University With Psychology Major

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Affected by the Department of Psychology, students in undergraduate, undergraduate or undergraduate education must meet the following requirements. To eliminate psychology, students must meet all the conditions described below and enter ATLAS (Ph1 room 104) and see an ATLAS counselor:

** We do not accept other research courses at CSULB, students must receive PSY 220 or equivalent from a community college (at

University With Psychology Major

University With Psychology Major

Eligibility requirements must be met by a total of 144 units, and students who add or change their working / minor age after 90 sections may need to complete additional documents.

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Please consult for community college equivalents. Students at 4-year-old colleges and universities should visit this website and have corresponding courses approved by PRO supervisors: https: /// sections / psychology / get-psychology-course-credit-at-csulb /

Students must also complete PSY 301 by the end of the first year of the profession (D or better) or leave the profession. (PSY 301 is also a prerequisite for enrollment in 400 degree psychology courses.)

Note: You can only apply for student-influenced professions at CSULB twice. This means that students who either transfer to CSULB as a major in psychology or who have lost their basic status during their studies at CSULB can then apply again in psychology.

Once you have completed the admission requirements (2.5 GPA and PSY 100, 110/210 and 220 C or better), visit the consultation center in the PH1 room at ATLAS – Liberal College of Arts. The ATLAS counselor will include you in the psychology profession when you meet the requirements.

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New students are recommended to participate in the SOAR session, which is usually offered during the summer and winter classes (College of Liberal Arts).

The SOAR program not only allows students to register earlier than non-students, but also provides counseling and enrollment assistance in ATLAS classes. We ask you to register with SOAR as soon as possible, as these courses are completed as quickly as possible. Psychology allows students to develop a range of professional skills, including analytical and critical thinking, research and information literacy, communication and teamwork. (APA, 2018). Employers value these broad professions highly, but also report that most recent graduates are not ready to succeed in the workplace (Hart Research Associates, 2015). In psychology, most candidates do not enter the graduate school, but choose to work after graduation. Although there is a lot of work to be done for the psychology profession, if students do not understand the skills they have developed in their courses or can not apply these skills to different jobs and positions, they will not be able to find a job that suits their interests and needs.

We have created an infographic with graphic designers at the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences to help them understand their current psychological skills and the types of opportunities we offer students to help them develop their skills. Employers are looking for skills and psychological skills. This infographic also focuses on opportunities for students to increase their employment opportunities, or opportunities that may be related to courses and / or already completed experiences and their professional careers.

University With Psychology Major

This infographic shows how the Department of Psychology at Mancato State University in Minnesota helps students connect the points between what they learn and what they want to do in their future careers. We invite others to discuss how to develop career readiness in students and to show the importance of the psychology profession.

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Several of our national psychologist organizations have created useful career resources for students to share job titles, information, and career planning support. To get all the help for psychology students who are thinking about what to do after graduation, take a look at some of the links below and at the end of this post:

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