To Get A Documentary Funded

Even if you need $250,000 to make a documentary, don’t share that huge amount. It was too blurry and scary. Collect manageable amounts of money at every step of the filmmaking process.

How To Write Your Own Documentary Pitch Deck To Secure Funding (+ Examples)

This is very important when raising money online. Certain goals for a certain period of time motivate people to act. This is why is a fantastic online fundraising tool.

The more people you turn to for help, the higher your chances of success. Enlist the help of people who share a passion for your project and are willing to personally approach their contacts and other potential donors. Hold weekly meetings to keep your team motivated and on track.

While it may be tempting to approach the Gates Foundation to fund your documentary, you will do much better by approaching people who already know and trust you, or who have “sold” the subject of your documentary. You will find a large list of documentary funding at

There’s no substitute for answering a phone call or meeting someone in person, giving a passionate presentation of your case and asking for a certain amount of documentary funding. This is one of the most difficult things you will ever do, but it is one of the most efficient and effective ways to get funding. People need to be able to look you in the eye or hear in your own voice why this project is important to you.

How To Get Your Documentary Funded

Build a strong web presence for your movies, including Facebook pages, websites and blogs. Make sure people have a clear way to donate and sign up for updates.

Your project stakeholders are the key people you can contact throughout the project for ideas, support, and help spreading the word about your project. You can’t start building your list too soon.

Incentivize people to fund you documentaries with different levels of donations and exclusive gifts like autographed posters, DVD pre-releases, members-only directors forums, personal first screening invites, movie mentions, free t-shirts, etc. feel part of something unique and exclusive.

How To Get A Documentary Funded

For example, for a $10,000 donation, their logo will be featured at the beginning and end of your documentary and advertised on your website and in all your marketing efforts.

How To Get Film Funding — Learn Documentary

Many new filmmakers dream of getting their documentary funding from one big check from one big sponsor or foundation. The reality is that documentary funding often comes from multiple sources, so your fundraising strategy should include building a broad network and tracking all possible options. Documentary grants are often the most difficult and time-consuming option, and are only recommended if you have a strong film crew with a solid credit list.

. So whatever your documentary funding strategy, you can’t go wrong with engaging and building relationships with as many people as possible and sharing your passion for your project with everyone who will listen.

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I just wanted to thank you for your input and help over the past year. I couldn’t raise $1.5 million or make this film without the material you provided. My career deal!

Tips On How To Fund Your Film With Short Film Grants, Crowdfunding, And More

Finished the deck on Friday. It fell into the hands of a few potential investors over the weekend, and as of Monday there were 3 out of 10 available memberships, each priced at $160k. NASH’s revenue projection and film-matching services, along with a business plan and presentation template, were instrumental in presenting the project in such a way that financially minded potential investors could understand the film business, the market, and what my project could generate. they. significant ROI.

Melissa was amazing throughout the whole process. Always there to answer any questions. Without you, I would not have succeeded. I can’t thank you enough. Best money I’ve ever spent. I have seen it many times. Documentary filmmakers can be passionate about their work and become talented storytellers, but they don’t know how to present their ideas to potential sponsors.

Too often filmmakers find the fundraising process too difficult and tedious and either give up or choose to work for free and beg everyone around to work for free to make films (I know this happened to me the first time). documentary project).

How To Get A Documentary Funded

Filmmakers often imagine that ONE big fund will write a huge check to cover the costs of their entire documentary project. It might happen. But this rarely happens. I’d say it’s nearly impossible for a novice director.

How To Pitch Your Documentary Idea And Write An Effective Documentary Proposal To Get Funding By El Sh

Each foundation and grant organization has its own list of requirements, and who knows with whom you may be competing for the funds. Also, some organizations only give money to fund one part of your project, such as post-production or distribution. And each of them has its own term, which

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