Private Middle Schools In San Jose

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The best primary schools in San Jose, CA are Cambrian Academy, Merryhill Elementary School and Harker School Upper School.

Harker High School photo gallery – Harker’s Eagle Buddies program compares high school students and elementary school students for three years. Friends meet three times a year for fun and food!

Private Middle Schools In San Jose

Private Middle Schools In San Jose

Drawing of the Holy Spirit School – second-grade maths including five-finger jumping on the court and fun on iPads.

Top 20 Best Private Schools In San Jose, Ca (2022)

Photo of Notre Dame High School – The graduates of Notre Dame will visit amazing universities. Our robust curriculum, curriculum principles and personal tips prepare students for success in college and beyond.

Stellar Learning Academy Illustration – Students will learn an effective learning style that they can apply throughout their education and life. Knowing how to read really helps!

Almaden National Day School Photo-Our teachers provide personalized tips for students who accept each student as an individual. These courses are meaningful, question-oriented, hands-on, and highly collaborative to prepare students for high school and beyond. Teachers do not pay attention to counseling; rather, it gives extra attention to each child who hears the vision and cares, and teaches children to learn about the whole world.

There are many reasons to think that private school is right for your child. But you still have something to worry about. We will talk about them here.

The Harker School

If you are just beginning to think about sending your child to a private school, you have many questions. Here are some answers to the most common questions.

What is important for students to enjoy? Because new students and their families think they are part of the school community from Day 1. There is more about this great marketing tool here.

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Private Middle Schools In San Jose

Saint Leo High School is a private Catholic school (formerly s k to 8) located in St. Petersburg. Leo or ctral San Jose, California. Founded in 1915, the school is associated with St. Leo the Great Church, on its campus.

Saint Leo The Great School (san Jose)

St. Leo’s High School was started by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur of Amis, France, which was opened in 1915 by 90 students. It costs $ 2 a year.

The original school building is still used today as a preschool, gym, gymnasium and kitchen. In 1919 the Notre Dame sisters had six schools, some of which were Notre Dame College, Notre Dame High School, St. Petersburg. Joseph, eSt. Francis Xavier, me and St. Mary.

In 1927 the school was rebuilt by Rev. Harry J. Lyne with the support of the Sisters of Charity of the Holy Virgin Mary.

1939 (Robert Wehner), 1940 (Louis Matties), and 1940 (Walter E. Rankin, Jr .; for the third consecutive year St. Leo studt won high marks in the test).

Free, College Prep, Charter School

A new school building was built in 1950 to accommodate 445 students, and the first was converted into a sports hall.

In 1984 Principal Dorita Clifford, BVM, was sent to the New York Times to remove a computer from school.

In 1985 the Sisters of Charity of the Virgin Mary handed over school administration to the staff of the Diocese of San Jose’s education department. In 1994 the area where they lived was changed to a school with an office space.

Private Middle Schools In San Jose

In 2007 the kindergarten for the “Little Lions” was added to three- and four-year-olds, built in front of the first school building with its own classrooms, swimming pool and playground. It was the first school in the diocese to have a preschool.

Merryhill Elementary & Middle School

The school pays close attention to the use of technology throughout the curriculum. The Pads will be used for small motor skills and storytelling in Toddler-2nd. Grades 3-4 students will be provided with Google Chromebooks

And / or iPads to access school emails and Google documents throughout the school day. At home, students use web browsing software to access their homework. The school software program 1: 1 was launched in 2009 in Grades 5-8. It was one of the first schools to adopt Google Docs.

The school is run in the third grade, with letter grades starting in sixth grade. All online activities and team projects have been completed using Google Apps for Education (GAFE). All prizes will be sent weekly to Powerschool. First and second degrees are awarded to high school students. The school celebrates the monthly students for their religious service. The school has a monthly goal for each grade, and students who reach that goal are rewarded.

The preschool is for children aged three and four and can accommodate up to 24 students. A school for preschoolers up to grade 8 wants to test the models. Transformation samples will be sent to shaded the classrooms before you enter the fall.

Private Preschool & Elementary School In San Jose, Ca

The school is taking part in five competitive sports. Grades 5-8 with good grades will be allowed to participate in flag soccer (boys), basketball, volleyball, softball (girls) and track. The teams have no injuries; everyone will play. The school is a strong marketing club.

Tuesday Tuesday – Every November the school starts with an hour-long drive. The 8th class will always collect more than 130 Thanksgiving Day birds and dedicate them to Holy Communion.

Feast of St. Leo – A meal to celebrate the school community and parish priest, Pope Leo I, on November 10th every year.

Private Middle Schools In San Jose

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