Citibank Credit Card Offers

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I may have used too many maximum credit cards because I have more than a dozen credit cards. In a separate post I shared my Amex card strategy and Chase card strategy and in this post I would like to share my Citi card strategy.

Citibank Credit Card Offers

Citibank Credit Card Offers

Citi has a lot of valuable vouchers and I have a total of 4 Citi cards which will help me increase my thank you points and also access the seats. Below I will share some general things to know when applying for a Citi card and then summarize my Citi card strategy.

Citi Bank Credit Card Guide

This is very straightforward. Citi will agree to give you a maximum of one card every eight days and a maximum of two cards every 65 days. If you are thinking about asking for more Citi cards, you will want to pay attention to the timing.

With Citi’s 24-month rules, you generally do not qualify for a specific card bonus if you have closed the card or received a new card member bonus on that card in the last 24 months. This.

US AAdvantage cards have different eligibility requirements than other Citi cards. Generally speaking about AAdvantage card, you do not qualify for the bonus on a specific card if you have received a new card member bonus on that actual card in the last 48 months. In these situations there are no family rules, but there are high restrictions for a specific card.

I have the first three cards to increase my Citi ThankYou score while I have the last card for seating access, so I will discuss in more detail.

Apply For A Citi Credit Card And Choose Your Guaranteed Gift!

I generally like to get transferable points for my credit card expenses because it offers the fastest speed. In each point currency, the “ecosystem” (whether it be Amex membership rewards or Chase Ultimate Rewards) has the potential to create a portfolio of cards so you can increase your earnings points.

At this point I want to say that I have an almost perfect Citi ThankYou strategy (with one exception). Here are the three cards I scored, thank you and why I consider this combination so good:

The Citi Prestige Card is my “premium” card that earns thank you points because it is actually a Citi card equivalent to a Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card (check). The card has an annual fee of $ 495 and this is why I have it:

Citibank Credit Card Offers

The card has many useful benefits that others may enjoy, although the above is why I have Citi Prestige. I added that I think I should downgrade this card to the Citi Premier® Card (review) but I will discuss it in more detail below.

My Citi Credit Card Strategy (2022)

TheCiti Double Cash Card is my credit card for everyday expenses and I think it is worth more than ever. This card has no annual fee, provides 1% cash back when you make a purchase and 1% cash back when you pay for that purchase (in the form of ThankYou Points).

This card offers the equivalent of two Thank You points per dollar, which through my appreciation makes it an excellent credit card for everyday expenses.

I took the Citi Rewards + Card in 2020 and I really got it by downgrading to Citi PremierCard. Citi Rewards + is an annual fee and:

This is a card that has the same features as other cards. While I do not use Citi Rewards + for supermarkets and gas stations (because there are better options in my portfolio), I Love this card for two reasons:

How To Apply For Citi Rewards Credit Card

My only consideration was that I thought I would downgrade my Citi Prestige card to Citi PremierCard (review) which is also a good card. Why?

While it has nothing to do with earning a Thank You score, I have to mention another Citi credit card that I have. I am talking about the $ 450 annual fee for a Citi AAdvantage Executive Card (check).

Even though it is a card I can not get the amount for now, it is still a valuable card due to the huge long term value it offers.

Citibank Credit Card Offers

I increased my ThankYou score by getting a Citi Prestige Card and added that there is no annual fee for the Citi Double Cash Card and Citi Rewards + Card.

Guide To Citi Rewards, Citibank’s Rewards Program

Then I got a Citi AAdvantage Executive Card, which is great for accessing Admirals Club accommodation. That is true of a limited number now, but I have received more than in the past and plan to keep this card. Now is a good savings! The Fed recently made the biggest rate hike in 28 years, meaning higher APYs on NextAdvisor. Compare the highest prices from our trusted partners.

NextAdvisor Credit Card Review of Citi Citi Prestige Card: High Rewards for Travelers’ and Travel Expenses Citi Prestige Card Rewards: High Rewards for Travel and Food Expenses

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Why The Citi Premier Should Be Your First Citi Credit Card

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Earn 5 points per $ 1 on air travel. Earn 5 points for every $ 1 at the restaurant. Earn 3 points for every $ 1 in the hotel. Earn 3 points for every $ 1 on Cruise Lines. Earn 1 point per $ 1 on all other purchases.

Citi Prestige * coupons cost an average of $ 495 per year, but the variety of rewards earned on it and the valuable annual benefits can help you easily recoup your annual expenses when spending You are high on the journey. Even if you are not traveling now, a 5x meal score along with a $ 250 travel credit given to supermarkets and restaurant purchases for 2021 can save you money now for future trips.

Citibank Credit Card Offers

You qualify for a $ 250 annual travel loan that will automatically apply to eligible travel purchases on your card. This loan is also good for shopping malls and restaurants until December 2021.

Citi Prestige Card Review

You will also receive up to $ 100 towards Global Entry or TSA PreCheck and Priority Pass Select Airport Membership, both of which make flying more comfortable. And if you book at least 4 consecutive nights at the hotel through, you will get the 4th night for free, although this benefit is only available to cardholders for up to 2 seconds per year. On the calendar, though.

However, Citi removed most of the travel protection from the Citi Prestige a few years ago, so you do not need car insurance, travel cancellation or delay or insurance coverage. Road transport and other emergency services provided by many other special travel tickets in this price range. .

If you bank with Citi as well, you can get additional benefits from the bank with this card. Each year you bring in a Citi Prestige card and pay the annual fee, you may be eligible for a $ 145 statement credit in your Qualified Citigold account.

If you set a healthy portion of your monthly travel plan for travel, Citi Prestige can make a significant addition to your wallet: 5 food prizes and air travel, and 3 hotels and travel. Times can easily get points as long as you want. Spend a lot in these categories not just to get rewards. And the additional annual benefits will increase the additional costs.

Citi Credit Cards Promotion

But if you travel occasionally – even outside of last year’s epidemics and limited travel – or you do not take advantage of all the annual benefits that Citi Prestige offers, you will likely find more value on credit cards. Which is cheap. . Citi Prestige is ideal for those who spend a lot on travel and want to redeem the rewards of that expense for more travel while taking advantage of some of the more expensive road benefits.

Start upgrading your Citi Prestige card with an initial registration bonus of 50,000 after spending at least $ 4,000 within three months of opening an account. That costs $ 500 for most redemption.

Make sure you use your card for all travel expenses in the bonus category. Even if you are not traveling right now, you can earn 5x extra points at restaurants and put your $ 250 annual credit into your pocket.

Citibank Credit Card Offers

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