Graphic Design Associate Degree

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Turn your love of art and technology into rich media graphic design. Gain an integration degree in graphic design and develop the technical skills to work in this dynamic industry and design.

Graphic design is an important element in many products and communications. Design is ubiquitous, from shampoo bottles to book covers to billboards. Companies need professionally designed media to communicate with consumers about their brands and products. Publishers of books, magazines and music require designers to make their publications and digital tools look brilliant. Event organizers use graphic design for invitations, posters, flyers and slideshows. Advertisers use rich media design to add persuasive or three-dimensional persuasive elements to digital marketing.

Graphic Design Associate Degree

Graphic Design Associate Degree

You want to grab someone’s attention with something skillfully integrated and beautiful. This drives communication, and communication is the core of graphic design.

Should You Get A Degree In Graphic Design From A Community College?

Earning a two-year integrated graphic design degree can help you gain the skills, expertise and business knowledge that employers need. Learn how to communicate clearly using typography, color, photography and visuals in print, cartoons and web media. Gain in-depth experience using quality software. Learn how to give and receive criticism as you build a portfolio that you can confidently show to potential employers. Get started by presenting your work to local employers during the Spring Portfolio Review event.

If you are an artist who likes to solve problems through design and professional work, this program will give you the skills you need to get a job in the industry.

Learn the basics of graphic design, including HTML and web design, and delve deeper into the Adobe design software used by industry professionals. Practice everything you read and make a portfolio.

Technical paraprofessional Charly Bratt discusses how graphic design and rich media systems help students integrate skills and technology to build rewarding careers.

Online Graphic Design Associates Degree

Various organizations need graphic designers for print and digital design. It also requires a design to communicate with rich media that combines sound, 3D effects and other features to enhance the user experience.

In this hands-on process, apply design principles using the latest Adobe software and Vodacom drawing boards. As you progress through the process, combine what you’ve learned and experiment with different ways to develop your design style. You will gain work skills by building a portfolio, preparing for job interviews, receiving feedback from clients and working as part of a team. In addition to your core design courses, choose electives in courses that include drawing, art history, and interpersonal communication.

Earning a certificate is an inexpensive way to explore an area of ​​interest without committing to a comprehensive degree program. offers many design certificates that can be used as a starting point on the way to an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Graphic Design Associate Degree

Graphic design skills are still in high demand, as are opportunities to work in many different jobs or start your own business. Possible employment opportunities include working in the design department of a large company or in a marketing or sales company. Mid-sized companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies also require graphic design and marketing designers.

What Can You Do With A Graphic Design Degree? Exploring Your Options

The types of projects graphic designers work on include logo and logo design, digital advertising and print, book and magazine design, slideshows, brochures and posters.

Earning a graphic design degree will give you the skills you need to get a job, advance to a four-year program, or start your own graphic design business.

Professionals with direct industry experience teach graphic design and rich media classes at. The class size is small, you have a lot of contact with one person and professors and your peers. 2 The Bachelor of Design with Integrated Graphic Design at Wesley Institute School of Design provides a hands-on degree in graphic design, taught by industry experts. Students develop their practice through a unique and innovative process that focuses on critical thinking, experimentation and responsible design. The Diploma in Graphic Design is a technical degree with professional results that meet student aspirations and business expectations. Graduate students stand out for the strength of their practical profiles and ability to apply theoretical concepts, technical skills and design skills to a wide range of design outcomes. They prepare for employment by creating professional portfolios and last year’s exhibition. Students are also eligible for membership of professional organizations such as AGDA and the Australian Design Centre. Study code: WGR12 Credit cards: 144 Full time: 3 years Deferred time: Up to 9 years Number of units: 33 Student activity: 40 hours per week (full time) Delivery: On campus Integrated degree design This graphic provides students with skills that include and modern technology and traditional design process that will make it easier to enter the graphic level as a small graphic designer. The combined degree also offers a voluntary award of a bachelor’s degree. Military code: WGR02 Credit cards: 96 Full time: 2 years Duration: Up to 6 years Number of units: 24 Student activities: 40 hours per week (full time) Mode of delivery: On campus courses. AID is available Why Graphic Wesley Institute Study? State-of-the-art equipment and technology in the field of supportive and well-run studio are experienced business designers and leaders as educators. Integration of theoretical concepts and practical learning Higher level of staff in postgraduate business Design and collaboration of a Christian environment How to apply … Intake: February. Enrollment for half a year is possible if the candidate attends previous studies or has previous business experience. Admission: through interview and portfolio. Educational Requirements: Successful completion of a NSW High School Certificate or equivalent, or successful completion of an accredited higher education course. In addition, international applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency equivalent to a minimum score of 6.0 on the IELTS subject test. Applicants over the age of 21 who meet the technical requirements and have qualifications and/or experience deemed equivalent to the NSW HSC may be accepted. Technical Requirements: Applicants are expected to have at least some technical skills and/or design experience in school and must demonstrate a portfolio of approximately 10 current works that demonstrate technical skills. For more information: Visit

3 Design Units for Design Studio Design Exercise Studio Design Design VI Typewriting II Advertising Design II Major Project II Graduate Design Design Idea Historical Design Content Contemporary Design in Communication Design and Communication Design. Expert assessments II for professional development and contemporary development V V Integrated Graduate Graphic Design Bachelor of Graphic Design + Diploma -II Digital Graphics II Motion Graphics Interactive Design Bachelor of Graphic Design with Web Design II Graphic II Photography IV Video Production Design Studio Practice 69cp Theory Content 30cp Technology Support 18cp Associate Degree in Graphic Design Personal Development and Craft 15cp 12cp BACHELOR GRAIN DESIGN 144cp Studio Design Practice Theoretical Content Technology Support Human Support and Professional Development COMMUNITY DRAWING QUALIFICATIONS QUALIFICATIONS 36cp 24cp 18cp Graphic Graphic Studio YEAR Seme1 Graphic History Studio II Design 2 Semester 2 Modern Issues Studio Design Studio Design III semester 1 Visual Network for Cultural Marketing Design Year 2nd year Design 2 Visual Communication Design Design II and Designer SELECTION FOR OBTAINING CERTIFICATE COMPLETED CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION Digital Graphics II Illustration II Graphics towards movement Effective design Modern artist I 3rd semester 1st semester 2 Graphic design studio V Estimate of main project I Art I Studio of graphic design VI Estimate of related project II. II C Future artist V

Associate Degree In Graphic Design And Rich Media

4 Course Units DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN Studio VI This series of six units introduces students to the fundamentals of visual communication in the context of how images are viewed, interpreted and understood. Students will explore design solutions for two-dimensional and three-dimensional design solutions that focus on the application of these principles in graphic design design. The study includes various definitions of graphic design in the industry, and culminates in a general presentation of student works. Typography I-II These two units examine the emergence of the typical history of history and the special terminology used in typing exercises, as well as the type of anatomy, division and function. Students explore the practice of traditional (pre-digital) typing with the function of light typing and are involved in sequential exercises of setting, data types, text settings and the use of typing grids to plan graphic design that includes images and establish visual effects. Marketing Design I-II These units introduce the principles and functionality of the role of marketing and design within the complexity of business. Student investigative research, demographic analysis, message development, branding knowledge, media strategy planning, marketing mix and audience measurement. During the course, students focused on ethics, codes of practice, government regulations and the social impact of marketing on consumption, conservation and environmental impact. Main project II 9-12 points Students do a colloquium

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